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TRESemme Fresh Start Shampoo, Dry

TRESemmé® Freshstart Dry Shampoo Volumizing For Fine/Oily Hair. Used by professionals. Oil & odor remover with mineral clay & citrus. Professional quality.

Key features

  • Transforms Lifeless, Limp Hair Into Clean, Fresh Hair
  • Removes Oil And Odor While Injecting Volume
  • Maintains Hair Color With Less Washing
  • Cleans Hair Without Water Anytime
  • With Mineral Clay And Citrus

Honest reviews


very disapponted!

Before I used Batiste dry shampoo and I love it , but because I couldnot buy this product in store but only on amazon(+ shipping) , I bought THIS brand (3 items!). O my goodness, what a mistake . My hair looked terrible , feels terrible when i touch them ,ofcouse I could not wait to come home and wash my head .And also after washing i lost hair more than usual

Noelle Mazeppa, MN

Pretty bad product

This is the 4th dry shampoo I’ve tried and by far the worst. It does nothing to refresh you hair, in fact it looks worse with this product. I’m not sure how they released this….did they not test it??? I really wanted to like it because it is a good price point but it was terrible.

Reva Ninole, HI

Don’t waste your money on a product that wont work!!!

I’m reviewing this product for three main reasons:1) THIS DOESN”T WORK–I’m not saying the actual spray doesn’t work I dont know if it does or not because the can and the nozzle are defective and it doesn’t even spray I have a FULL bottle of this stuff and nothing comes out!2)I tried to return this to my local drugstore, they told me it was a manufactures problem and they couldn’t do anything about it. I was frustrated but in a ditch effort I decided to try to email tressemme to get a refund or maybe even a replacement can mailed to me by the company. I went to their website and told them my problem and five days have gone by since then and I haven’t heard a word from them not even a “sorry our product didn’t work”3)When I went back to their website I looked up this product and there is a place where you can read reviews by other consumers and about 75% of the people who have left a review have had the same issue I had with the product where the nozzle gets jammed or something is defective. And each review that was given has a comment left by it from a representative of the company thats says “Oh if you remove the top and soak it in water it MIGHT help” thats SOOOO annoying I mean if so many people are having a problem with your product wouldn’t that be an incentive to Change the canister???SO please I’m warning you now if your thinking about purchasing this DON’T!!!! It does not work and it will be waste of money…

Genevieve Enfield Center, NH

Tresemme dry shampoo -sprayer keeps breaking on various ones – defect I think

the sprayer thing keeps on not working for this product. I have bought it 2 different places (Safeway and Target) and 4 times I have experienced that sprayer not working. I have literally had to thrown it away. Is this some kind of defect?The product itself works – it’s lovely. It makes my hair shiny and smooth too. Tresemme is cheaper but I have given up on their brand since this keeps happening to me.

Jade Two Harbors, MN


I have fine, straight hair that’s dyed dark red. By day 2, my bangs and my part start to look oily. I bought this and the refreshing mist to help my color last longer. The results have been inconsistent. Sometimes it does add body and dries up oil all day long, and other times it looks okay for a couple hours then becomes dirty and oily. I feel like I don’t know how to use it right, even though the instructions are pretty simple. I spray wherever it looks oily, then a very light layer all over, wait a couple minutes, and brush out. The powder brushes out well when I brush back across the hair instead of down. I haven’t had a problem with my hair turning white since the first time I used it. It just works sometimes and doesn’t work other times, and I’m not sure what I’m doing differently.

Lily Evergreen, CO

Who Ya Callin’ “Olive Oyl”?!

Does what it purports to do. Gets me out of an oily state, and adds a bit of “oomph”. Smells very strong, so beware- breath holding and fan use ensues after use (did I just type that?). Please note: this stuff has to be constantly shaken between quick sprays, so if you are lazy, do not buy. The “clay veil” is easily removed with hairbrushing. Has not ruined my hair or hairbrush as of yet. Extremely combustible. Needed, but not totally embraced.

Jackie Chester, ID

Happy with outcome

I had no problems with this product whatsoever. I followed the directions and my hair was revived and smelled nice.

Amalia Westport, CT

Great for me

I can’t believe the bad reviews on here, I love this product. It makes my hair feel clean, fresh and it smells amazingggg. I’ve tried the Not your Mother’s dry shampoo and its awful, but that has high reviews on here! To anyone who is hesitant to try this u def should, its amazing.

Shannon Lincoln, WA


This is terrible! It makes my hair 10x worse than it was! It makes it super stiff, it takes no oil away, and leaves flakes in your hair! Do not buy! I had to wash my hair after using this!

Sonia Bellville, TX

I wanted this to work

I really wanted this product to work but it didn’t. I have fine hair that needs washed every day or else it’s oily and obvious I didn’t shampoo – I work in a professional environment so going to work with greasy hair is not an option. I was told to try this first by my Stylist before purchasing their own dry shampoo to see if I liked it, my stylist has really great thick hair and she said she used it frequently and for around $4 I thought I’d give it a go.First off, let me say that I have the type of fine hair that is completely unmanageable. When I wake up in the morning it’s usually flipped out all over the place and it cannot be styled with heat while it’s totally dry or I have a staticky mess – even with heavy humidity. With this in mind I would take a shower, get my hair wet (and not wash it) blow dry it then apply this dry shampoo. This method didn’t really work, my hair would look ok but feel gross and by midday it was really heavy and started to look greasy.Today I had the opportunity to finally try this dry shampoo the way the directions say to use it. I had to be up really early for work and my hair looked pretty good so I used this product on dry, unwashed hair and I was happy for about 10 minutes but after that 10 minutes it started to feel and look greasy. I continued to get ready and would spray more in my hair, the exact same places I already sprayed it but again, it would start to look and feel gross again. This makes me think that this relies heavily on the alcohol to dry out the roots and once that alcohol dissipates or is absorbed then the scalp just produces more oil to compensate for the alcohol.I really wanted this product to work, I hear everyone talking about not washing their hair everyday and how healthy it looks/feels but that’s just not an option for me, too bad. One star.

Socorro Monticello, MO

Works for me

I have to say I’m shocked at the terrible reviews on this, but I understand that this probably doesn’t work for everyone. I’ve been using this (and the foam version) for quite a while, so I came here to review it.Like a lot of people, my hair is very fine and gets oily after one day- but it’s not healthy to wash your hair every day, so during breaks I’ll only do so every two days. I like to use this if I’m going out. Though the scent on this one isn’t as nice as the foam, it’s bearable, and my hair feels much cleaner. My favorite part about this, though, is that my hair feels like it has a ton of volume when I use it.Like I said, judging by the terrible reviews, I might have gotten lucky. But it did happen to work out for me.

Jaime Monrovia, CA

Made my hair look WORSE!

I made the mistake of trying this instead of my usual Klorane spray….and it made my hair look so greasy I had to come up with an impromptu updo at work to hide my gross scalp. Guess I’m back to Klorane which isn’t cheap…but clearly worth it. I was expecting more, because I usually love Tresemme.

Johnnie Wapato, WA

Adds volume, leaves residue (not always a bad thing)

This does seem to absorb oil from the hair. The volumizing kind leaves a residue, which is what helps it add volume. It does seem to dry hair out over time, as well. I like the texture it provides. My hair is blond-brown, and the spray doesn’t really show up unless I put too much in one place. On darker hair, it shows up as gray, so beware! I keep buying this over and over, so I must like it!

Courtney Cummington, MA

Best dry shampoo out there!

I have no idea why so many people dislike this product because I love it! I have tried Suave and store-bought brand, and this dry shampoo definitely knocks the other two out of the ballpark. You have to shake it pretty well before use, but besides that, it covers up all the grease and makes your hair look like it is freshly washed. The only complaint I have is that it is pretty easy to burn through the whole bottle quickly, and if done incorrectly, your hair will look white/gray, but that is really the personal user’s issue. I recommend this product to everyone. Also, I have thin, wavy, oily hair and I wash my hair every other day with this product.

Emily Pandora, OH

Worse than before I used it…

This is a terrible dry shampoo. I have used other brands before and have been very happy, but I use this stuff (as directed) and my hair is stiff and looks greasier than before I used the shampoo. Also leaves a white coating on my hair that looks like dandruff and coats my hair brush. Yuck. At least it was cheap. I plan on trying Suave dry shampoo next. The reviews are much better.

Valarie Clarendon, TX

Great for the price

I have really oily hair, and up until recently, have shampooed it everyday. I’ve been trying different dry shampoos, and this one is the best so far. I wish it had a nicer scent to it, but it leaves my hair feeling much less oily and looking much better!

Billie Harold, KY


Yea this product is absolutely awful. It did nothing at all for my oily smelly hair. It just made my hair more sticky and dry. Returning this ASAP.

Janet Topeka, IN

One-time use can

I just bought a can of this from Target. I thought it worked great! However, I cannot get the can to spray again. I took the nozzle off and ran it under hot water. I shook the can vigorously (as stated in the instructions), and still nothing. It worked really well, but if you can only get one good spray out of the can before it stops working, you’re better off just shampooing your hair. I’ve heard good things about some other brands of dry shampoo, so maybe I’ll give those a try, unless Tresemme can start getting the cans to work for more than one spray. I bought this one because it was the best price I could find, but I guess it’s not really worth the $5 for just one use.

Noelle Kensington, OH

not good

i do not like this. for all that ill wash my hair. leaves residue and makes your hair feel weird

Natasha Austerlitz, NY

Grease in a can

This made my hair even more dirty looking. I should have known because all tresemme products are horrible and cheap. You get what you paid for

Rena Collinston, UT

Okay, but avoid if you have very dark hair

I initially got this product for younger son who at the time would only wash his hair every other day.My son was excited about the idea of not washing his hair. But his first and only use of this was a disaster. He has straight hair that is on the oily side, but his hair is also very dark, nearly black. I helped him spray it on, trying to get a nice even layer near his roots. But since his hair is fine, I think I overdid it a bit and got way more of the white powdery spray on than I needed. When it came time to brush it out, it proved to be a messy experience and in the end his hair looked like a dusty gray color. He ended up washing most of it out with water and his hair looked worse than it did to begin with.After this disastrous experience, I’m not sure why I decided to give it a try, but I did. I have a layered bob, and while my hair is dark, it is more of a dark auburn with highlights. I also have quite a bit of hair, not at all like the thin head of hair my son has. I sprayed it through my layers, and then brushed it out. I found with me that it worked much better. It did indeed give my hair more volume and made it feel cleaner. However, my hair did look a little dull and I needed to follow up with a shine spray.I do not recommend FreshStart Dry Shampoo for those with very dark hair. I also think if your hair is thin or fine, it might be a bit hard to use, as it was with my son. But for those folks with regular to thick hair that is lighter or highlighted, it’s a decent product that actually works as well as more expensive dry shampoos. 3 stars.

Mabel Saltillo, TX

0 Stars

Its really a shame that no mainstream company has made a good dry shampoo. I bought this because it was the only dry shampoo in my common drugstore/super market. HORRIBLE. It left a residue in my hair and left my hair even more dirty. Gross.

Holly Porter, MN

Definitely not like the others

I’ve begun to consider myself an expert at dry shampoo. I used to use a name brand that you could only by from a popular shop from home channel. It worked great & didn’t leave white residue in my dark hair or weight my very fine hair down. Then they discontinued it & I have been searching ever since. I’ve tried several expensive brands, popular brands, etc and all left me wanting. Either they turned my dark hair into a white powdery mess or the cans would clog after the first use, or they just didn’t work. I decided to give this drugstore brand a try. Here is what I have found. If you use too much, your hair will be left feeling greasy, maybe even waxy, dirty & in need of a wash which is the exact opposite of what we are going for by purchasing dry shampoo to begin with. My main problem area is the crown of my head. It gets greasy which causes my fine hair to plaster to my scalp & at some point you can just see my scalp. Not pretty. Sometimes less is more. I have found this will work if I take a brush & going in sections I VERY LIGHTLY spritz the shampoo on & follow with quick brushes & so on. Making sure not to use too much. This seems to work better. I don’t get the buildup because I am barely using any but the little I use helps to remove some of the buildup at my crown so I can work with it better. I won’t buy again though… my search continues for a dry shampoo I can be happy with again.

Eileen Winigan, MO