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TRESemme Climate Control Conditioner, 32 Ounce

Tresemme climate control hair conditioner 32oz

Key features

  • Climate control conditioner
  • Large 32 ounce size
  • Tresemme climate control conditioner

Honest reviews


Great conditioner especially when used with the shampoo

I live in a very humid part of the country and this conditioner, when I use it with the shampoo, has really helped to tame my hair when the humidity rises. My hair has been so soft and shimy since I started using this. Another thing Imlove is the cost. It is so cheap, and you get so much! The bottle will last you for a long time. How I use this is I put in on my midshaft and ends first then put what’s left on my hands on my roots. I flip my head to one side and try to really rub it into the midshaft and ends. Then I run a shower comb through very easy. I twist my hair up and use a large hair claw to keep it up. Then I finish showering while the conditioner is still in my hair. This way it has plenty of time to penetrate the hair cuticle.

Lynn Reynolds, IN

What’s that smell?

… The smell is wonderful. Very pleasing to my nose lolLoved how this item was packaged in a leak proof plastic wrap that kept the top from twisting off.I have color treated thick curly hair and I’ve only washed my hair once and it feels softer and lighter already!Great sized bottle, they should make ones with pumps!I recommend!

Juliet Tarzan, TX


I use this to co-wash my hair. Its good, and has a really awesome price. Can’t beat it. I’m subscribed.

Ernestine Millington, MI

From Coarse & Dry to Silky & Healthy!

My teenage son has thick, coarse naturally dark blonde hair. He’s an athlete and wears a cap often but every once in a while I’ll blow dry his hair for him if he’s going out. That’s when I noticed how soft and silky his usually coarse, dry-feeling hair was!! I picked this conditioner up for him several weeks ago and I can’t believe the difference in the condition of his hair. It’s so shiny and very healthy. His hair hasn’t felt like this since he was a toddler! I just bought the Climate Control shampoo and conditioner for myself (:

Hope Balm, FL

Big hair cheap conditioner

I’ve used all manner of expensive hair product to get my frizzy curls to stay in a nice defined bunch, and this is the best daily solution I’ve found. Once a week I treat them to a nice shampooing, conditioning and mask by Nexxus, the rest of the week I don’t bother with any of that (not even the shampoo), and just wet the hair and use with 1-2 pumps of this as a leave-in conditioner (advice to all–get a pump). Easy, cheap, low maintenance. And constant compliments on my hair.

Lorna Triplett, MO

TRESemme Climate Control Conditioner, 32 Ounce

TRESemme Climate Control Conditioner, 32 Ounce is great on a subscription. I love the way this one works so well.

Maricela Atlantic Mine, MI


I love Tresemme products and they tend to be very inexpensive and even more when they go on sale. Awesome!

Concepcion Point Marion, PA

This is a basic conditioner

It’s inexpensive I rotate them. I find it weighs my fine hair down a little I’m really careful to wash it all off and not use as much

Elma Orient, OH

Great for dry areas

I use this in the winter because in the midwest the air gets very dry and I tend to get static in my hair. When I use this it makes my static go away.

Michaela Glen Ridge, NJ

Seems to work

My hair isn’t as frizzy as it has been lately. I live in Seattle, with a constant humidity of at least 60% (today it is 86%) and my hair has been tame. I use it with the split end shampoo rather than the Climate Control shampoo. I would recommend it!

Dayna Somers, NY