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Travelon Hanging Toiletry Kit


Key features

  • microfiber
  • Hanging Toiletry Kit
  • Quilted Microfiber
  • Zips together to form compact kit
  • Bottles and containers sit upright
  • Zippered pockets and compartments provide organization

Honest reviews


Major Design Flaw – Hanging Position Allows Fallout from Main Compartment!!

That flaw alone negates the reason I bought this. It needs a better design so that the main compartment (which holds your bottles of liquids!) will remain as upright as possible. As it is now, I can’t keep liquids in that all-important portion of the bag. I can use it as-is as long as there is sufficient (and clean) counter top space wherever I travel. It cannot be used hanging open and I am SO disappointed! There is a simple design change that can be made and I hope Travelon will implement it.I’m going to try to jury-rig this thing so that it is actually usable as it was advertised (hanging open). I hate to have to do this to a new item, but must in order to make it work.*sigh*On the plus side: it is very well made – professionally sewn, all seams are tight and zippers are quality. The construction itself is excellent. The fabric is great, too. It is attractive and holds quite a bit.Such a shame it has the major design flaw.

Antonia North English, IA

I love this thing!

It’s a descent size cosmetic bag that carries 3X what it looks like it can handle! I am very pleased with it! A million compartments. It’s all around wonderful!

Elisha Hot Springs National Park, AR

Perfect toiletry bag!

This bag is exactly what I was looking for. The quality is great, size, organization..etc. Perfect for our trip next week!

Arline Rio, WV

So Cute

Love this product. Nice because it is small and compact but when you open it it has so much space for all of your traveling needs. I recommend this product to any traveler.

Ava Hendrix, OK

Study Travel Bag

I wanted a toiletry bag I could use both at home and on the road. This one is made really well and I love the lime green. The fastener keeps the bag closed securely, and there are many inside pockets (some zippered) to store everything you need whether at home or on the go. I also liked the size. Not too small and not too big. The inside is large enough to hold full-size bottles of shampoo and conditioner.

Eugenia Rainsville, AL