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TRESemme Keratin Smooth Flat Iron Smoothing Spray – 8 oz

TRESemmé Platinum Strength Conditioner fortifies and protects for beautifully moisturized hair. Repair up to 2 years of damage in just 5 uses (In 5 uses when using Shampoo and Conditioner as a system vs. non-Conditioning Shampoo ) with the TRESemmé Platinum Strength system for smooth, healthy-looking hair. The Renewing Complex reinforces hair’s naturally protective layer, restoring your hair and protecting against future damage.

Key features

  • For Smooth, Easy To Style Hair
  • Helps Shield Hair From Heat
  • Seals In Salon Shine

Honest reviews


Heat Protected Hair

I have tested the Tresemme Platinum Strength Heat Protect Spray through the Vine Program. This was an eight ounce bottle with a spray nozzle on top. I wanted to try this as it said heat protected to protect my hair while playing golf in the heat of the summer. I wear a visor while playing golf and thought this would help protect my hair. It was suppose to shield the hair from damage of heat styling and add shine to your hair. It said to use their shampoo and conditioner first but I did not have that product. This was suppose to protect from all heat such as dryers, heat appliances, hot rollers and curling irons and designed to transform your hair with a smooth style that last for 48 hours. This product is infused with keratine that leaves hair sleek and shiny.The directions said to spray liberally onto your damp hair then towel dry the hair and comb through. I found the nozzle was hard to use, it was hard to get the sprayer to work. It also suggested to blow dry your hair while pointing the dryer downward to make the hair smooth. This worked as I have straight hair and it is thick so drying the hair in this fashion made my hair smooth and straight. I may have used too much of the spray solution as my hair looked dry by the end of the day. I will be using this again when our summer weather gets here so see if it has the protection that it says it has. Fairly easy to use once I managed to work the sprayer.Letta Meinen

Kathie Brownsville, OR

Sleek shine look

This spray is a very fine mist that you spray all over your towel dried hair before you blow dry it. The product is very easy to use, smells great, and do much more then protecting your hair from heat. I use a generous amount on my hair and make sure it is well distributed. As soon as I started to blow dry my hair I can see the immediate effect of the spray. There is less frizz, and I get smooth and silky hair in no time. When my hair was finish dry it looked really shiny, smooth and soft to the touch. I then sometimes uses a flat iron or curling iron to finish up my look and then add a little more spray on my ends. Afer I am finish my hair style looks sleeker, hair style lasts all day, curls stay put and your hair looks like you just step out of the salon. Overall I just love this product and would recommend this for anybody who wants to achieve a sleek look.

Alba Orrtanna, PA

Spray Unit Fell in Pieces – >> – ( . ) ~ ( . )-

Read all the positive reviews and ordered Shine Spray Protection infusing spary and my experience was horrendous. First of all it didn’t spray, so naturally I looked inside to see if it had one of those safety dripping caps. It didn’t so I gave it another spray and NADA. I fiddled with the top and all of a sudden it dislodged from a little divice and while trying to put the ‘thingy’ back in the hole – three plastic small things fell onto the counter and I had no idea what the were or how to put them back into their proper place. So there I was unable to use this Keratin Tresemme treatment. LAST TIME I WILL PURCHASE THIS CHEAP PLASTICK SPRAYING APPARATUS.I also purchased the one in the Black bottle with pink top and it did the exact same thing – fell in pieces. Now I have two (2) bottles of this crap. Don’t buy it.

Judith Westport, NY

Not much results

The bottle I received did not have the handle spray pump, but just the small press down nozzles. It was a little tough at first but ended up fine and gave a nice fine mist. It also smelled nice.However, it had no effect on my hair. There was no change in smoothness versus frizz. There was no way to tell that I did anything different to my hair. So really it is a nice smelling water.

Betsy Cuervo, NM

Saves my hair

Ever since I purchased this heat protectant, my hair definitely seems healthier.I have bleach blonde hair that i dye myself, so I will use anything that will protect my hair from damage. I use this before I blow-dry my hair and flat iron it, and it keeps my hair soft and all of the little fly-aways are tamed.My friend asked me if my hair gets greasy, or looks greasy and thats a huge negative! I followed the directions on the bottle, I don’t over spray, I use the perfect amount for my hair length. I also make sure I use 1 or 2 extra sprays on the front of my hair {side bang area} because that is what is flat-ironed the most.I definitely recommend this product to anyone who applys heat to their hair — male or female. I purchased this product on amazon because it was cheaper than target or walmart.

Eugenia Langston, OK

Good bargain

I usually use Biosilk’s spray shine product. It is pricey and I have had issues finding it in local stores. I decided to try this and was surprised what a great job it did. I have noticed that if I used it and blow dry my hair normally it doesn’t make much of a difference. However, if I spray it on individual sections and use a roller brush to dry my hair it makes a dramatic difference. Creates a shiny, healthy, bouncy look. Will buy again.

Fern Nome, TX


Yes, it has a bad design, but it does what it says! Leaves my frizzy curls soft, bouncy, and protects against heat! And it smells AMAZING!

Marcy Nara Visa, NM

Perfect for Stretching Your Relaxer?!

I bought this product for a friend whose damaged hair was on the right path to recovery.Just to give you some insight, her hair was porous with split ends and had a very rough, dry texture due to poor maintenance.Within four months, her hair was completely revitalized after weekly hot oil treatments, protective hairstyles like braiding, bi-weekly protein treatments and weekly deep conditioning sessions.She ended up straightening her hair with a relaxer. After a month she wanted to maintain her look and I bought this product for her.This product did an excellent job at maintaining her hair’s sleek appearance despite two weeks worth of curly new growth.I researched keratin online and discovered its other benefits like:- Stops frizz- Repairs hair such as damaged or chemically treated hair (colored, permed, relaxed, highlighted or bleached)- Adds shine, softness and smoothness- Moisturizes and resolves hair damage- Dramatically decreases drying and styling time- Seals color

Deidre Dayton, VA

Love Tresemme

I’ve been using tresemme products for almost 10 years. I love the heat protectant. Personally I don’t think it adds much shine but it works very well on wet hair, once dried hair is very manageable and less brittle feeling after flat ironing. Works best on wet hair. I would not use this on already straightened dry hair, only after washing before blow drying or other heat applications.

Kristy Summit Point, WV

Keratin heat protection

I don’t really notice a different when using this product. My hair is a little smoother after blow drying but not dramatically different. I hope this product is working and actually protecting my hair, I just can’t tell.

Suzanne Fairfax Station, VA

Not as good as expected

I purchased this product because I read rave reviews online saying that it was pretty much the best at home heat protection spray you can buy at the drugstore. It was cheap enough but I feel like so were the results. I use it on damp hair every time I blow dry my hair and I feel like it doesn’t make much more difference than when I don’t use it at all. Just finished the entire bottle and I can say that after all the times I gave this product a try I am not convinced I would purchase it again

Debora Holley, NY

Not what I expected!

I purchase this product by mistake and it wasn’t really the type of heat protector that I was looking for, but it is the same brand. The problem I have with this product is that it’s more like water instead of an oil; I was looking for something oily. This product makes my hair difficult to straighten.

Georgia Westport, IN


The scent is strong but pleasant. And this stuff works. And it is CHEAP! So it is definitely a winner!

Natalie Wonalancet, NH

would buy again

this product does work. It keeps your hair shinny, don’t have to worry about it being greasy looking after using. Keeps your hair soft looking. Just blow dry your hair

Fern Parade, SD

Silky, Smooth and Shiny

This stuff works great. I am not a huge fan of the other tresemme heat protectants but this one really works. The first day I used it I got complimented on how shiny my hair was. It makes my hair silky and smooth. I have fine hair so sometimes products can weigh my hair down, this doesn’t do that at all. I have noticed less split ends, and my hair just looks healthy overall. I will definitley be repurchasing. It’s also nice that this product is affordable. You don’t have to spend $20+ on a good heat protectant.

Lourdes Lyndora, PA