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Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo 5.7 oz.

Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo 5.7 ounces

Key features

  • Quality you can trust from Tresemme
  • Distinctive hair shampoos

Honest reviews


Not So Fresh Start to My Day

I have fine thin hair that likes to get oily if I forgo washing it for too long. I don’t color my hair (naturally red). However, I know it’s healthier if I can manage not to wash my hair every day. Else I have to condition it heavily and that obviously can weigh it down. Normally on my day after washing, I wear my hair up so I don’t have to deal with it.I’ve never tried dry shampoo before. But the ads were certainly enticing enough to give it a whirl. This product did not impress. I followed the directions to the letter the times I tried it (others tinkering just slightly to see if there was a difference with application). It’s ok temporarily, but feels like you have excessive product and filth on one’s head. And eventually, within a very short amount of time, the oily weighed feeling returns and I want to wash it even more than before. Also, if you have sensitive skin like me, it caused my forehead to break out a little near the hairline. Overall, I was disappointed with the product. I use the bottle now for when I’ve freshly washed my hair to give it texture like Jonathan’s Dirt (occasionally). When I want to put up my freshly clean hair it holds better. Obviously, not what the product was intended for.Regardless of my experience, I’ll try other brands to see if there is one I WILL like.

Barbra Alden, MI

Finally something in between

Naturally I have somewhat oily hair, so I have to wash it at least every other day to look decent. It’s really a bother when I don’t have time. I used to use something like that years ago, don’t even remember the brand, and it worked wonders, but was leaving white flour type residue that was taking ages to brush out. I like this product as it doesn’t do any of that. Cleans pretty reasonably provided that no water is involved. Smells awesome too.

Hallie Lake Mc Donald, MT

Dry Hair Shampoo

Perfect, due to a busy schedule, plus it was cheaper than the price(s) at a brick and mortar store which has worldwide stores.

Earnestine Steamboat Springs, CO

Don’t waste your money

I should have known better. I’ve never liked Tresemme products – they always make my hair feel gross. Yet, the promise of a dry shampoo was too hard to resist – so I gave in.Honestly, it doesn’t DO anything. You can get the same effect by dumping baby powder on your head…… but at least with the baby powder, your hair won’t feel disgusting afterwards. My hair feels powdery on top, dirty/greasy from the middle down, and extra heavy and limp.It’s just not worth the trouble because there is aboslutely no benefit. I thought it would be nice to re-fresh my hair on the days when I don’t wash it, but no. And it doesn’t even smell good – it smells just like their hairspray, which in my opinion isn’t too great to begin with.Do yourself a favor and skip this product…… or do like I do and skip Tresemme products all together. I don’t know if it’s just me, but even their shampoo makes my hair feel disgusting.I wish I could give this product 0 stars…. and I wish I could get my $6 back.

Angelina Conyers, GA

Worst Dry Shampoo

This is by far the worst dry shampoo I have every tried. I got it because I needed a travel size dry shampoo and this was the only one I could find. It goes on more like a very weak hairspray, it doesn’t work very well initially, and by the end of the day my hair was more greasy than it would have been if I hadn’t used it! A total waste of money. Batiste has a much much better product. I use their Tropical and it works a treat.

Abbie Davenport, FL

Makes my dry hair magical

My hair is VERY dry and coarse, and I honestly can not wash it everyday. In fact I have to go several days without washing it due to it being so dry.I used this for the first time tonight.PROS:1. made my hair smell good2. my hair appeared healthier in the mirror (nice shine to it)3. easy to useCONS:1. White, if you use too much you get dandruff like whiteness……………I quickly learned to rub in the stuff and not spray too much to avoid dandruff.I was at a casino for about 4 hours, and honestly my hair does not smell like smoke like it usually does. I am going to be using this product a lot.:)

Mildred Port Penn, DE

makes my hair looks greasier

I have tried several different application techniques for this product because I really wanted it to work. Of course I followed the directions the first few times, but it still makes my hair look greasier than it did before application. It doesn’t do a thing for my hair (medium length, highlighted, keratin straightened). I love the idea, but it doesn’t deliver…

Noelle Sherard, MS

Did not work for me, unfortuneately

• Treseme Dry Shampoo Did not work for me, unfortuneately.
• I did try it, but I still like the Bastiste brand better
• I’ve seen where this worked well for a girl on YouTube, oh well
• I have normal/dry, wavy med hair

Francine Glennville, CA

Use sparingly

I honestly think that the people giving this negative reviews are using too much of this product. The best way to go about it is to use a little at a time and apply more if needed. Do NOT wait until your hair is ridiculously oily to use it or it will feel gunky. It’s not a miracle worker!I love this stuff and will continue to use it.

Lorene Castanea, PA

No problems here

I have no problems with this product that sound as nightmarish as everyone else’s. I bought the minis to take with me to the gym and the cans don’t clog, my hair never feels greasy, I have no white residue (my hair is very dark brown and long), and it doesn’t weigh me down or smell too overpowering once I have worked it through my hair. I use small sprays on the sides, top and back of my head, probably 6 small sprays max and massage it into my scalp. I actually just used this tonight so I wouldn’t have to have the hassle of drying and my hair is just fine. I don’t know if people are using too much or if the larger bottles have functional issues but I have had no problem with the minis or the product and it has been a great solution for not over washing my hair. It’s a shame that because of all of the negative reviews I think this product will be short lived. I’m sorry to hear that other people have had so many problems.

Lauren Whitt, TX

Eh, this is an okay product. There are better ones out there.

I have used this product many times. I would say that it works okay but I have tried others that work much better. It does have a better smell than others, like Pssssssssst!These dry shampoos make my hair look cleaner but they don’t feel cleaner. It gives an odd dry kind of feeling but if it allows me to not wash my hair every day, then I’m good with that!I would recommend Tresemme dry shampoo but I think Suave has a better dry shampoo product.

Leslie Daleville, AL

Not Recommended

Got this product as I was to have surgery and it was such a mess to use…..easier to get a friend to drive me to beauty salon

Juliette Nimrod, MN