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TRESemme Expert Selection Leave-in Conditioning Spray, Renewal Hair & Scalp 10 oz

With tea tree extract and sunflower seed oil, TRESemmé Renewal Hair & Scalp Leave-In Conditioning Spray provides the foundation for salon-gorgeous style. The salon quality formula lightly nourishes and smoothes hair to give you beautiful, healthy-looking hair that is ready to style. Contains Ginseng, Tea Tree Oil, and Sunflower Seed Oil TRESemmé Renewal Hair & Scalp Leave-In Conditioning Spray is made with ingredients such as ginseng, tea tree oil and sunflower seed oil. The lightweight, leave-in formula helps treat surface signs of hair damage while nourishing the scalp at the surface cellular level*. Enjoy soft, manageable hair that lasts and a moisturized scalp. Part of the TRESemmé Renewal Hair & Scalp Collection The TRESemmé Renewal Hair & Scalp collection also includes TRESemmé Renewal Hair & Scalp Shampoo and Conditioner, and TRESemmé Renewal Hair & Scalp Deep Conditioning Mask. Our Philosophy From our origins in salons around the world, TRESemmé has always been driven by a simple truth: all women deserve to look fabulous without spending a fortune. That is why we are dedicated to creating hair care and styling products that are salon quality without the salon price. Salon inspired and tested products that help you create your own style and experience that salon feeling every day. *Refers to stratum corneum. What’s in the Box TRESemmé Renewal Hair & Scalp Leave-In Conditioning Spray, 10 Fluid Ounces. TRESemmé Renewal Hair & Scalp Leave-In Conditioning Spray At a Glance: Made with ginseng, tea tree oil, and sunflower seed oil Lightweight, leave-in formula refreshes the scalp Treats surface signs of hair damage while helping to nourishing the scalp at the surface cellular level* Part of the TRESemmé Renewal Hair & Scalp Collection

Key features

  • Lightly nourishes amd smoothes hair
  • Salon quality formula with tea tree extract and sunflower seed oil
  • Gives you beautiful, healthy-looking hair that is ready to style

Honest reviews


Short term use only

I like to use a leave in conditioner because of the static electricity that I get in the winter months. I’ve used other Tresemme products and they were ok, so when I saw this one with tea tree in it, I decided to try it.The scent is pleasant….it’s not overpowering as some tea tree products can be. The conditioner does seem to do the job for about 3 hrs. I may try putting some in a little pump bottle to try when I am away from home for quick touch ups.One of the things that bothered me though was that my hair does feel weighted down when I use this. I’ve tried using a little less, but I have thicker hair and need to use enough to do the job.I’ll continue to use it and see how it fairs over the next couple of weeks. I’d be interested in hearing from folks who have thinner hair and see if their hair feels "weighted down" as well.

Isabella Middletown, MO

Works nicely on thick hair, no funky film or greasy feel

I like this – it’s hard to find a leave in conditioner that actually penetrates all of my thick hair instead of just the top layer or what the spray actually touches. It does not have an overwhelming scent and there was no weird film or greasy feeling after using it. I just sprayed it into my wet hair after a shower, let it sit for a minute or two and then brushed it through. No tangles, no frizzing, no dry hair and it wasn’t heavy or gummed up after my hair was dry. Just felt clean and shiny and soft. Nice product and simple to use!

Tamara Zanesville, IN

Good quality

I found the Renewal product to be very effective in de-tangling my very curly, dry hair. The tea tree, in particular, seems to be very beneficial in hair care. It is a relatively economical, valuable product that is very easy to use. Leave-in conditioner is a blessing for curls, because it has ‘all day’ effects in keeping away the tangles and knots.

Mitzi La Joya, NM

Perfume Scent is too strong

I was really hoping that this was going to be a good product. I’ve used other Tresemme products and really liked them, so I was disappointed with this one. My five year old daughter has very curly, unruly hair that gets tangled horribly. So I thought trying a good leave in conditioner would help with the tangles and calm the frizzies down. The first thing that I didn’t like was that the perfume scent of this spray is VERY strong. If you don’t like strong scented hair products this one is not for you. I like the scent itself okay, it’s just over powering. The second thing is that it did not help with the tangles, it didn’t even make her hair softer, it ended up making it sticky and crunchy. So it didn’t help with the tangles at all. I did not like the way it left her hair feeling because it left it sorta stiff and crunchy, like I stated already. So it’s not a bad product, and for a different hair type it might work better, but I didn’t like this product.

May Toomsboro, GA

Did Not Work Well for Hair Type

I got this for my girlfriend to try, and this is what she told me: “Although I usually love Tresemme hair styling products, sadly this leave-in conditioning spray did not work for me at all. Just to be sure, I tried it several different ways as I prepped my hair – on towel-dried, damp, wet, and dry hair – but it made no difference to either my scalp or my hair. As a couple other reviewers have noted, it did not provide any conditioning for my shoulder-length fine, wavy/curly hair – the locks stuck together and it all felt heavy and a little sticky. Most of all, it was not possible to pull a comb or brush through it without adding a different product to provide the “conditioning” aspect and make it slick enough to comb through. It smelled decent, but I wasn’t in love with the scent as I am with some hair products. Coming out of the bottle, this spray was watery on the fingers but also had a squeaky, tacky feeling – not conditioning at all.”Although I believe this product may work well for some, it is not for all hair types.

Catherine Cosmopolis, WA

Tames fly-a-ways and static

My hair is so fine and straight that in the winter it flies all over my head because of the static. The Tresemme Renewal reduces static and keeps my hair looking soft and shiny. Tresemme makes a great line of products, I highly recommend the Renewal Shampoo and their hairspray is O-mazing.UPDATE: I’ve been using this for about a week. I spray it in damp hair and blow dry. My hair looks great! It is so shiny and healthy looking. Even my highlights look brighter.

Pamala Lake Nebagamon, WI

Awesome Leave in Conditioning Spray

I like leave in conditioners because I swim regularly and need to make an effort to protect my hair from chlorine damage. This spray is great because it doesn’t weigh down your hair or make it look like you’re even putting anything in at all. My favorite part is that it doesn’t leave residue on your hands if you touch your hair awhile after putting it in. For serial hair twirlers like me, this is often an issue.The spray washes out great. I’ve noticed a difference with my hair from the time I started to use it. The big bottle is an added bonus too. You get a tremendous value with this product.My hair isn’t very thick and those seeking a heavier duty spray might want to research more into the effectiveness of this product but I’ve had great success. My hair looks and feels great and this product is easy to love.

Kelsey Milo, MO


Living in NC we have lots of sunshine and the summer sun is especially hard on my hair. Then you add salt water from the ocean and being in the pool at home and you can be sure my hair will get dry and difficult to manage. I use a regular after shampoo conditioner that you rinse out and while they worked ok they just did not do all I wanted. I also color my hair .What I wanted was a leave in conditioner that did not make my hair greasy or oily, I could style the way I wanted to , was easy to use, worked with colored treated hair and also did not get on my clothes.I FOUND IT!!!I really like this leave in Tresemme Renewal Hair and Scalp Leave in Conditioning Spray. It is easy to apply, not messy, does not leave my hair greasy or oily and I don’t wake up in the morning with it on my pillow!! It is a good size container and I think it will last quite awhile. Right now my hair is short but I am growing it out . I would highly recommend especially if you are in an area that gets lots of sunshine or really harsh winters . It leaves my hair looking and feeling great and I can use it with other products like the ones I use to give my hair more volume .

Kristina Solsville, NY

Better conditioner than detangler

While I usually use a detangler on my hair, I decided to give this product a try as I’ve used Tresemme products in the past with good results. I prefer spray-on conditioners to those you have to rinse out as I don’t have the patience to wait the 2+ minutes to let the conditioner set before rinsing. This didn’t untangle my hair as well as my normal detangler, but did leave my hair smooth and shiny. Will buy this again as it combines conditioner with detangler, which cuts down on the time I need to spend on my hair.

Krista Dwight, KS

4 for fine hair, 3 for all others

i took a chance with this leave in, as the reviews were split. I have thick curly hair that because it is colored, tends to dry. I loved the light mist and smell of the spray when I first put it on. It was very lightweight and on dry hair it gave me super shine and softness. But over the course of the day, I noticed my ends seemed to be getting a little more flyaway. So next I tried it on wet hair. UGH is the best response- my hair got really tangled and the flyaways got 10 times worse when my hair dried. So plan BI tried it on my daughters hair which is long and VERY fine. It added shine, softness and some detangling. Sorta confused as to why it works great on fine/straight hair, but not on thick/curly hair.So to summarize:pros:smelllight weaightgreat shineworks on fine haircons:causes flyaways and tangled on curly/thick hair

Geri Carthage, NY

Decent for quick conditioning.

It is a little difficult to disperse all through your hair but it def. helps with detangling and frizz. I rotate products. If you have thin, fine hair then I wouldn’t recommend for every day use. I use this while my is wet-to-damp while blow dry and have not noticed my hair getting limp or greasy looking.The nozzle on mine can get a little gummed up. Solved this by rinsing after using. Good value compared to other such products.

Andrea East Bend, NC

Tresemme Renewal Hair and Scalp Leave-In Conditioning Spray

This leave-in conditioning spray is awesome.I’ve been using every week for several weeks. The scent is lovely and not overwhelming. It detangles my course, yet straightened hair, leaving it soft to the touch. Most importantly, it doesn’t weight my hair down.Post the initial use, I notice some drying on my scalp. However, with the second washing my scalp was squeaky clean and free of dandruff.

Frieda Cotton Valley, LA

Nice and light; not enough for damaged hair

I have dry, damaged, middle-aged, colored-for-forty-years hair, and I need to use an (in-shower) conditioner daily. I really enjoy this leave-in, but I still need the in-shower conditioner.THE GOOD:+ I love the smell. Not overpowering but pleasant, with a trace of the tea-tree oil.+ Not heavy or greasy. At all.+ In the winter it helps with my yucky flyaways. I assume that in the summer it will help with frizz. And chlorine.THE HMMMM:- When I use it alone, without an in-shower conditioner, I have knots and tangles and my hair is just not moisturized enough. When I use it after a shampoo-and-condition, it does make a nice adjunct, but it isn’t enough by itself.BOTTOM LINE:A nice light leave-in, with a nice smell. Perhaps not enough for you if you have very dry hair.

Margarita Ickesburg, PA

Works really well on curly hair

I have curly, fine hair that is difficult to get looking neat and tidy. I don’t like to straighten it, and am always on the lookout for products to help tame the curls without weighing them down or having my hair look like it’s got a ton of product in it.Tresemme Renewal Hair and Scalp Conditioner is light and helps control the frizz that I struggle with on a daily basis. I just spray on wet hair and comb through, or lightly spritz on dry hair. It keeps my hair looking neat, yet still allows my natural curl to shine through.I see several reviewers mention combining it with the conditioner. I use it after shampooing, yet also on the days I don’t shampoo just to help control frizz and maintain my hair. It works great.

Nola Arriba, CO

Not too heavy, not too light

I have medium thick curly/wavy colored blonde hair. I use more conditioner than shampoo while showering and I always use a leave in treatment before blow drying my hair. I have been using using a leave in conditioner that my stylist gave me – some sort of keratin treatment, but decided to try this one instead since it is more affordable and I usually like Tresemme products for the price.This doesn’t disappoint. It smells great, leaves my hair feeling soft, and doesn’t look greasy or unclean after blow drying like some inexpensive products can. Also, I noticed that the “scalp treatment” part of this product does a decent job too. I see a dermatologist regularly for my dry scalp and certain products can really irritate my scalp making it itchy, flaky and red. This has not irritated my scalp at all despite having fragrance. More often than not, fragrant products can dry both my hair and head out. This keeps the itchiness at bay which is a lot to say for this inexpensive product.A good product overall.

Ola Downsville, WI

Works great for my thick, curly hair!

This spray is lightweight, smells great, and helps keep hair soft and fluffable. Because of the tea tree oil, I thought this might feel refreshing and tingly on the scalp. It doesn’t. I’m not sure what it does for the scalp — but it does work nicely on my hair. It is pretty lightweight, and I don’t think it would provide adequate conditioning in and of itself on particularly dry or thick hair.

Trisha Grand Marais, MI

An Aid Even for the Hair-Challenged

Those considering buying this product should know I don’t usually wash and set my hair (or blowdry it) myself. I thought it would help me make my hair look better when I travel and it certinly does that. I still can’t achieve professional results, but by following the directions I see a definite improvement and somehow my hair feels less dry, less fly-away, and healthier. I like that the directions specify “leave-in.” That makes the project (and for me this hair thing is a project!) seem easier.

Wanda Ruffin, NC

Tresemme Renewal Hair and Scalp Leave-In Conditioning Spray, 12 oz.

I requested the Tresemme Renewal leave-in conditioning spray as my hair is extremely dry this winter with all the extreme cold our furnace’s are on full blast. My hair takes a toll. Then when I fire up the hot hair blow-dryer, my hair doesn’t stand a chance to look healthy. The renewal leave-in conditioning spray helps to overcome the drying elements my hair is exposed to daily. My hair felt silkier, smoother, and a wonderful texture to feel. The ginseng, tea tree, and sunflower oils smell awesome and are a tremendous help. So say good-bye to the frizzes. Buy this product, and you’ll see and feel the wonderful results I’m talking about.

Kathleen Belgrade, MT

I like it a LOT

I like the light scent and I use it instead of water to "reset" my curly hair, it gives it a much better feel and way less frizz than using plain water. Sometimes I’ll use a little water and then finish up with the Tresemme, either way, much better results than plain water. I like it a lot and will probably buy it when I run out of my trial bottle. I did not give it 5 stars because I’m not over the moon gaga about it, but it’s definitely worth 4 stars as a great product.

Freida Dale, SC

Good news and bad news

So the good news is that a couple of sprays worked well on my boys’ hair, that is, hair that is pretty short. It made their hair feel more soft and smooth and decreased the small amount of little tangles each one normally had with brushing (especially the one with very thick hair). The bad news is that it did not work well for me (moderately short hair) or my daughter with long hair. It did not make my hair feel smooth or silky at all. In fact, I kept having trouble with my hair and then I realized that it was because of the conditioner. I used my old stuff the next day and -voila- back to normal again. It did help to minimize tangles in my daughters hair, but it made her hair look a bit clumpy, almost greasy. So the bottom line is that I may continue to spritz a little in the boys hair but I will not ever use it again for my daughter or me.

Angelica Glasgow, KY

Soft hair, great price

I regularly color my hair. My hair is also of that type that routinely does whatever it wants, and most of the time, that ends up with me rocking what I like to deem the "leonine style". I use hair conditioner, but even the top brands sometimes don’t do enough to manage my hair. This requires me to seek further moisture to tame the hairy beast.This is what led me to choose Tresemme Leave-In Conditioning spray. I want something that will boost the softness, sleekness of my hair without a lot of fuss without messing up my color job and also without requiring lots of complicated styling.I’ve been using this spray for nearly a month, and I really like it. My hair is noticeably softer now that I use it; when I do style my hair (the two times a month that it happens), I am super impressed with how sleek and soft it is. And best of all: my color hasn’t been affected in the slightest.If you have fairly thick, wavy hair, I definitely recommend giving this a try, especially with the reasonable price. I know that higher end brands can give even better results, but again, given the price, I’m really impressed with how good my hair feels after using this.Brought to you by:*C.S. Light*

Fanny Mineral Springs, AR

Has a light but sweet scent. Leaves my hair soft, smooth and shiny.

This leave in conditioning spray comes in a large 12 oz. spray bottle. It’s a thin and white liquid that mists out when you spray it. I love the light but sweet scent of this spray. It leaves my hair soft, smooth and shiny. I would say this is one of the best leave-in conditioning sprays that I have used. The large size bottle is fairly priced as well and lasts a long time.

Carly Hopewell, VA

Light Moisture

The Tresemme Renewal Hair and Scalp Leave-In Conditioning Spray is a nice, light moisturizing spray. This isn’t a heavy or deep conditioner but adds a bit of extra moisture. It has a nice, light scent so it doesn’t over power or compete with other things that you may have on.I like to use it right before I style my hair to protect and provide extra moisture before using my hair dryer or hair straightener.

Arline Johnson City, TN


I have used a lot of leave-in conditioner sprays over the past years. This one is very average and has very light conditioning. It does virtually nothing for my hair – results in some frizzies but does makes my hair somewhat soft. The spray has a pleasant scent but makes my scalp itchy and for that reason, I do not recommend it. I even applied lightly and did not intentionally rub on my scalp (even though the name is called hair and scalp conditioning spray) and my scalp and also parts of my face and neck near my hairline were also itchy. On a positive note, the sprayer does give a decent fine mist to distribute over the hair.

Gilda Renton, WA

No Difference Appreciated …

I carefully followed the sparse instructions. I spritzed this on my towel dry hair. Since there were no specifics, I sprayed from my roots to my ends. As directed, I ran my fingers through my hair to fully distribute the product. It seemed to require considerably longer for my hair to air-dry (I rarely use a hair-dryer since I have long hair that I want to keep healthy). And, the results? As though I had done nothing differently at all. I saw virtually no difference between the results of my regular routine and this instance (of using Renewal). Luckily, I also had no trouble washing it out the next day. Needless to say, this has not won its way into my daily regimen.

Elizabeth W Hartford, CT

dries hair out

My hair is color treated, long (about 4 inches below my shoulders) and naturally wavy. I generally shower at night and refresh in the morning with spritzes of water and leave-in conditioner, before adding other product. When I used this Tresemme renewal, my ends turned into flyaway, crunchy frizzies. There was absolutely no de-tangling from this; all the tangles were as bad as if I’d not put any conditioner in my hair at all. After about a week it was clear this was hurting my hair, so I stopped, went back the other brand of leave-in conditioner I usually use, and a heavy-duty conditioner in the shower, and my hair returned to normal.I enjoy Tresemme products, but this is just not a good conditioning spray.

Rosella Grelton, OH

Shiny and strong locks

Like many beauty products, it is impossible to be scientific about the results of this one. Still, I will report what I feel has happened since I started using this. I think it is making my hair glossy to look at and silky to touch. I like it. I am going to use it up and perhaps buy it again. DRAWBACK AND WARNING — this product is slick as silicone if droplets hit your tile floor. We were slipping and sliding all over the place after repeated use. I now apply the product in the bedroom, over the carpet. Just an idea…

Libby Carmen, OK

Make my Hair Look and Feel Amazing!

Tresemme Renewal Hair and Scalp Leave-In Conditioning Spray has done wonders for my hair! But not just, my son has curly and sometimes frizzy hair and this has done well in keeping his hair healthy and moisturized. Per the instructions this product is applied to towel dried yet still obviously damp hair. A few spritz here and there is quite enough to easily comb through with no de-tangler needed. After use, my hair as well as my sons was left looking and feeling soft and quite healthy.I tend to apply and blow dry my hair after and found my hair to still be quite workable for all my styling needs. My hair honestly is left with that after salon feeling of soft and smoothness! There is a light fragrance to this product but it’s not overpowering as I thought maybe it would be. This product has been a real delight to use. There’s been no adverse reactions, itchy scalp, residue, or flakes. A little tends to go along way. It’s also given my recently bleached hair tips that extra moisture to keep it looking healthy and attractive! I will most certainly continue to use this product on myself and the hair of my son.

Amy Parkston, SD

A Lightweight Leave in Conditioner

The Tresemme Renewal Hair and Scalp Leave in conditioner is great if you have fine hair. After getting a hair cut this my hair was short and thin and I found this to be easy and lightweight. It had a nice fragrance and did not leave my hair with the heavy oily feeling that some of these products tend to do. Unfortunately For my wife, who has longer and thicker hair, this barely made a dent in helping the manageability of her hair. She prefers the more pronounced effect she gets from some of the other name brands for leave in conditioner. This is great if you want a very mild leave in conditioner but may not hold up well for those that seek a more pronounced effect.

Cherry Roslyn, WA

Easy use, works best when paired with another conditioner

I’ve tested this in a few ways, and been happy with all the results. The directions indicate to use after the Tresemme Renewal Deep Conditioner, and the two combined do make for softer hair. I usually wash my very thick hair about every 3 days, and I felt like the two together made my hair seem a bit less oily than normal by the time day 3 rolls around.I’ve also used it by itself, without any conditioner in the shower. Though it does help, I had to use quite a bit, and I think it is best paired with another conditioner. Which, that sort of defeats the point of a leave in conditioner for many. I was hoping to be able to use it on days I’m running late and save the minutes spent rinsing out conditioner. It is an option, just not as great as I’d like.I’ve also tried it with the usual conditioner I use, and it also had an added effect there. It made brushing through my hair easier, and seemed to control a bit of the frizz I tend to get.I’d say its best paired with the deep conditioner, but that’s likely to be said of any product since, well, deep conditioner. But this is a great option for those rushed mornings, and has no smell to it.

Felecia Holladay, TN