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TRESemme Keratin Smooth Keratin Infusing Conditioner, 25 oz

TRESemme Platinum Strengths Heat Protect Spray protects hair from the damaging effects of heat styling including breakage, frizz and dryness. The result is beautifully smooth, moisturized, healthy-looking hair.

Key features

  • Leaves Hair Shiny And Manageable
  • For Less Frizzy, Easy To Style Hair
  • For Smooth, Easy To Style Hair
  • Nourishes Each Strand

Honest reviews


Would be a great deal at twice the price.

I tried the whole Tresemme Keratin Smooth system (shampoo, conditioner and serum) and I was blown away. My hair was smooth, soft, shiny and manageable, with no frizz. AND, my hair looked great for 3 days! I was even more amazed by the price! This 25 ounce bottle costs much less than a 8.5 ounce bottle of L’Oreal’s EverCreme Nourishing Conditioner.My stylist did warn that too much keratin can be a bad thing though. She said that keratin makes your hair strong but it can make it too strong. In fact, too much keratin can make your hair so strong it becomes brittle. She recommended that I alternate between the keratin products and a product high in moisture. Sounds like a good plan.

Rebekah Konawa, OK


Pretty basic conditioner. Scent is nice and gets tangles out, but I didn’t notice any extra smoothing power from the “keratin”. I’ve actually found the Suave keratin products more effective.

Suzanne Reinholds, PA

Buy Something Else

I just want to say how extremely displeased I am with these products. I have been using the shampoo and conditioner for about 2 weeks now and they have both made my hair look terrible. It is now dry, frizzy and the products are stripping my color out. The description said this conditioner was safe for colored hair. The products have also made my scalp itchy and the scent of the shampoo and conditioner is a little strong. Such a waste. Save your money and buy something else.

Marietta Calumet, OK

I wouldn’t recommend this

Much as I hate to write a bad review, I have to admit that this product dried my hair out. And that’s not a good thing when you already have dry hair. I can’t say I’m too disappointed, because I go this as part of the Vine program. But if I had spent my own money on it I would certainly be disappointed.

Earlene Gratz, PA

Not a TRESemme’ Fan

I’ve tried several different formulas in the TRESemme’ line and I’m just not ever crazy about them. I hate the big bottles; they take up too much room in my shower. The scents are very light and just a generic shampoo/conditioner scent. They really need to come up with something in the scent department.The results are always the same. My hair gets cleaned and conditioned but its left just so-so and kind of frizzy.I had hopes for the Keratin Smooth line. The conditioner is keratin infused but the results were no different than any other time I’ve tried TRESemme’.

Judi Ocean Park, WA

A very nice conditioner

I was unhappy with the Tresemme Keratin shampoo that goes with this conditioner. It contains sulfates which destroy keratin.I was very surprised how much I liked the conditioner. It is thick and doesn’t seem watered down. It spreads easily through the hair. It smells great. But the best part is how nice my hair is. It is silky without being weighed down. It is not frizzy which is significant for my hair. The shine is lovely. This is much less expensive than my previous keratin conditioner and it actually detangles much better.I have no use for the shampoo but I am sticking with this conditioner.

Kay Lima, NY

Fair quality

I really wanted to like this conditioner to work since it had Keratin in it. But after using this after also using the Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo my hair felt somewhat dry yet and not smooth like it should have been. I’ve had better luck with the Suave Professional Keratin line-leaves hair conditioned and smooth. I do not recommend this for color treated hair-maybe it will work on normal hair but mine is colored and it just doesn’t cut it will me. Returning to Suave Professionals Keratin product line. Sorry Tresemme

Dawn Riverside, RI

OK conditioner but left hair flat

Used it on my teenager’s long asian hair. with the matching shampoo but not impressed with the “smothing” effect. Make hair very flat and lacks normal volume she has when using other shampoos. Smell is ok, nothing pretty. Not really impressed.

Francisca Fair Play, MO

A good product

The market for shampoos and conditioners is overwhelming. There are those that are cheap, detergent-level liquids; there are those that are off-the-charts luxurious. I would put Tresemme’s Keratin Smooth Conditioner in a middle category: good, dependable products that deliver on what they promise. Male, 50s, with not an abundance of hair — thought I’d say that in the spirit of full disclosure. I tend to wash and condition my hair almost every day, so I don’t want something that either dries it out or makes it oily. As I said, Tresemme’s a solid product. My further use of it would probably be most determined by price.

Becky Varysburg, NY

Rich Conditioner, nothing more

I have a wavy to straight hair and I can’t say I see some big difference after using this product, comparing to any other conditioner I’ve in the past.Texture: very richScent: Nice, a bit too sweet for my tastePrice: Average I think, or a bit belowResults: On par with most hair conditionersThat’s all there I can say about it…

Ruthie Denison, IA

Leaves hair smooth but very strong scent

This is a large amount of conditioner for a very good price – the bottle is huge. I’ve heard so much about Keratin infused products and how good they are for your hair I wanted to try this. The thing about these products is that I really can’t tell if the keratin is making a difference. It leaves the hair soft and smooth as it says but I don’t know about a long-term improvement to the health of my hair. The one thing that I find bothersome is the super strong scent. That’s a big negative for me because I can’t tolerate overwhelming smells. I realize that is actually a feature that others find as a positive and a reason to buy. It is a nice smell, it is just very, very strong and “perfumey”. It won’t be my new conditioner of choice for that reason. I would like to keep trying to see if the keratin makes a noticeable difference over time, but I just don’t like that feature.

Ashley Mound City, IL

Great, inexpensive smoothing conditioner!

I have coarse, wavy hair that I round brush to shape and smooth, and I’m always looking for products that help make this tedious job easier. For the last few months I’ve been using a Nexxus conditioner that works wonderfully but costs almost $15 a bottle, so I was amazed to find that Tresemme’s Keratin conditioner works nearly as well at less than 1/5th of the price! My hair ended up very soft, sleek, and super easy to style without being at all oily or greasy, even the day after washing.Amazon’s price for this product is currently near the MSRP of $5.99, which is a pretty good deal already, but I’ve been watching the price at my local grocery store and have actually seen it as amazingly low as $3.50! Overall, I think this conditioner is a great value and definitely recommend it for those with coarse or frizzy hair that needs to be tamed.

Barbra Skykomish, WA

Nice Conditioner But Nothing Special

I used this “Infusing Conditioner” immediately after the Keratin Shampoo.The shampoo was just sufficient, nothing special. It didn’t lather but got my hair very clean.I just a palm-sized amount of this lotion-y formula, too and left it on for about 5 minutes.My hair feels clean and soft.***I guess I was expecting more. I don’t see a whole lot of difference in the end result to greatly recommend this over Dove’s Men’s Care or even Suave and Axe.But, it does do what it claims.

Caryn La Jara, CO

Pair it with the shampoo by the same name

Use this conditioner with the Tresemme Keratin Shampoo and you can’t go wrong. It makes combing tangles something you don’t need to worry about as there aren’t any.Working with the matching shampoo, your hair is very manageable, soft and easy to style. Tresemme brand is great and I’m glad to see it can now be bought someplace other than just at a salon.

Ana Buckhorn, KY

25 oz. Of Miracle For Coarse Or Tightly Coiled Hair…

I recently bought this product specifically because it’s main ingredient is keratin, a protein great for reducing frizz, smoothing hair, and strengthening hair.Issue: I have natural, 4b hair type meaning my hair is extremely frizzy, tightly coiled, and somewhat coarse.After washing my hair withTRESemme Split End Remedy Shampoo, 25 Fluid Ounce (Pack of 2), I deep conditioned with this conditioner by applying it on my hair, then covered my hair with a shower cap for 20 minutes.Results? Upon rinsing, my hair was more manageable and less frizzy.Afterwards, I appliedFantasia IC Reconstructer Treatment 8 my hair as a leave-in conditioner and styled my hair in bantu knots.A day later, I unraveled my hair, and discoveredTresemme Keratin Smooth Keratin Infusing Conditioner, 25 Ounceactually stretched my hair similar to a hair straightener or a Brazilian keratin treatment!I will definitely purchase this conditioner again. It does more to manage my hair than high-end lines.

Debora Freeland, MD

Best I have used in a long time

I have long hair to the middle of my back and extremely thick. I wash it and let it dry naturally so stylists usually comment on what great condition it is in for the length. One thing I never do is fail to use some sort of conditioner when I wash it. If I do then it is difficult to comb through. Most conditioners are missed with water and wash out so that what I actually have when I rinse is just a little bit of something that will help me comb through my hair.I used this conditioner expecting the same thing. A couple of days after using it I pulled my hair back and thought wow my hair feel like I put moisturizer on it and I knew that I had not done so. Then I thought it is that new conditioner. It is very thick when it comes out of the bottle and I like that, so it lays on your hair rather than sliding off. My hair is straight and doesn’t have much curl or frizz so I can’t say that is part of what I expected from this, but it certainly added some condition to my hair during the dry winter months.I use a full hand of conditioner because of the thickness and length of my hair when I wash it and this is a large bottle that will last for a while so I would not be that concerned about the price.UPDATE: I think that the more you use this conditioner the better job it will do at helping get rid of the curls. I do have slight waves and it has gotten rid of those without the heavy conditioner feeling that older types of conditioner used to leave in your hair. Also I have used it five times and that is about half of the bottle, but I must use a large about because of long thick hair. So if you use less it will last longer.

Jean Pitman, PA

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Keratin Infusing Conditioner

I’ve used this conditioner before even though I prefer the Loreal Kiwi coloreflector conditioner and shampoo but I can’t get that around here so I tried this and it did a very good job. Smells fresh and clean and right now the air in the house is so dry from winter heat from the furnace and everything is full of static electricity, this gets rid of that in my hair which is hard to do. Also conditions well if you use a hot blow dryer often. I’m 61 and using this keeps my hair feeling as soft and full as if I were still in my 20’s. I like the shampoo as well, keeps your hair very squeaky clean…Still, a little cheaper when you get it at WalMart or any big box store.UPDATE: I wanted to add to this. This conditioner is highly concentrated so you only need a little bit. My hair is shoulder length and medium thickness. I only use about the size around of a quarter in my hand to do all my hair. I smear it in the palms of my hands and then rub it into my hair and I only leave it on for about 45 seconds before rinsing it out with very warm, not quite hot, water. I saw someone leave feed back that it didn’t rinse out well and thought they must have either left it on way too long or used way too much.

Zelma Hopkinsville, KY

Lots of breakage!

I guess my hair just doesn’t like keratin because after using this product for about 2 months my hair is horrible! I’ve always been told that I have beautiful hair and it’s always been so full of life. The first time I used it I thought it was great but as the keratin builds up in your hair that’s when the breakage started. My hair is so thin now and it’s usually very thick. I can’t run my fingers through it and I have tons of split ends now. The hair around my face broke off so bad and is now starting to grow back. I now have bangs! I definitely didn’t plan to have them but now that I stopped using it my hair is growing back finally. I had my hair cut a couple of months ago and it still is the same length! My hair grows fast but the breakage is keeping it the same length. This product isn’t good and I think most people will find that they don’t need keratin in their hair. I’m going back to Redken.

Tami Warwick, MA

Super effective

I’ll base my review on feedback from my housemate and from my own limited experience with my beard.I have seen my housemate’s hair become luxurious and shiney. In my own experience, my beard is softer and its natural curl has been activated.Highly recommended.

Frances Tewksbury, MA

Nothing special

Title pretty much sums it up. This conditioner didn’t do anything my previous one couldn’t. It’s an okay item. Sometimes it seems to make my hair look weighted, like it doesn’t rinse out well. Will keep using until the bottle runs out, but probably won’t re-purchase.

Wilma West Tisbury, MA

Freedom from frizz!

My hair has always been a pain, and only seems to be getting more unruly each passing year. I’ve got curly hair that gets incredibly frizzy. I don’t blow dry or straighten my hair because it only ends up being an even more frizzy mess when it becomes heat damaged. I also have oily skin and hair, which results in me having to wash my hair daily, or else my hair ends up looking completely gross. This causes a bit of a dilemma, since my hair becomes a dried out frizzy mess whilst I try to keep the crown of my head from looking too greasy.I recently saw a commercial for this line of products and was eager to try it. My verdict: I love it! The first thing I noticed about this conditioner was the scent- it’s light and fresh! Not only does it smell great, but my hair retains the smell throughout the day. I keep having those moments where I’ll turn my head and think, “Wow! My hair smells really good!”. I have noticed a significant reduction in the amount of frizz I’ve had to deal with. I’ve even been brave enough to wear my hair down a few times (generally I avoid wearing my hair down because it’s a frizzy, curly mess by midmorning)! I’ve also been using the serum, which makes a huge difference as well!I highly recommend this line to anyone who is having trouble controlling frizzy hair! It smells great and works better than any other Keratin product I’ve tried!

Rose East Point, LA

Smells great, works well

This is a great conditioner. It smells pretty and although it is a thick cream, it works nicely through my hair. It rinses easily and leaves a nice soft feel to my hair, making it easy to run a brush or my fingers through it. Styling is easy after using this, my hair isn’t weighed down but the frizzies are minimized as are my cowlicks. It is a generous sized bottle at a great price, and I’m loving the results.

Marva Telegraph, TX

Very Effective Conditioner, Smells Great

I ordered this for my wife. Her hair is colored, thick, and coarse. She usually leaves the conditioner in for about 15 minutes, washes it out, then blow dries her hair. The results: her hair is light, smells great, and very soft and smooth.Shipped fast, with no problems.

Alana La Mesa, CA

Nice, but not the best value

This is a nice conditioner for people with dry hair. The odor is faint and doesn’t linger. But Tresemme also makes a “Smooth and Silky Conditioner” that comes in a bigger bottle and is a couple of bucks cheaper. It is very similar to this “Keratin” product. I can’t tell the difference, actually. I’d get the cheaper bottle instead.

Eleanor Elm Hall, MI

Soft and Tame

Like the shampoo, Tresemme Keratin Smooth conditioner is a great value, with a huge bottle at a reasonable price. The fragrance is nice and it was easy to distribute throughout my hair. The result is tame and soft hair. It does not have amazing volume, but it is also not clumpy or greasy. I would definitely consider purchasing it in the future.

Harriet Elwood, KS

Good product in a big bottle.

Great working conditioner that makes hair look and feel smooth and shiny. Tresemme keeps it simple with a conditioner that works. On a side note, it doesn’t do much else. I didn’t feel my hair getting infused. It’s a thick conditioner that I wouldn’t say was fantastically different than most conditioners, except more like the conditioner a salon would use. 25 oz is a fantastic amount of conditioner that will last me a long while! My only complain is the smell, a bit creamy, like a cheap Avon product. I imagine it’s mostly woman who use conditioner (safe for men with long hair), but could we add a little refreshing scent? Something minty or peppermint to give an impression that I’ve stepped out of a spa and my hair is revived.

Brigitte North Judson, IN


Left to its own devices my hair is a thick, frizzy and uncontrollable mess, and it requires smoothing conditioners and serums, blowdrying and ironing to look decent. Used in conjunction with Tresemme’s Keratin Infusion Shampoo, the end result was very smooth, shiny and manageable hair. Have very dry color treated hair and after using these, my hair didn’t have that dry and processed look – and I bleach my hair very light blonde. Also, this does not weigh your hair down at all. The product is very thick and the scent, which is really wonderful, reminds me of apples.

Earline Downieville, CA

Surprised by How Well It Works

I have to admit, I’m impressed by Tresemme’s new line of “Collections” shampoos and conditioners. I’ve been working my way through them all with coupons I have, but I’d yet to try Keratin Smooth. This one is by far my favorite.I have thick, wavy/curly hair that frizzes nicely in humidity and in winter we have a pellet stove running all the time, so my hair dries out and becomes staticky. I reach a point where I tend to give up getting my hair to do much of anything and just use a clip to put it up all the time. Hands down, I had the BEST hair day with Keratin Smooth.I love the smell. It’s clean, a little citrusy, a little apple-y, not really overly perfumey, just nice and light. I left the conditioner in for a couple of minutes, it rinsed out nicely. Then can the real test. After towel drying, used my dryer and scrunched it up so that the layers would wave and not a frizz appeared. I used a little gel for hold and it lasted all day. I never had it frizz up, and even my daughter said she’d never seen my hair look that good, even after a trip to the salon.I’m sold. I went out and bought more bottles of Tresemme shampoo, conditioner, and the styling products to make sure I have a good stock on hand just in case they discontinue it. It’s new, so I doubt that will happen, but I’ve had favorite products disappear before, so I’m not taking chances.

Eunice Newark, OH

Pleasantly surprised by how well this works.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of this conditioner for the price point. You do not need to use a great deal of the product. You do have to leave it in for a few minutes. Made it easy to comb out my long, fine straight hair and did not leave an oily residue. Less strands left behind due to my impatience with getting my hair combed. Hair was shiny and easy to manage. Recommend.

Herminia Peapack, NJ

Silky Indulgence

I’m a cheapskate but often buy Tresemme products when they are on sale. Last week I saw it for $2.50. With 5 daughters, some with fairly long hair, we go through a lot of shampoo. For the first wash I used super cheap shampoo and then followed with the Keratin Smooth Keratin Infusing Conditioner. It added a silky feel and sheen. Next I used it with a bottle of Tresemme shampoo for color sensitive hair. Using this conditioner after several different Tresemme shampoos led to an even silkier feel and more sheen. I always double wash and condition once.One note is that this conditioner suggests applying and leaving it on for several minutes before rinsing- that’s one thing I like to find out before I’m in the shower on a tight schedule.Tresemme is always a nice step up from the basic hair care products and has never disappointed me yet.

Joan Castalia, NC