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TRESemme Expert Selection Conditioning Mask, Renewal Hair & Scalp Deep 6 oz

With tea tree extract and sunflower seed oil, TRESemmé Renewal Hair & Scalp Deep Conditioning Mask provides the foundation for salon-gorgeous style. The salon quality formula deeply nourishes when extra conditioning is required, moisturizing the hair and scalp and enabling women to attain salon-gorgeous hair at home. Contains Ginseng, Tea Tree Oil, and Sunflower Seed Oil TRESemmé Renewal Hair & Scalp Deep Conditioning Mask is made with ingredients such as ginseng, tea tree oil and sunflower seed oil. The formula is ideal for when extra conditioning is required, and helps treat surface signs of hair damage while nourishing the scalp at the surface cellular level*. Enjoy soft, manageable hair that lasts and a moisturized scalp. Suggested Use TRESemmé Renewal Hair & Scalp Deep Conditioning Mask is recommended for weekly use, or can be used daily if you need extra conditioning. Explore the Entire TRESemmé Renewal Hair & Scalp Collection The TRESemmé Renewal Hair & Scalp collection also includes TRESemmé Renewal Hair & Scalp Shampoo and Conditioner, and TRESemmé Hair & Scalp Leave-In Conditioning Spray. *Refers to stratum corneum. What’s in the Box TRESemmé Renewal Hair & Scalp Deep Conditioning Mask, 6 Fluid Ounces. TRESemmé Renewal Hair & Scalp Deep Conditioning Mask At a Glance: Made with ginseng, tea tree oil, and sunflower seed oil Deeply nourishes hair when extra conditioning is required Treats surface signs of hair damage for soft, manageable hair while nourishing the scalp at the surface cellular level* Part of the TRESemmé Renewal Hair & Scalp Collection

Key features

  • Nourishes scalp and renews your hair
  • Salon quality formula with tea tree extract and sunflower seed oil
  • Helps repair hair at the surface cellular level
  • Gives you soft, manageable hair
  • Use as needed for deep conditioning

Honest reviews


Good for price and reliable

Great quality from the brand for a low price. Rinses out easily for daily use. Why pay more. Reliable. Dependable.

Sheila Simpson, WV

Nice conditioner for scalp and hair

I’ve tried this alongside the related shampoo, Tresemme Renewal Hair and Scalp Shampoo. I note that I typically use about as much conditioner as I use shampoo in a given shower. So the 8 oz here will last for only 1/3 of the related 24 oz of shampoo. Squeezing the tube of conditioner leads to the product coming out much like an ointment as opposed to a liquid. Nevertheless, it goes into the hair easily and can be left on the scalp for a few minutes as directed without just pouring off your head. The product washes out easily at the end of the shower and leaves hair soft and scalp feeling clean and without dandruff (thanks to the tea tree oil, I suspect).

Sondra Fryburg, PA

Frizzy fuzzbucket maker

Tresemme is a brand name that I trust. My cleansing conditioner has not been working the way that I want it to. I have been using Wen and it made my hair feel gorgeous. It has a beautiful shine and then it stopped working. So, okay. Tresemme.Because I wanted to know how this conditioner would work on its own, I washed Wen out of my hair for about a week before trying this conditioner. This Tresemme conditioner rinsed out completely and did not leave a heavy feeling.I have liked Tea Tree products before, even though I am not sure what Tea Tree is. The scent is clean and fresh. My hair feels soft and manageable. However, it has a serious case of frizzies, which I can solve, but should I have to? It looks terrible. But feels soft.

Celina Newton, KS

Conditions well, but has a heavier scent than I like for my hair

I wash and condition my hair every day. Once a week, I use a build-up removing shampoo followed by a deep conditioning treatment. I recently tried Tresemme Renewal Hair and Scalp Deep Conditioning Mask and found it does a very good job of conditioning my hair without weighing it down. My fine hair still has a good amount of body after using the conditioning mask.The scent of this treatment isn’t unpleasant, but it is a little heavy for my taste – almost perfumy. I prefer hair products with lighter, fresher scents. I think this is probably a matter of personal taste.The product conditions very well and is great if you don’t mind a heavier scent in your conditioner.

Casey Belleville, WI

Tingly Feeling, Refreshing Scent, Great Hair

I love the slightly pepperminty scent of tea tree oil, and I love the tingling that it brings to my scalp as it conditions my hair. This Tresemme Renewal Hair and Scalp Deep Conditioning Mask leaves a very pleasant scent in my hair that doesn’t smell at all perfume-y, making it an ideal product for both men and women. The product instructions suggest that you use it in place of, or in addition to, your regular conditioner, and they also suggested that you comb through your hair with your fingers or a comb to work it through to every strand. While these directions would easily work with any conditioner, I think combing through with my fingers really did help to detangle, not just in the shower, but afterwards, as well. My hair currently has a lovely shine to it, which I can at least partially attribute to this product.

Stacie Salem, OH

Great stuff!

After one use, my hair felt fuller, healthier and thicker. I love the smell and the way it nourishes and softens my hair from root to tip! I love it!

Liza Alexander City, AL

It’s almost what I’ve been looking for

I’ve been looking for a conditioner to replace my very favorite product, Natural Instincts Color Treat, which only comes with boxes of hair color. I’ve bought it for way too much on e-bay, I’m such a fan! But I wanted something easier to find on a regular basis that works just as well with my hair. This is a conditioning mask that you’re supposed to use three times a week, which is about how often I wash my hair. It gives my hair some body, although it’s not as full as with the Natural Instincts. (My hair is pretty straight but will do what it’s told, given the right styling products and tools.) I can see myself using this conditioner for everyday, but falling back on the Natural Instincts when I really want my hair to look its best. This conditioner has almost no fragrance, which might be a plus for some, but I miss the tropical scent of the Color Treat. It makes me feel like I’m on vacation! Next… I have to find a replacement for my Dove Damage Therapy Body & Lift styling mousse, which has also been discontinued. Why do companies think we always want new and improved?!?

Katrina Wray, CO

No More Static Electricity

It has been really cold outside recently. As a result, the air where I work is very dry. My hair has been almost standing on end because of the static electricity that it picks up. Since I have been using the Tresemme conditioner, the static has gone away. I have found that a small blob is all it takes. My hair feels soft. My scalp feels clean, and my hair stays in place now. Thank you.

Amanda Tingley, IA

Works well

I’m not sure why it’s called a conditioning mask, but it’s definitely a deep conditioning product. I have been using it once or twice a week and I think that works well for my hair type. It really doesn’t have a smell other than sort of clean. Lots of people will like that aspect of it, but I actually prefer some scent. It goes on well and a little goes a long way. It does take awhile to get it all rinsed out but that’s to be expected. Overall it’s a nice product.

Willa Waverly, SD

Love it; body, shine and control in one product!

For me and my hair, this product has it all. In one use, I found that I had a greater shine to my hair, control of flyaways and more body. With repeat use, my hair has become more manageable, less tangled and far less prone to static. It goes on thick which i like since with a thin conditioner i always lose it to the shower floor. Rinses out easily. The container is easy to use with wet hands.This conditioner is now on my shopping list and for me, a proven winner. So glad to have discovered it and I recommend it for others with flyaway and shine problems. I do not dye or process my hair so I cannot speak to how it impacts those who do. I can say that my dull grays now sparkle…I was even asked how I got my hair to do that! Very happy with this product.

Rebekah Wilson, TX

I was not impressed!

This did not do anything for my hair. My hair has damage just from bad products and not having a good beautician. I used this in the shower and did not notice any difference in my hair.

Mercedes Sheep Ranch, CA

fantastic texture results

I’ve used some of Tresemme’s products in the past and have found that their regular conditioner is absolutely the best all-around conditioner for body, shine, curly and wave retention, and frizz control. I was keen to try this based on my experience with their conditioner and it did not let me down.Since everyone’s hair is a little different, I will say that I have very long (mid-back), thick, wavy, relatively soft hair. I’m 49 so it isn’t especially shiny. Using this mask made it super soft, managed some of the frizzier parts (I don’t have a lot, but I can tell on humid days and I used this when it rained), and held all of the body. It did no weigh my hair down at all.I used this exactly as specified on the tube – worked it from the mid-point to the roots and applied the remaining portion to the scalp. I combed it through and realized that I’d used too much (about a tbsp.) even for my rather voluminous hair. If you comb through with a wide-tooth comb, you’ll find you can distribute a little quite far. I found that it was collecting in the comb when I combed it through so I’ll reduce the portion next time.It’s hard for me to assess value for this at this time as the price was 50 cents (!) and there was only one tube left in stock. I’m guessing the regular price is quite a bit higher, but it really is an excellent conditioner that leaves your hair light, clean, soft, full-bodied, and managed. The only thing it didn’t do abundantly for me was enhance shine, but, at my age, that’s actually a pretty tough trick anyway.

Thelma Walling, TN

Works well

This worked well for me – kept my hair nice and neat and frizz free until the next shampoo. Best of all, no scent. I don’t have to leave the bathroom smelling like a cosmetics line.

Sallie Lena, IL

Works for dry scalp and color treated hair on a senior gal PLUS NO Fragrance!

No fragrance is extremely important to me as I have respiratory issues and can’t use a product with a strong or a floral smell. This has neither.I have used this product several times and am quite pleased with the result. I live in an area with low humidity and I take various medications which all lead to me having very dry skin and scalp. I have tried using other scalp treatments and they either have the fragrance and/or they have left my hair feeling greasy and filmy with a flaky scalp.Tresemme Renewal Hair and Scalp Deep Conditioning Mask made my hair feel silky soft and my scalp actually looked and felt moisturized. I’m impressed!I intend to purchase the shampoo and will definitely purchase this Conditioning Mask again!

Tammie North Creek, NY

Help for Stressed Hair

Deep conditioners are designed to address the dry and damaged hair. Usually formulated with a combination of oils, they promise to infuse moisture and impart manageability to hair stressed by over-processing and other damage.Contained in a tube, the white cream distributes easily through hair. It has a light fragrance and rinses out cleanly. It left my hair soft and smooth but did not over condition my fine locks. It performed as well as any other good quality conditioner but not necessarily better. I do like the inclusion of tea tree oil, ginseng and sunflower seed oil. The product is to remain on the head for three to four minutes before rinsing.This is a nice conditioner. I appreciated the subtle fragrance . My hair did not feel coated or have any unpleasant residue. It was not weighed down and looked and felt good. Overall a nice product, good for easing dryness and frizzies.

Cherry Tetonia, ID

Leaves hair soft, conditioned, and static free

This creamy conditioner rinses smooth, and has a pleasant, but not overwhelming scent. It leaves my hair soft, and static free after I use it. My hair is very fine, so I have a problem with frizz. This conditioner eliminates the frizz, and leaves my hair smooth, without having to fight with it. I really like it, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good, deep conditioning product to help with static and frizz.

Dina Hawthorne, NY

Not The Greatest For a Deep Conditioner

This is an okay conditioner but after use my hair didn’t seem deeply conditioned or softer than when I use my normal conditioner. It’s an average mask that didn’t do much to help my hair which gets dry from heat accessories. I like some of the Tresemme products but I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to purchase this. It worked like a cheaper conditioner on my hair. My hair is fine and dry on the ends and I saw no great improvements after using the Renewal Deep Conditioner Mask. Normally with a product like this, I notice my hair being fuller and more manageable but have seen little results after use and my hair was still dry with no noticeable conditioning attributes.

Jeanine Summerfield, KS

Smells wonderful and makes my hair soft

This conditioner comes in an 8 ounce bottle. It’s a white and sweet smelling conditioner that smells great and makes my hair very soft. I think it works as well as any conditioner that I have ever used but I guess I was expecting more. I am not sure what a conditioning mask is but I expected it to do a little more than a good conditioner. I am not complaining because I really like Tresemme products in general but this bottle is small at 8 ounces and I would rather have one of the large 25 ounce bottles of Tresemme conditioner for the same price.

Allene Mc Donald, OH

Adequate as a Conditioner …

I have fairly long hair; therefore, this small tube will probably not last more than two weeks (since it is advised to use this “a couple of times a week.”) Moreover, while I did follow all directions and I left it the conditioner on the suggested amount of time, I did not notice a difference between my use of this product and any other basic conditioner. I can add a positive note that it rinsed very cleanly and seemed to act as a de-tangler. My brush easily ran right through my damp hair. Perhaps on the negative side, I did observe more “frizz” and “fly-aways” than normal. I usedMoroccan Oil Hair Treatmentto tame those (everyone needs a small bottle of Moroccanoil!!).I do not foresee myself purchasing this product again. Had I seen a greater effect, I would be tempted. But given that a huge bottle of Suave conditioner costs the same price and has slightly better results, I have a feeling that my money will be spent there.

Jolene Smithville, WV

My hair feels great

My hair feels awesome with this deep conditioning mask. I color my hair so it often gets very dry. This works great to restore it and I even like the scent.

Theresa Bay Shore, NY


I have highlighted hair and swim in a pool regularly. I use anything I can to keep my hair nourished. I like this mask. It makes scalp and hair sleek and conditioned. The package needs to be bigger though. I have mid-length hair was done with the tube very fast.

Danielle Universal, IN

A Must-Have Product to Combat Dry Hair and Scalp

This product saved my hair and scalp! While in Baltimore this winter, I thought my scalp was going to crack open from the dryness of the below freezing temperatures and harsh winds, added to the weird, dry quality of the city water. I tried several products but they couldn’t keep the moisture in, or protect my hair from the onslaught.Then I received the Tresemme Renewal Hair and Scalp Deep Conditioning Mask, and with its very first use I felt a huge difference. My scalp settled down and lost its redness and itchiness, my hair felt fuller, stronger, and styled up nicely. It did take about ten minutes longer to get it fully dried with a hair dryer, but at least I could use one again! I had resorted to just letting it air dry, which under the extreme dryness of the air, even inside, happened within fifteen minutes.I love that this product, while using natural ingredients such as tea tree oil, has a subtle, nice aroma to it which quickly went unnoticeable. I was working in close proximity to people with asthma and severe allergies in a stuffy office, and scented washes and shampoos were banned. I discovered that even my face required less moisturizer because it wasn’t being sucked up into my scalp, and I used an amount which was only about the size of a dime for my whole head. I started halfway down the shafts and went to the ends, then just rubbed my fingertips against my scalp to take off whatever was left of the product. I didn’t have time to stand around and let it absorb; just rinsed it out. And still got amazing results! It has replaced my regular conditioner.Although the snows will melt and air turn warmer, I’m afraid the water quality in most big cities will retain that same weird dry quality, so this product is a must-have.

Margot Mart, TX

Great product but didn’t wow me

I regularly use the Aussie 3 minute miracle to do deep conditioning on my hair, and I think I might still like that product more than this one. I admit, part of it is the coconut smell of the other – but for those who are sensitive to smells, this is definitely a better way to go. I have thick, curly, and often frizzy hair, and I was hoping this product would help tone down the craziness, but there wasn’t a noticeable difference for me there. I don’t know that this product really stands out much from others, apart from the lack of scene, but it still does a great job with the deeper conditioning, and is quick to use in the shower as well – just let it sit for 3-5 minutes, rinse, and done.

Susan Walpole, NH


I got this for my daughter, who has very long, very tangly hair. She needs intense conditioning to keep it in good condition and to stop breakage from heavy brushing. I was disappointed with the results… it didn’t seem to do anything more than regular conditioner. Even after using a generous amount and leaving it in more than the suggested time, her hair was knotty and hard to comb through afterwards and looked no different once it was dry.The scent was light and fine.Of course all hair types are different and your mileage may vary, but we’ve had much better results from other deep conditioners before. This one didn’t pass our test.

Allison Huntington, WV

The directions were a revelation for me

I like this as a nice, rich mask you leave on your hair while showering. It has some unique (at least I haven’t read this before) instructions for using, which basically are put it on the middle and ends of your hair first and then smooth what’s left on your hands onto the root-ward portion of your hair last. I found that this really saves me a ton of product over the way I was doing it before, to just put it on towards the roots and work towards the back! So, that’s terrific.When rinsing out the product, I feel like the perfect amount remains still on my hair. The directions say if you wish, use your regular conditioner first and THEN this one. I really think that sounds like crazy overkill.After my hair dried, I wasn’t as pleased as I thought I would be…I did need to put a lot of extra product on my hair to smooth out the chemically damaged areas, but overall it did a nice job of conditioning and also made my hair easy to comb out while wet.

Aisha La Crescent, MN

Deep conditioning…

Tresemme Renewal Hair and Scalp Deep Conditioning Mask works well to condition and moisturize dry, damaged hair. This winter has been really dry, with some really cold temperatures, which always dries out my skin and hair. The Tresemme Renewal Hair and Scalp Deep Conditioning Mask has helped to add back a bit of moisture and shine to my dry hair.The mask is thick and creamy so it is easy to slather on and leave in for the recommended amount of time. It rinses out well, and doesn’t leave a greasy residue and it smells nice.All around, this is a great product if you’re hair is dry and needs a little bit of TLC!

Glenda Hyattsville, MD


I have very long, very dry, color treated hair, and wash it maybe three,time,a week. This stuff is great! I use it once a week and frizzies are a thing of the past. It’s so nice to run a comb through wet hair without pulls and snags–and of course, the inevitable chunks of hair in t he comb.The only downside is that after use, though my hair feels wonderful, it does need to be washed more often. Still, the scent is delightful, and the trade-off is worthwhile. My hair looks and feels better than it has in years!

Haley Coal City, IN

Nice…but worth the price?

I’m not brand loyal to most shampoos, but especially not conditioner.This seems to work only just as well as any other brand.Overall, it leaves a soft feeling to the hair. (didn’t notice much difference in my scalp) and rinses cleanly.Nice gentle smell. I can’t see myself going out of my way to purchase this, but it’s still a good product.

Alberta Sutherland, NE

Great Mask

I absolutely love this hair mask. It is great to use in the shower every now and then for an extra pick me up for my hair. It super conditions very well, and leaves my hair super soft.

Sonja Laconia, IN

Good Moisturizer for Hair, Very Little Scent

Tresemme Renewal Hair and Scalp Deep Conditioning Mask is a good supplemental conditioner to add to your hair care routine. I used it both by itself and in conjunction with another conditioner. When used by itself, the conditioner did an adequate job of getting my hair soft, silky, and manageable. Was it much better than my regular conditioner – not so much. By itself, my hair felt about the same as when using my usual conditioner. When used along with my regular conditioner, my hair did end up feeling a little more soft, although although not dramatically so. With an 8 ounce bottle, this conditioner won’t last too long if you have long hair like mine, but will do the job of getting your hair conditioned well. Overall, I did like how my hair felt conditioned afterwards, and I enjoyed not having a scent to the conditioner, but if given the choice between this conditioner and my usual, I don’t think I would switch or add it to my routine.

Leah Kula, HI