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TRESemme Conditioner, Naturals Nourishing Moisture 25 oz

TRESemme® Naturals Silicone-Free Conditioning Nourishing Moisture With Aloe Vera and Avocado Conditioner. Used by professionals. Professional quality.

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Honest reviews



NEWS FLASH (This is based on the new non publicized formula change where isopropyl alcohol has been removed and replaced with a neutral one… benzene (sp) alcohol, low on the ingredients list. Also the oils have moved up the ingredients list!!!)Ok so I have a story with this one. I am so pleased with the results. I am African American and have naturally curly 3c hair. This legitimately so awesome! My hair was soft AND hydrated, NO silicone in this product. Now for those with natural hair, I did a wash and go with this as my rinse out conditioner. I could tell a BIG difference. My hair was defined and SOOOO soft. I use Paul Mitchell The Conditioner as my leave in with Eco Styler w/ argon. This is the best conditioner and I have gotten the best results. I couldn’t keep my hands out of my hair.I was a bit of a product snob and would only use professional products. I would stock up once a year in July when Beauty Brand had their liter sale… all Professional liters for $11.99 (went up a dollar this year). Well, in May I found out that Redken was discontinuing their Smooth Down line. I was floored! Joico Moisture Recovery is a great second but I don’t care for the smell. So I went on a hunt. A friend that has been natural for 6 years told me about this one. I reluctantly bought it and found it to be better than the Redken and the Joico. I also love As I Am Coconut cowash but even that is second to this one.Because there are no silicones my hair is TRULY moisturized. I got great softness and definition with my regimen. You would think gel would leave it crunchy, but when you have a great rinse out conditioner and leave in, you can scrunch your hair once it dries and it comes out SUPER soft and defined. My hair was REALLY hydrated AND soft. Ok, I need to stop, you get the point. But I hope they never discontinue this. However I am now grateful that Redken discontinued Smooth Down, I can’t believe what I was missing. I mean really… my friends know me. Spending $4.77 per bottle at Walmart??? I can’t beleive how good this stuff is. I heard it was great before the formula change, but from what I hear, it can be used as a leave in better now because there’s no rubbing alcohol in it anymore.

Merle Martindale, PA

One of the best I’ve ever used

I need a conditioner that is going to help my hair not to become damaged at the ends or dry, but also does not weigh my hair down. My hair also gets tangled easily after I shower. This conditioner does a great job! It does not contain silicone, which tends to coat the hair and makes it so that the natural oils can’t penetrate the hair follicle, which contributes to more damage. I use along withTresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Shampoo – 25 oz.

Annette Elk Mills, MD


I love that it is paraben free but that’s were it ends. I seem to leave a heavy residue in my hair and causes my scalp to itch. I can’t use it and have a huge bottle!

Ashlee Fredonia, KS

It’s simply amazing!

I am African American with 4a/4b hair. I just finished using this conditioner with the matching shampoo and I am in love with it. I have been experimenting with different moisturizing conditioners for about 8 months now. I’ve tried Nexxus, herbal essences hello hydration and tresemme moisture rich conditioner. I thought that the regular tresemme moisture rich conditioner was good until I tried this one. My hair was very soft and hydrated when I rinsed it out. I’m going to be using this for now on.

Mara Agoura Hills, CA

Great Conditioner!

I finally took the plunge and decided to give this conditioner a shot. I was already using regular Tresemme Moisture Rich and Flawless Curls, but didn’t really want to try this just yet because it was a smaller bottle for more money. (NOT MUCH MORE!! But still… Smaller for more!) I wasn’t expecting miracles, but my hair had started feeling “funky” using the regular one. Not awful, just a bit.. “Off.” I tend to overnight condition my hair, so I gathered maybe the cones in the regular versions were just sitting on top of my hair and coating it, but not really doing anything for it. So I decided to just take the chance and get this.And the first time it hit my hair…. It was clear. This is better than the original formulas. When I put it on after lathering up with my L’Oreal EverCreme shampoo (My LOOOOOVE!!!) it seemed to just soak into my hair- In a GREAT way!! Like it was actually DOING something, not just sitting on top! After my overnight condition, my hair was soft and ready for the world! My style looked better and my hair FELT better.I know the hair “scientists” will say nothing soaks into your hair. It’s all just coating, But SOMETHING happened after using this product…. And I LIKED it! 🙂

Freda Sunnyside, UT

Great detangler.

I recently purchased this product (not on Amazon) and use it as a leave-in conditioner/detangler on my wet natural 4a/4b hair. I don’t really LOVE how my hair feels after it dries, but when I use it, it cuts down my detangling time dramatically. As this mane keeps rapidly growing that is becoming a higher priority! I think I may add some more avocado oil to the bottle and see if that helps. I’m also going to try blow drying after detangling (I normally just air dry -no heat) and see how it takes. It’s always an experiment! I will say…it’s definitely underpriced and of greater quality than one would think. Give it a try!

Eugenia Bart, PA

Does not work

This does not moisturise my hair. When I put it on, my strands feel strange and stripped and I can’t wait to wash it off. I used it about 3 times so far and nothing has improved. Continuing on my search for a moisturising, protein-FREE conditioner.

Melody Barium Springs, NC

love this condition

I luv this conditioner. I use this to wash my hair without instead of harsh shampoos. its smells great and it leaves my hair soft and clean. I have type 4c African American hair. if you are looking to get your hair back healthy or going natural or even going with a textlaxed this is a great cowash product to have in your hair care kit. I also found it at walmart for only $4.34. I will be buying my next bottle from walmart instead of ordering online and paying shipping.

Trudy Morgan, VT

This really works for my hair

I have been going natural for about 2 yrs. And I have just beginning to learn and become overwhelmed with all the natural products out there. The primary ones I like are As I am and Beautiful textures products, but this conditioner is very smooth and it gives me plenty of slip. I use it after I shampoo with beautiful textures….its pretty nice

Suzanne Belle, WV

Excellent for natural curls

My favorite conditioner of all time, ‘John Freida Curl Around’, is getting harder to find. When that happens, it usually means it’s about to be discontinued so I was on the hunt again for another awesome conditioner. I have natural African American 3c hair that needs tons of moisture. I heard a lot of positive things about Tresseme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner so I tried it. I absolutely LOVE this conditioner. Though it’s not excessively thick, it’s not watery thin either. It gives me plenty of slip so I can comb my hair in the shower quickly and easily, smells great and costs less than six bucks for a 25 oz bottle. After I wash my hair with Karen’s Body Beautiful Juicy shampoo bar (another winner for dry hair care), I coat my coils with either a quarter size amount of Africa’s Best Herbal Oil or Karen’s Body Beautiful Vanilla Latte hair oil. After a braid out, my hair looks and smells great in the morning. Now I don’t have to worry about hoarding ‘Curl Around’ – I’ve found my new conditioner!

Meghan Friendly, WV

Recommended by my hair stylist

This was recommended by my hair stylist since I have curly but very fine / thinning hair. The heavier conditioners that I had previously used were weighing my hair down and since I have switched over to this one, I’ve seen an improvement. Also, it makes my hair feel silky soft and I can use it every day.

Maureen Schuyler Falls, NY

This Is My Leave In Conditioner

I don’t know what it is. But this conditioner really loves my hair and my hair loves it right back. It’s thick; but not heavy or greasy. It lovingly hugs each strand and nurtures it with avocado oil and aloe vera. Maybe because it is silicone free; but my hair performs really well with this conditioner. Before I apply any other styling aids in my hair, I apply this first.And honestly, can you beat the price? I don’t think so.

Mandy Bridgewater Corners, VT

My staple conditioner!

Mostly great ingredients. I use it weekly for co-washing and after cleansing my type 4 natural hair. I love it!

Lori Falcon Heights, TX

Good conditioner

I love this conditioner. The only thing is , is that this conditioners smell is extremely strong. I have a lot of hair so at times it became a little overwhelming , but all in all this is a wonderful conditioner and the price is unbeatable.

Francis Laird Hill, TX

Pretty good

Like the rest of this line the smell was fabulous! It does a decent job of keeping my hair moisturized and aids in detangling. I still prefer the vibrantly smooth conditioner. I wish I had a solid reason why but my hair just seemed to drink that stuff up way better. This left my hair a tad bit on the dry side but it could be these winter months coming in. I have ordered my second round of the vibrantly smooth and I will be sure to update if it really is the temperatures outside making my hair dryer. Overall still pretty good. I would buy this only if the vibrantly smooth wasn’t available, which surprisingly is a lot of the time.Update: Still a staple, actually this is my go to conditioner rarely use anything else 4 something hair, African American

Heather Hanlontown, IA

Satisfied Customer

I started using these products on me and my daughters hair because we are transiting from a perm to natural and we love the way our hair feels. Its very soft, easy to comb, our hair is moisturized and never dry.

Audrey Ethelsville, AL


it smells so good! and it makes my hair so soft and curly and i can get through my hair so much easier than ever! and the best part no Silicone in it.

Justine Amboy, IL

Perfect Multi-Function Conditioner

I purchased a bottle of Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture WAAAAYYYYYY back in January of 2013, before they changed the formula to the s*** black-capped sludge that the company is now trying to pass off as the same conditioner. I’ll admit, I did not like the conditioner at first so I switched products. At the time I was on a quest to find the perfect leave in, and I could not afford a $12 bottle of Kinky Curly Knot Today. I had heard good reviews so I tried this. I had been using it as my co-wash and didn’t like it, so I set the bottle in my ‘reject’ pile.I have fine, curly 3b-3c hair. Finding a leave-in that was not too heavy or greasy but still left my hair feeling moisturized AND played well with other products was a time consuming, frustrating and increasingly expensive project-one that produced very poor results. My poor hair was so stressed out. I don’t know why I decided to try this as a leave in, but I did-and was shocked at the results. My hair looked great after I did it. Felt great too! This particular formula (white cap with a green top) is amazing. It is lightweight, moisturizing, has no scent, and it works. It works like a charm. Detangling is not a problem for me any longer with the Tresemme Naturals. This is one of the few conditioners that works well for my difficult hair type. My only problem is that the company changed the formula and it now is crap. I never used the new formula, I have quite a bit of my old product left.I was terrified of what will happen when I eventually do run out, so I’ve been running around to various stores desperately trying to find a bottle of the old formula. I got lucky and discovered that a certain drugstore still has overstock of the old formula, so I bought three bottles. Should last me at least two years (I don’t go through product quickly at all). I really do love this conditioner. It functioned beautifully as a co-wash too, but now I switch back and forth between Suave Naturals Daily Clarifying (which I may stop using because I am starting to find it very drying and stripping) and Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle (which I love for the ingredients, scent and light consistency).I love this conditioner and if you are a curly girl and are lucky enough to find a bottle of the old formula, you should try it.***FOR THE RECORD**** The old formula is the one in the white bottle with the white cap and the green flip top. The one with the black cap and green flip top is the dupe, and the terrible one. I have heard nothing but bad things about that one.

Helga Fort Littleton, PA

Unbiased Review.

I was a little hesitant to purcahse this particular conditioner after I read on several websites that the new formula doesn’t work as well as the old one. I eventually decided that since I’ve never actually tried the old formula, it wouldn’t hurt to try the new one. So I bought it and used it a few times and… I actually really like it. It smells nice, has a very thick consistency, and leaves my hair soft and bouncy.

Virgie Royalton, WI

Great product

I use this when conditioning my hair along with the Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner. It smells amazing and is very moisturizing. It arrived in great condition.

Jeannette Chesterfield, MA


wow first use. i used it on my hair and the extension i have it. i left it in my hair and omg it is so smooth and soft and tangle free. I love it. smells great too. i love natural products. Great job

Tammy Coalgate, OK


OMG….i didnt know a conditioner could get my curls so defined. It feels great in my hair and just leaves my curls springing. Has a good slip. Great price for how much you get $4(walmart).I absolutely love this product. Soo glad i tried it.

Charlene Orient, ME