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Travel Smart Travel Bottle Set

Travel Smart by Conair Extra-Compact Cart easily fits into your briefcase or purse. The cart extends to 39 inches high for easy handling. Folded dimensions are 14 x 8 in. and it has a 50 lb. weight capacity. It also features an adjustable strap for easy travel.

Key features

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  • Conforms with TSA guidelines
  • Ideal for shampoos, conditioners, hairspray, lotions, creams, etc.
  • Set includes: two 2-oz. bottles, two 1-oz. bottles, one 1-oz. spray bottle, one 1/2-oz. bottle, two 1/2-oz. jars, two 1/4-oz. jars, two 1/8-oz. jars, one 1-quart zip-lock pouch

Honest reviews


Great for a seven day trip or weekend travel…

If you are looking for a package of bottles and jars that conform with the TSA guidelines then this is an excellent choice. The two 2-ounce bottles are good for shampoo and conditioner. The two 1-ounce bottles are good for toner and lotion. The 1-ounce spray bottle is handy for spritzing essential oil enhanced water on your face or hair. The one 1/2-ounce bottles is good for eye makeup remover. Then the jars are good for face cream and eye cream. The actual zippered bag is apparently a quart-sized bag but I put my bottles in a ziplock bag just in case. I have been very happy with this set of bottles and jars and like that the lids fit tightly so nothing spills in transit. So for short trips these are good. I’d say these bottles work for a weekend trip or maxium seven days of travel.~The Rebecca Review

Camille Velma, OK

Great selection of containers

This is a really nice set for air travel. The containers are varied, although it only contains one spray bottle, I bought another one as I wanted more than one, but this is just a personal choice.I have read that the containers leak when traveling. They do NOT leak just sitting on the counter, btw. However, leaking during a flight is NORMAL. The pressure changes within the plane and the liquids expand causing the leaks.However, I learned a simple trick that usually keeps liquids from seeping out. First, only fill the containers a maximum of 2/3 full. Then take a plastic bag and cut squares that will cover the threads where the tops screw on. (Any plastic will work, even grocery bags) Open the container and place this plastic square over the opening, covering all the threads. Then screw the lid over the plastic. This creates a better seal and usually keeps leaks from happening. In fact, I have never had a leak using this method.If you have a spray bottle, you simply remove the spray lid, and replace it with a regular lid. Take the spray lid with you and then when you reach your destination, replace the regular lid with the spray top.

Elda University, MS

Great Buy for what it is

If you’re looking for an easy way to stick your shampoo, favorite day/night cream and a few other items on your carry on luggage, then this is a nifty little pack.I like that it has different sizes and different bottles that allow you some flexibility in what you want to take.The material seems sturdy, nothing broke on a trip LA – NYC and back, and actually I still use them to store things in the bathroom without anyone knowing just what cream is in there 🙂

Kristine Central City, PA

Works ok

I travel a lot and have yet to find leak proof travel bottles, which drives me insane. I love the little screw top bottles in this, and I like the lids that are non-flip (solid). I read a tip somewhere to place cellophane over the containers before screwing them closed – will try that perhaps. The ones with the push-tops never work for me, as they get pushed in during travel.

Bobbie Frannie, WY

It’s ok but may leak a little

I got this set to make my luggage lighter since most of my skincare items come in heavy glass containers etc. The little pots are great but the bottles can leak if you don’t screw the cap back on with a firm hand. Also, if you want to empty out the bottles which used to contain creams, it’s going to take a really long time.

Haley Yale, IA


Many of these leak – the ones made of rigid plastic in particular (the little pots). If you are putting something runny (like makeup remover) in them, beware. Thicker things like creams will be ok.

Tamara Ivanhoe, CA


I purchased these travel bottles for an Alaskan cruise. I filed them with lotion, shampoo, conditioner and hair products, like most people would. When I opened my bag upon arrival, I was dismayed to find that almost half of the bottles or containers had leaked. I’d made sure that the lids were on very tight, so I double checked them. They were still on very tight, but the products had stil managed to leak. Very disappointing, especially since we were at sea for several days before I was able to replace anything. If you buy these bottles, I recommend you try to test them or put the same product in two different bottles.

Leah Lake City, CO

Leaky Bottles and Broken Zipper

The zipper broke on the first trip. The bottles also leaked. I was traveling every week for a month, so this was a major disappointment. Spend the extra money and get something better.

Monika New Liberty, KY

good TSA approved bottles.

These are great TSA approved travel bottles. Given the many types you can get a weeks worth of anything in them.

Nina Liberty, IN

great for travel

Now with all the rules when flying with liquids inside the carry on bag, this is perfect. It has many options for different things to put in. What I love the most was the jars that come with it too, I had never seen a set with jars.

Marion Coalgate, OK

Perfect For Travel

This is exactly what you need to make sure all your liquids (including hair spray) meet TSA requirements. I never have one bit of trouble when I pack with these. It’s a nice set that fits into one nice, small pouch.

Lourdes West Chester, IA