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Tranquility Therapeutic 100% Silk Sleep Mask; Eye Mask Hypoallergenic, Facial Eye Beauty; Black

Our sleep mask is made of 100% silk charmeuse on the exterior and 100% silk filling on the inside making it lightweight for comfort around the eyes and smooth for comfort on the skin. Attached is an elastic strap which is also wrapped in silk. This 100% silk contains no synthetic materials and has a feel which is unparalleled. Silk’s natural amino acids promote the rehydration of your skin. Enjoy the benefits of 100% silk.

Key features

  • 100% Silk Charmeuse Exterior (Reversible); 100% Silk Filling
  • Silk covered elastic band
  • Lightweight
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Imported

Honest reviews


Stretches Out Easily but Overall Soft and Functional

I suffer from daily migraines, and often need my bedroom to be completely dark before I can start getting any relief. The room needs to be dark as night, and often during the day, this just isn’t happening. I’ve been trying to find a good sleep mask to use to help block out the sunlight and other lights and the search hasn’t gone well.Until I purchased this little gem! The fabric is so luxe-feeling – soft, silky, smooth. I’m instantly relaxed the moment I place the mask on my eyes. Even though the fabric is a delicate light blue, the mask still blocks out light pretty well.My only issue is that within a few weeks the elastic band around the back began to stretch out. I’m not sure how this happened; I don’t have a larger than average head, although sometimes I do wear my hair in a bun or ponytail and perhaps the mask band stretched from that. This makes the mask slide down my face during the course of the night (or day!) but it’s not too much of a hassle.This mask is still the best one as of late. And the price was reasonable too. I’d consider purchasing another one, maybe in a darker color. I bet these would work well when traveling!

Stacey Galena, MD

Blocks light but….

I bought this product because I wake up with dry eyes due to sleeping with my eyes partially open. This seemed to block light well, and isn’t bulky, which is good as I am a side sleeper. However, there’s two reasons I am only giving 2 stars. I’m not sure it’s 100% silk (or perhaps it’s just poor quality silk?) as stated since it’s actually a little scratchy and has some spandex-y fibers fraying off even though I hadn’t worn it yet. No where on the mask or packaging does it state "100% silk", furthering my skepticism. Also (and this may be more of a style issue than a problem unique to this product), but I awoke with horribly bent eyelashes, to the point where they are poking back into my eyes, making it very uncomfortable the next day. I think several eyelashes actually broke in half or rubbed off. So unfortunately, I don’t think I can continue to wear it. Maybe this would work better for someone with really short eyelashes who doesn’t mind somewhat scratchy fabric.

Celeste Medfield, MA

A really good sleep mask except for the band that is not adjustable.

At the time that I bought this mask, I also bough two others – the Alaska Bear extra large and the Dream Zone by Earth Therapeutics. This mask does effectively filter out any light, but I don’t like the fact that it is not adjustable. The elastic band is loose, and it sometimes comes off during the night. On the plus side, it doesn’t have any buckles or thick areas of Velcro that cause pressure on your head. This mask is comfortable and serves its purpose, but I expect that the elastic band will eventually lose its elasticity. I have washed it with the regular laundry, and it washed and dried very well. I do like that this mask is thin and light-weight, but it still totally cuts out the light.

Isabella West College Corner, IN

Excellent customer service!

When I first received this mask, I was disappointed. The material wasn’t smooth feeling, it irritated my skin when I wore it and little threads of stuffing were coming through the material. I contacted Fishers Finery customer service and they promptly sent me another mask. The replacement mask is wonderful. No more skin irritation and no more stuffing coming out in little threads (I think the original mask was overstuffed and therefore causing the problems.)The size of the mask is perfect because you can pull it down or up to get the best coverage for your face. The elastic straps are comfortable, but I do have a small sized head for an adult so it doesn’t really stretch out on my head. Their excellent customer service is enough to earn my loyalty as a customer because it’s so rare to find such great and prompt customer service these days.

Sonia Cool, CA

A bit disappointed

This is a beautiful sleep mask and I really like silk so I thought I’d give it a go as a back up sleep mask (my primary sleep mask being theTempur-Pedic Sleep Mask) however I am a bit disappointed, especially for the price.For one I’m not going to argue with the manufacturer but this silk feels suspiciously like satin however that isn’t the real problem with this sleep mask. This sleep mask is very thin. The eye cover part of the mask is barely padded at all and for a sleep mask to work properly it needs to be fairly padded. This also makes this mask extremely lightweight which in return does not block out light at all. There are all sorts of light leaks with this mask, it is like the equivalent of placing a slippery facecloth on your face. It is going to move around with nothing preventing it from doing so and it is not going to block light. The strap also is not adjustable. This feels and works like your very very basic inexpensive sleep mask, the only difference is it is silk and it is not inexpensive.I would have also preferred some washing instructions. I will keep this as a back up but while it is pretty to look at it isn’t very functional

Tonya Hunter, KS


Very nice sleeping mask, soft and feels good on. Arrived quickly. This is my first sleeping mask and if I need another I would reorder this one.

Nona Wapiti, WY

Get your beauty sleep

No matter who leaves the lights on, you can rest easy.No matter who gets up early or stays up late, you get your beauty sleep.This fits universally man or woman, has a unisex look, is silk to prevent wrinkles, and ensures even ambient light does not get in.Soft, smooth, easy on and easy off, just like back in the day. Still works perfectly.Product provided by Tranquility

Simone Sellersville, PA

Excellent Choice

This mask is very light-weight and soft. The band will eventually stretch, but this is great for now. I recommend it highly, would buy again, and I hope this helps.

Viola Tangerine, FL

A comfortable sleep mask that does what it’s intended for

I usually stay up reading for a while after my wife goes to sleep. We have an overhead light on the headboard, and after she turns in, I angle it more to my side, but it still shines on her. It doesn’t usually keep her awake, but she tried the sleep mask and liked it very much, saying that it was very comfortable and it kept the light out of her eyes. The light elastic strap held the mask in place, but didn’t bind. She noted that the mask was of excellent construction quality with uniform, tight stitching.A product sample was provided by Fishers Finery on the promise of an honest, unbiased review.

Candice Winchester, CA