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Travalo Travel Spray By Travalo – Mini Travel Refillable Spray with Cap Refills From Any Fragrance Bottle

We all wish we could take our favorite colognes and perfumes wherever we go, but decanting is just too messy. Now Travalo, a company based in the U.K. offers smaller travel-size flacons that are refillable. This is the perfect size for a pocket, for airport travel or a handbag. This great item is available in a wide range of colors and hold up to 50 sprays of your favorite scent. So now you are scent to go…

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  • Travalo Travel Spray by Travalo

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travel spray

I bought this travel spray as a gift, but this was a recommendation from a friend who says it works great and is just perfect for travel. It is nice to have something like this to put your favorite perfume in for a vacation instead of halling the entire bottle with, especially with all of the new TSA regulations. Great product!

Coleen Rains, SC

Great for travel

I have 3 and bought several more as gifts for Christmas. Everyone loved it. I love mine. It never has leaked and now I can take my favorite purfume anywhere.

Gilda Staffordsville, KY

if you wear perfume then you need this product!

My perfume is bulky and heavy. While I can still manage to fit it in a bigger purse, there’s no way I’m going to shove it in a little crossbody purse! This product is seriously so useful and compact! It is super easy to pump any perfume into this atomizer. I had no problems with it leaking or spraying incorrectly. It is literally a miniature on-the-go perfume bottle! I absolutely love this thing. I purchased an atomizer from the Sephora brand and I returned it the next day because the process of putting the perfume into the atomizer seemed way too messy and complicated than it should have been. The Travalo is literally just a little pump… so simple and easy! Btw the actual bottle isn’t this dark ugly pink but a lighter pretty pink 🙂

Lori Altonah, UT

great product

handy and fits amazingly in my tiny clutch’s , doesn’t leak or anything and m so happy i got it

Mona Monrovia, IN


This is supposedly the "beauty product of the year" and I love a good atomizer to keep in my bag, etc, however I’ve found that this is slowly leaking and not worth the price at all.

Erika North Washington, PA