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TRESemme Philips HP4990/05 Thermal Creations Hair Dryer

Look salon-fabulous every day! TRESemm

Key features

  • Nano-Diamond Ceramic Radiant Heat produces effective heat for extra quick drying results
  • Even Heat Distribution ensures optimal airflow without damaging hot spots, for maximum protection
  • Powerful professional airflow achieves ultra-fast results
  • Ionic conditioning provides frizz-free, shiny, healthy looking hair
  • 1875 watts with 6 speed settings, cold shot button and ultra-slim professional concentrator

Honest reviews


A Little Cumbersome …

The majority of criticisms I have concern “ease of use.” While this is a full size hair-dryer, it feels overly weighty. After several minutes of use my arms ached. Moreover, ergonomically speaking, the handle is not ideal. It does not have finger grooves, it does not have a rubber overlay, and its tapered design coupled with the glossy-plastic makes maneuvering a little less comfortable than some comparably priced hair-dryers. It’s just a bit unwieldy.Another point that concerns me is the method of cleaning. While many newer dryers have vents which flip-open or unscrew, this one does not. At first I thought I must be mistaken, so I consulted the manual … it suggests that the owner use a vacuum to clean the product. Uggg. Not only is that inconvenient, but it’s not the most effective way to care for an electronic item.Yes, the TRESemme Thermal Creations does its job. Yes, it skips the “bells and whistles” that no one really uses anyway. But, my advice is to invest a little more and buy a lighter, more ergonomic, easier to clean, and much more aesthetically pleasing appliance (this one is shiny, black, plastic … definitely something you would hide in your linen closet).

Jerri Caledonia, WI

Love It! 🙂

First, this couldn’t have come at a better time–my crummy old dryer was on its last legs and I was hoping against hope that I’d be offered a nice ceramic model to review–thank you, Amazon!Now, on to the dryer. I purposely put off washing my hair in the hope that this would arrive today so that I could take it for a test drive. Luck was with me, so my impressions follow.I’ve been a house model at Vidal Sassoon here in NYC for more years than I care to remember; their cuts are as close to “wash-and-wear” as you’ll find anywhere. Unfortunately, my hair doesn’t behave quite that well so blow-drying after washing, with touch-ups in between, are essential for me (I doubt I’m unique). So a dryer is a must.Given what it is, one can’t get too gooey over a blow-dryer. This one is nice, solid, not too heavy, and does an especially nice job. Philips touts its EHD+ technology, which it claims eliminates hot spots and allows for optimal air flow. It has two speeds (the higher of which is a bit too fast for me–I like the low) and three temperatures; I prefer the middle (I never use high speed or temperature because neither is suitable to my fine, color-treated hair). Despite my “low” choices, my hair seemed to dry a bit faster than with my old dryer. It also has an ionizer; this is something new to me, so of course I had to play with it. It’s claimed that it helps to reduce frizz, but frankly, I couldn’t tell the difference, at least not on Day 1.There’s also a “cold shot” for those trying to set a specific style or look. My hair is never cut in a way that would necessitate use of this feature or the concentrator attachment, so I can’t comment on either. This appears to be a joint venture between Philips and TRESemmé, and to that end, a sample-size bottle of a product called “HEAT TAMER SPRAY” is included. I haven’t tried it yet, nor are there any instructions on the bottle; I assume it’s applied to damp hair prior to styling.On the down side, the included instruction sheet is weirdly set up–the photograph of the unit which pin-points each feature isn’t anywhere near the corresponding legend, plus there’s no mail-in or online warranty registration–owners of defective units are instructed to return the unit, but I’m not comfortable with that. Let’s hope I never have to use it.So far, so good. I REALLY like this dryer, plus it has both the latest nano-diamond and ceramic technologies. I’m absolutely thrilled to have received this to review–it’s just what I’d have told Santa I wanted. 🙂

Enid Crumrod, AR

heavy, yet underpowered in both heat and velocity

I’ve had another 1875 watt dryer for a couple of years now and been perfectly happy with it, but when I got this TRESemme version I was confident it would be a good replacement for my aging one. Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s going to be the case. This morning not only was I late for work because it took longer to dry my hair, I also had a nice case of the frizzies.This dryer has less power both in the strength of the air current and in the heat temperature than my older dryer and just didn’t get the job done as well. I kept looking at the switches thinking I didn’t have it turned up to the highest levels… but I did! To top it off, the grip seems large in diameter and it’s heavy relative to the one I’ve been using. I don’t think someone with petite hands is going to be comfortable holding it. By the time I was done with my blowout (round brushing by section) both my hand and my arm were tired and my elbow is sore.For someone who is undemanding of their dryer, such as a quick blast and out the door sort of person, this dryer is probably ok. But if you spend a long time straightening with a dryer I don’t think it is a good choice. There’s nothing about it that makes me want to toss it in the trash, but it’s going to be my backup and dog drying blow dryer, not the one I depend on to have great hair every day.

Louise Warren, PA

Thermal Creations Hair Dryer

I am very pleased with the TRESemme Philips HP4990/05 Thermal Creations Hair Dryer.It does weigh a bit more than some other hair dryers, but to me the pros outweigh that one factor.It has good,solid structure. It features a cold shot button,which helps hold the style or curl as I dry. Also hot,warm and cool settings.The feature I find most important to me is the fast airflow switch. Using the dryer on this setting really druies hair much quicker.It also has a gentler airflow to use while styling the hair. The ion button can be switched on or off. Ions keep hair softer, smoother and shinier. There are some who say ions do not make much difference, but to me ions have a dramatic improvement.Lastly, the ceramic in the air outlet grill contains ceramic which helps disperse the heat much better than metal.This is a great hair dryer and I recommend it very highly.

Alfreda Smithfield, NE

Tresemme Philips Hair Dryer

This is a nice hair dryer. With 1875 watts and six speed settings it has almost everything you could want in a hair dryer. The one thing it doesn’t have that my other hair dryer has is a diffuser, a very handy attachment. This hair dryer is comfortable to use although it weighs pound more than my other hair dryer. The cord on this hair dryer is 9 feet long, which I personally think is too long. My other hair dryer has a 4 foot cord, which is sufficient.Although this is a good hair dryer, I would recommend the V.S. Dryer Pro with Finger Diffuser 1875 Watt by Vidal Sassoon which sells for only $16.89. The V.S. Dryer Pro does not have ceramic radiant heat, which doesn’t make any difference to me, but it does include a diffuser. And, both hair dryers are ionic, have hooks for hanging, and have cool shot buttons.

Megan Rochdale, MA

This is a High Powered Monster

The TRESemme Phillips hair dryer is a full size, high powered hair drying monster. The “high” setting on this thing feels like turbo on your head, and it gets your hair dry fast. The medium setting is good for styling, and the cool setting is good for setting. I have long, thick hair and this dryer gets it dry faster than any other i’ve tried.My only complaint with this unit is its size. It’s big and heavy, so it can be hard to handle along with a brush. Also, it takes up a lot of counter/storage space, especially because the handle doesn’t fold into the body for storage.I would recommend this dryer to someone looking for a full size high powered dryer, but I would warn that if space is an issue, you might want to look for something more compact.

Margo Muddy, IL

One of the best hair dryers I’ve owned

This dryer is surprisingly lightweight considering the long, bullet shaped nozzle it has. The longer nozzle of this dryer makes it easy to reach the back of my hair without having to move my arm in any odd angles. I also thinks that the longer nozzle helps add body to my hair. I’m not sure how but compared to my last hair dryer, my hair has conderably more volume when I use this dryer.The drying time is quite fast and my hair looks shiny and not damaged.The sound/volume on this dryer is medium. It’s not quiet yet it doesn’t sound like a jet plane.The on off button and temperature switches are well done. They are designed to easily turn on and off yet do not accidentally do so during operation. Always a plus in my book.The vent comes off for easy cleaning. There is a cool blue light that comes on while the dryer is on. A travel sized bottle of Heat Tamer also comes with this dryer.I’ve been using this dryer and the TRESemme flat iron together and have received many compliments on my hair over the past week.Overall this is a great reamake of a basic dryer. It has quickly become my favorite. It looks cool, it’s well made and it does the job right.I would recommend this to others as well as purchase it as a gift.

Terrie Riverdale, MD


What I like about this product is the fact that it has three temperature settings (hot, warm and cold) as well as two settings (fast and gentle), plus a button for a cold shot to hold your style in place. The only thing I don’t care for is its weight, my old hair dryer is lighter (but it doesn’t have as many features). So it’s a matter of getting used to it. The product comes with a small bottle of TRESemme conditioner (a good way to market the conditioner). I think that once I learn how to use it the right way, it will help me achieve better results by making my hair less frizzy and more manageable.

Lydia Prophetstown, IL

Good, but larger, longer base, heavier.

Although this is an attractive sleek design, I feel it is more geared for the “person drying your hair”. The dryer is with a longer base, and when you attach the nozzle, it makes it that much longer. Therefore, if you are like me, you do your own hairdrying. My arms are not long, so this does provide some maneuvering. The hair dryer seems heavier than an average, and with the size, it is more challenging to pack for a trip, keeping in mind packing with the very long cord.The attachment looks like it should be screwed on, but it snaps on and this isn’t always an easy shot. I tried and tried to screw it on, then realized it snaps on. When my hairdryer falls from it’s ledge, the attachment always comes off.But the good thing is the long cord! The heating and fan settings are adequate. And, there is an ion switch for control of the frizzies, something I don’t need to be concerned with. This seems like a newer feature today and not sure it could be that efficient.All in all, the hairdryer does a good job, high wattage, looks nice….Rizzo

Esmeralda Barbourville, KY

Dry Hair in Less Time w/ No Frizz

I am thrilled with my Tresemme/Phillips hair dryer. This is the nicest hair dryer I’ve ever owned and the first with ion technology.The dryer is a bit large and a little heavy but does an awesome job of drying with smoother, shiner hair.It has a temperature switch and an airflow switch. The ion function produces negatively charged ions, which prevent static and frizziness. The hair dryer contains Nano-diamond ceramic element that produces a gentler warmth than a conventional heating element, which protects hair from over drying.With this hair dryer, my hair dries in about half the time of my old hair dryer which was the same wattage.The amazing thing is how much better my hair looks after it’s dried. It’s really amazing, the ion feature is the real deal. I’m absolutely in love with this hair dryer.Highly, highly recommend.

Audrey O Kean, AR

Love it! out with the old….

I have fairly short hair and I rely on the blow dryer to do my styling for me. I love my current hot air dryer Conair Cord-Keeper 1875Wt With Folding Handle — but it’s on its last blows. I was thrilled to have the chance to grab this product and test it out.First thing I notice taking it out of the package is that the dryer is a bit heavier and bigger to hang onto, but that deficiency is more than made up for when, at the high heat blowing setting, the dryer is so much quieter. I don’t hear that horrible high-pitched sound drowning out everything else!The 6 heat/cool intensity settings are easy to figure out and, even though I mostly use high and hottest because I’m always in a hurry, I can see where, if you’re using a curling brush to style, they would come in handy. I liked the cool shot at the end to make sure — first, that my hair was really dry as it’s hard to tell sometimes with just using heat –and secondly, to set my style.Now I’m not a scientist and I don’t really understand ceramic technology and the wonder of ionic conditioning for healthy, shiny hair….but I was very pleased with the results. I’ve used it several times now and it consistently performs better than my old dryer in terms of speed of drying and in ease of styling because of the different settings. The air flow is good — it’s not a “blow me away” force, but definitely sufficient to get the job done. The 1875 watts are adequate as well.The only drawback to me is that it’s bigger than my old one and doesn’t have a cordkeeper or a folding handle so it will be more difficult to pack and travel — but I really love it!Recommend: BUY

Katina Conrad, MT

Excellent Hair Dryer

I tried this out today for the first time and I’m very pleased with it.As someone who has frizzy hair, I really appreciate the different heat settings and the flexible, easy to use nozzle.The dryer has a nice long cord with a test and reset button on the plug.The heat settings go from cool air to very hot.In my opinion, it’s a great hair dryer.It did the work quickly and allowed me to easily swivel the nozzle and finish off with cooler air. No frizzies.

Lola Upper Jay, NY

Lots of Hot Air

Lots of hot air, and thats a good thing.Compared to the old Wahl hairdryer this one has a lot more power, albeit only with two settings (low/high). However it does have three heat settings, a ‘cool’ button, and a switch to turn the ionic part of it on/off.It is big, but it’s not unbearable, overall it’s a decent mid-range hairdryer.

Maryanne Woodbury, NJ

a 21st century hair dryer

Since my old “Pro 1400” blow dryer was 25 years old and as loud as a jackhammer, this one is a huge improvement. People talk about the weight, but it’s very lightweight compared to my ancient one, and the decibel level is much better as well.This appliance is easy to use, though the instructions take a little getting used to — for example, there’s a reference to Figure 4 in the text, but no Figure 4! But it’s otherwise straightforward and not hard to tell what the instructions mean.The product description says this dryer won’t damage your hair or leave it frazzled, but they really push the TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray to prevent hair damage and have included a small bottle. Apparently you do need the extra protection of the spray and can’t rely on the dryer not to damage your hair if you overdo it.Overall I am very satisfied, and if this hair dryer lasts as long as my old Pro 1400 workhorse, I will be REALLY impressed!

Ashley Moro, OR

Hair Raising Experience

This hairdryer is comparable in size to most, but is not nearly as heavy. Operation is primarily limited to two simple toggle buttons – Speed: off-low-high; and heat: cool-warm-hot. The speeds are great, with high providing plenty of volume of air movement, without getting the heat too high. The warm setting for heat is also good; it’s warm enough to dry your hair without being too high and causing damage. I’ve left the ion setting turned on (back of handle and is not in the way) because it really does keep some of the frizz down. The cool shot button also works well and even gets the air completely cool when the heat setting was on high.Overall this is a great hairdryer. Simple to use and dries your hair without causing damage.

Louella Emerson, GA

A Must have for dryer for long thick hair. Less than 10 minutes to dry my hair (12 + inches below shoulder).

I have thick long hair almost waist length, and this dryer is able to dry my whole head in 10 minutes. Talk about time saving convience.This wonderful dryer takes less than half the time my old dryer took. Now I can dry my hair in less than 10 minutes.I love this dryer. Does cost a little more but well worth it.You will love this dryer and will make great Christmas Present for any one ages 6 and up.

Iris Roseville, IL

Sleek hairdryer…

For the price, I felt this was a great hairdryer. The sleekness of it makes it look more expensive and it’s lightweight to boot. I’m not into fancy, expensive hairdryers for my children b/c we’re only trying to get their hair dried before they hop into bed… no styling features needed. I’m not so particular about having several speeds either. Just an on/off button is needed here.I own a much more expensive hairdryer for myself that has all the features this doesn’t – now that doesn’t mean it’s any better (based on the price) it just means I need it to do more things. For what I needed this dryer for it is PERFECT.

Shauna Belview, MN

Nice Hair Dryer

When I asked my wife what she thought about this TRESemme Philips Thermal Hair Dryer her response was she like it a lot. My daughters were of the same opinion. They all felt that it dried their hair faster and seemed to blow more air. My wife expressed one concern and that was the weight. This Hair Dryer is heavier than the ones they have been using and this may be tiring on some younger girls. The Hair Dryer has several nice features. It has an ION function that creates negatively charged ions to reduce static electricity and help in managing the hair. Many Hair Dryers have this function so it isn’t new but this Dryer has a Nano-diamond ceramic element inside to produce a more even heat as compared to the standard heat coils. It lives up to all its’ claims and does produce a good drying heat for better hair protection. With 1875 Watts this is a very nice Hair Dryer. It comes with an attachable concentrator but they didn’t use it when drying their hair. My guess is that the concentrator’s functon is to zero in on specific areas of the hair for professional results. Now the problem will be that to keep peace in the house I may have to get another one. Well worth adding to the beauty shelf.

Lynda Raynham, MA

Really good hair dryer

I have always used a cheap hair dryer (usually $15 or less) and can really tell the difference with this one. This dryer is much quieter and doesn’t generate nearly as much heat as my cheap one that I have been using. It dries my hair quickly and does a nice job. My only reason for not giving it a 5-star rating is the length of the dryer. I have very short arms and the body of the dryer is so long that I have to hold my arm fully extended to get to my head. I have very short hair and am placing the air close to my head. Not a problem, just not ideal.My daughter (age 14) has very long hair and is particular about it (shocking for a teenager, I know). She has also used the dryer multiple times and is very pleased. She will never go back to using the cheap kind again … she is spoiled with this one. Her hair dries faster and she doesn’t get hot while using this — both good things.

Mellisa Tohatchi, NM

Finally – A Strong Solution with minimal noise

If you are like me then hair dryers aren’t exactly exciting…it’s not like unwrapping a large screen TV or driving home a new car…so what is the big deal right? Wrong. A good hair dryer is one that isn’t filled with annoying “features”, gets the job done right and basically does’t have a major irritation or defect to fight with at each use. After all, few things are more annoying than fighting with a hair dryer first thing in the morning or when preparing for an evening out on the town.Having owned many hair dryers in life – I’m pleased to say this one WON’T join the last new one I bought…which ended up in the garage to dry the dogs after their weekly bath. So, what makes this better than the rest? Here it is in a nutshell…1. Quiet. Although no hair dryer is perfect, this is relatively quiet especially considering how powerful it is….which brings me to the 2nd point…2. Powerful. This household has hair including one head with hair down to the waist so a hair dryer really gets put through its paces. This can dry a full head of long hair in half the time of others.3. No major irritations. For example, the dog dryer has a button that must be held down at all times for a hotter setting…despite being from a major brand how stupid is that? No such stupidity on this one…straightforward design does what it is meant to do. Ergonomically pleasing, easy and intuitive design. Even the loop is a nice addition.4. Nice extras. In addition to coming with a sample to try out, the diffuser etc are well thoughout out and work well with the dryer.In a nutshell…simple, effective, does the job right in less time, quiet and no major irritations.

Lauri New Hartford, IA

Great features, great value

A number of years ago, I began investing a little more money in better hair dryers, and found I very much like the ceramic dryers. They seem to dry better, last longer, and my old CONAIR Plimatic 1900 Watts Super Turbo Hair Dryer (Model:CP2002GB) has a ceramic barrel and has lasted for years. It is beginning to show some signs of wear, and it was time to find a new dryer.The TRESemme Philips HP4990/05 Thermal Creations Hair Dryer seemed to have everything I required from this kind of device: ceramic, long cord, decent price, various speed and heat settings, and a cold shot button.When I received my HP4990/05 and first turned it on, I was actually skeptical. This dryer doesn’t seem to put out as much heat as my old dryer and its predecessors did. I worried the amount of time required to dry my long hair would increase because of this.I needn’t have worried. The TRESemme Philips HP4990/05 Thermal Creations Hair Dryer actually seems to dry my hair FASTER than the old unit I used, although it is blowing cooler even at the highest heat setting! I’m no expert, but it seems to me that this will be much healthier for my hair – especially considering I wash and dry my hair every morning.The weight of the HP4990/05 is also a little lighter than my old dryer, making it easier to wield, but it doesn’t feel flimsy or cheap at all. For those of us who spend a bit of time with our hair dryers, lighter is a huge plus.The cord is nice and long and gives me plenty of room to work – another plus.The buttons are positioned well so that I can easily switch heat, speed, or access the cold shot button with my thumb on the same hand that is holding the dryer – no fumbling with the switches.Another nice feature for me is that the barrel of the dryer stays pretty cool, no matter how long I’ve run the dryer at the highest heat setting. This means less chance of a burned fingertip, etc.The HP4990/05 touts a feature they call `Ionic Conditioning’. This was a new one on me. Ionic Conditioning is supposed to keep your hair frizz-free and healthier. I’ve been using the dryer for more than a month now and I can say that even with the colder weather in Nashville lately, my hair hasn’t fallen victim to the frizzies. Is that from my hair product or the dryer? Maybe a little of both, but I do believe I see benefit from the Ionic Conditioning feature.All in all, my acquisition of the TRESemme Philips HP4990/05 Thermal Creations Hair Dryer is much appreciated. I would definitely recommend this dryer to others and if I were to lose mine, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another of the same model.

Nelda Baconton, GA

Not just hot air.

I didn’t realize Philips was is the hair dryer business, but after enjoying good service from their other products, I decided to give this hair dryer a try.This unit moves a lot of hot (or cool) air to dry your hair. The bonus is an ion stream to minimize damage to your hair. This is especially important if you wash your hair on a daily basis.There is a cool burst button to allow quick cooling for setting a style.My only complaint is the size is a little large for travel.

Edwina Kimberling City, MO

Great hairdryer, love that ionic feature!

The ionic feature is nice, and really seems to cut down on the frizz, at least for me. You know those ions are working because you can smell it… anyone who has owned an ionic air cleaner will know what I’m talking about (but don’t worry, it doesn’t make your hair smell of ions!) :)The two speeds are perfect, and the two temperature settings are not too extreme in either direction. But I’m a bit confused as to why the product description (at the time of this review) mentions “six speeds”, unless they are counting the possible combinations of speeds + temperatures or something. It’s misleading.It is comfortable to hold, and not too heavy, although it wouldn’t hurt to be a tiny bit lighter. And as you can see in the photo, it comes with a detachable concentrator nozzle, and a loop on the handle so you can hang it from a hook.Overall, a great hairdryer.Switches:- SPEED: OFF/ON/FAST- TEMP: COOL/WARM/HOT- COLD BLAST BUTTON (Must hold down to use, release to turn off)- ION ON/OFF

Julianne Sistersville, WV

Great hair dryer, it works good on my thick

coarse hair. The nose of it is a little long, but the dryer isn’t heavy. It dries my shoulder length hair about 7-8 minutes faster then my locally bought standard blow dryer. I like the attachment that narrows the spout because it seems to make my hair less frizzy. The only “complaint” I have is that the filter isn’t removable. So it is difficult to clean.

Christy Ketchum, ID

Gentle on wigs; professional quality for less $$

Salon quality hair dryers can run upwards of $130-230. But this hair dryer provides much of their technology and power, at a fraction of the cost. At 1875 Watts, its powerful airflow gets your hair dry quickly. It includes 3 fan settings and 3 heat settings, plus the cold shot button which you can use to quickly alternate between warm/hot air and cold air to set your style. The element is designed to distribute airflow so that you don’t get hotspots in your blowdrying, which can damage your hair. This is important to me, since not only do I use it to blow dry my own thick, long Asian hair (which dried very quickly using this hairdryer), but on my wigs which are made of more fine, European virgin hair which cost over $1000 and I don’t want anything damaging them. I also found that I was able to blow dry my wigs very quickly and without the frizziness that sometimes accompanies the styling.The hairdryer is a bit larger than I was accustomed to, so it can be awkward to move your arms around to make room. That said, I was surprised that it wasn’t too heavy and was actually lighter than many of the smaller models I’ve used before. It was also fairly quiet, as hair dryers go, which made me comfortable with using it in a neighboring room when my daughter was napping. I also like the removeable filter, which makes periodic cleaning of the dryer easier.I did find the rocker buttons annoying. Although the box boasts “professional-style rocker switches” (seriously, though, what are “professional-style” buttons?), I found the switches could flip off and on or warm/hot/cold by accident if you were clumsy or not careful with your fingers. Since the handle is fairly bulky, it wasn’t too hard to avoid accidentally flipping the switches, but I would think that sliding switches would have been better.The hair dryer also comes with a bonus Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray, which will help smooth your hair while drying. It worked just fine, but I prefer and recommend the use of BioSilk when working with your hair and heated appliances such as hairdryers or straightening irons.

Meredith Acme, PA

Big and powerful and light on your hands

I got this hairdryer to replace my old revlon clunker which was taking forever to dry thick long hair and did not have much of a variety to its settings.This hairdryer is much bigger than my old one but, surprisingly is also quite a bit lighter. It certainly delivers on strength and heat – I managed to get a sleek blowdry done in less than 20 minutes! It did not end up frying my hair and I didn’t end up with aching hands from waving it in the air for the whole time!The blurb on the info sheet states that the hairdryer has an ION function which produces negatively charged ions which prevent static and flyaway hair. You can turn this function off if you prefer.It further has a ‘nano-diamond ceramic element” (??) which is designed to produce a gentler warmth than conventional heating elements. That must be the reason for the non-fried look :)Whatever the technology may be the thing works great. I especialy like:1. The light weight2. The multiple settings – hot, warm, cool and high and low3. Removable air inlet grille. This is a cap with mesh that goes over the mesh covering the air inlet. I can see where this will be useful since, with hairspray and all the other gack that clogs up inlets on hair dryers, you can just pop off the external cap and give it a good cleaning.All in all, a good item that I hope to use for many years to come.

Shelly Malaga, WA


The Thermal Creations hair dryer is honestly the first DIFFERENT dryer I have every owned. It has a constant cool setting (which I have never had), a warm setting and a hot setting and switches between them effortlessly and immediately. It also has a cold shot button for finishing touches. It has a FABULOUS low setting that is a bit stronger than average and a high setting that is SUPER quick for drying my daughter’s straight hair. The COOL setting is PERFECT for my wavy hair. I try to let my hair dry naturally during the warmer months, but for winter it just takes TOO long and ordinarily using a blowdryer would cause fluff and frizz, but the COOL and LOW setting on his dryer were PERFECT. I LOVE all the options available and it is light and easy to use. I do miss having a retractable cord on this model, but will enjoy it anyway!Definitely recommended.

Aimee Calimesa, CA

Absolutely luxurious to use.. reminds me of salon hair dryers

I was skeptical to try out this hair dryer because I already own three other ceramic heat hair dryers, but well, I’m a sucker for good hair products.This by far is my favorite non-commercial hair dryer I’ve ever used. I don’t know the science behind it, but this hair dryer dries my hair in half the time that my other dryers take and it doesn’t seem to blow my hair around as much. The sleek black design looks beautiful, and the tapered handle makes it easy to hold. Despite it’s large size, it’s fairly evenly weighted making it no harder to hold than my smaller dryers.The switches are easy to operate while in use, and I love the big cold shot button that can be activated while the dyer is in low or high heat modes. It also has a cool dry setting, a feature I really appreciate in hair dryers in the hot summer months. Speed settings are standard and fast. I find even when I use fast speed on this hair dryer my hair does not fly all over the place, in fact it seems to evenly distribute the air flow over a large section of hair.It also has the feature to turn the ionic setting on or off. I have not had a choice in my other hair dryers, so I’ll choose to continue to leave it in the “on” setting. Since switching to ceramic heat hair dryers in the past eighteen months split ends have not been a problem.If you have a small bathroom or if you are looking for a hair dryer that doubles as a travel dryer, this will not work, it’s simply too big. But, if you have the space in your bathroom and want a luxurious hair dryer, this is it.

Sue Jonesville, LA

Decent Hairdryer – a bit pricey

While this is a decent hairdryer, I think there are better ones out there at even better prices. $40 is a bit much for this one because it is missing a few things I appreciate on my Conair Ion Hairdryer (which was more than $10 less).What’s missing?
• Doesn’t seem to be UL tested – (when a product is UL tested it has been tested for product safety by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. which is a respected company that tests products from around the world). There is no UL stamp on it and nothing in the manual indicates that the product has been tested.
• No medium switch – you can put it on FAST or just leave it on the on switch. I appreciate having a low, medium, and high on my other hair dryer.
• Looks nice but feels like a cheaper plastic.Pros:
• Good size – not too big or small (a bit smaller than my Conair Ion Hairdryer)
• Lightweight for it’s size – while another reviewer mentioned this was a bit hefty and heavier, I didn’t find that to be the case. Perhaps it’s just what you’re accustomed to.
• Has a concentrator you can put on the end – important if you use a ceramic or metal barrel brush to style your hair as I do. I wouldn’t consider purchasing a hair dryer without this feature. It helps prevent frizz or mussing up the rest of your hair that you’ve already styled.
• Ion feature – again this is a must for me. It’s hard to say how effective it is in the short term since this feature prevents frizziness that results from damage to your hair. What I can say is that I have noticed good results with my other Ion dryer and I trust the Philips brand name. I believe that when it says it has Ion protection, it does.
• Cold shot feature is nice too and it definitely works. While you can switch the heat switch down to cold instead, it’s a bit easier to push this cold shot button when you want to alternate between hot or warm and cold to set your style than switching down to cold.
• Appearance – if this is important to you (and while this may sound a bit shallow, I find that if everything else is the same when I am comparing items, I reach for the smarter looking one over a less aesthetically pleasing item). I like the sleek look with the silver and black.

Janna Tuscaloosa, AL

Great Hair Dryer

I love this hair dryer! I’ve had full size dryers in the past and they were always so heavy. This dryer is actually quite lightweight and easy to hold when drying my below the shoulders thick hair.As other reviewers have already stated, this dryer has a lot of choices for speed and heat. I give it 5 stars!

Deidre Meridian, OK