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Travelon Jewelry Roll


Key features

  • nylon
  • Zipper closure
  • 3″ high
  • 7″ wide
  • Six assorted size compartments keep jewelry organized
  • Pack flat or roll to fit in handbag, briefcase, or carry-on luggage

Honest reviews


Perfect as a cosmetics bag or a jewelry roll

Years ago, I found the perfect make-up bag. It wasn’t until after I bought it and started using it that I realized it was actually a jewelry roll and not a cosmetics bag! After many faithful years of use, I finally wore it out and needed a new one.After months of fruitlessly searching everywhere I went locally, I turned to and found what I needed. The Travelon Jewelry Roll fit the bill exactly as a cosmetics bag.What I like about it is that it holds my cosmetics in small zippered compartments that not only make each item easy to find and access but also keep them from sliding around and breaking. This is especially important for compressed powder, eye shadow, and blush. Actual cosmetic bags have much looser compartments and these items break much easier, spilling colorful powders inside the compartments and generally making a mess.The longer zippered compartment at the top is perfect for eye pencils, brushes, and things while the smaller sections hold individual eye shadows, blushes, etc. very well.The whole kit and caboodle rolls up nice and neat and secures with an attached elastic band on either end, making it easy to pack in luggage or tote in a small bag for an overnight or just to have for a touchup later in the day.I like it so much I ordered a second one to use for its intended purpose – jewelry! It works perfectly for that as well. Having several compartments allows me to keep necklaces separate so they don’t tangle together during travel, while I can easily keep sets together.No matter if you want a cosmetics bag or a jewelry roll, I highly recommend this bag.

Aurora Fort Rucker, AL

Love it!

I do not know when I will travel again, but this little thing seems just perfect for what you need on a short trip. It can be rolled up or put flat on the bottom of a suitcase. And it is black! You can see most of your jewelry!

Fay Winterthur, DE

great for traveling

I got this bag for my trip to Vegas and was able to fix every piece of jewelry in it that I wanted! It fits very compactly and has zippered pouched to keep things where they should be. Love it!

Alicia Calion, AR

so far so good

I was looking for a trave jewelry roll and this seems to be sturdy and it has great compartments. So far I love it.

Vanessa Star, TX

Very handy

This worked very well for traveling! Kept everything separate and organized. Necklaces didn’t get tangled together and earrings were kept together without getting stuck to anything else.

Cherry Mount Carmel, PA

Really nice size for longer trips

I bought this for a 24-day cruise that we just got back from, and am pretty happy with it overall.The pluses:–it holds a lot–it has both small and large compartments, so you can store both smaller and larger pieces in it–the clear front makes it easy to locate what you needThe cons:–the elastic ties are much too small, making it hard to roll up; I ended up not even using them–it folds better than it rolls, making it take up more spaceOverall, the quality of it seems fine to me, and I know I’ll be able to use it for years to come.

Carmen Heath Springs, SC

This is perfect for traveling!

I was able to fit all of my jewelry into this roll.Earrings in the middle, bracelets at the bottom, and necklaces at the top.This folded neatly and fit snug in my carry-on.

Serena Locust Grove, GA

This is the 10th one I have purchased

I buy these as gifts to give to fellow female frequent travelers. But, I don’t use it for jewelry. I use this for a makeup case. The top compartment is perfect for makeup brushes. Whereas all the other compartments are perfect for all the other things I use: compacts, mascara, lipstick, blush, eyeshadows. I love that it can be packed away flat for briefcases and also rolled up for suitcases. Also, it is very convenient for touching up your makeup in small spaces like airplanes because you don’t have to be digging around for items, you just see what you need and stuff won’t go falling all over the aisles.

Suzanne Littleton, MA