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Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Body Wash,16 ounce

We’ve worked closely with an upscale boutique to bring you a luxurious body wash that’s rich in nutrients. A blend of certified organic ingredients including peppermint, cleansing tea tree and clarifying eucalyptus will leave your skin feeling invigorated with its refreshing tingle.

Key features

  • Blend of Certified Organic Ingredients
  • Contains No Laurel / Laureth Sulfates
  • Invigorating Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oils
  • Cruelty Free (Never Tested on Animals)
  • Equivalent to Upscale Boutique Products

Honest reviews


Natural, Smells Great, Feels Amazing! Only $4 in store too!

First I owe a thank you to the reviewers that said the body wash costs much less in store. I was about to click ‘add to cart’ and changed my mind. I went in to Trader Joe’s and sure enough there it was and only $4. I would GLADLY pay the extra money to order it from Amazon if I did not have a store so close.+ Smells Great+ Natural Ingredients+ Not Packed with Chemicals to Make Suds, so a Loofah or wash cloth is recommended. Pretty good/very good foaming without the chemicals.+ Leaves a clean, fresh, and cooling sensation on the skin- This is where the negatives go, but there is none! This body wash is awesome!_Bottom Line_ Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend. I would also not worry about paying a few extra dollars and getting it from Amazon either! If you do not have a Trader Joe’s near than just order it here and you will not be disappointed.

Twila Adrian, TX


I love this stuff, it made my skin so smooth. I got this because I had the hive about a month ago and my skin did not recover from it. It brought my soft skin back. My skin looked as if was polished. I got so many compliments on it. I would recommend.

Greta Beech Grove, IN

Not great.

It doesn’t have much of a smell and definitely does not make you tingle. I would not purchase it again.

Carrie New Brighton, PA

Perfect Post-Gym Body Wash!

I love using this body-wash after a good workout at the gym. Makes me feel so fresh and so clean clean 😉 I also keep it in the guest shower as it can be used for both men and women.Like the shampoo, it is overpriced on Amazon and can be purchased for $3.99 at the actual store. If you’re not a fan of body wash, they carry a 2-pack of tea-tree bars for $2.99 that also works well. I personally favor the sulfate-free body wash and found the bars left my skin feeling a lot more dry/stripped.

Willie Sugar Run, PA

Good Product

Purchased for my son, who does not like bar soap. Good price, good product.I would buy again at the right price.

Bertha Danville, KS

Wonderful stuff

My favorite body wash– so glad I don’t have to drive to another state to find it! We have no Trader Joe’s in Montana… The scent is quite strong, some members of the family may find it a little masculine, even just a bit medicinal. To me, it’s just herbal and very refreshing.

Darlene Ortonville, MN