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Tourmaline Tools 1059 by Hot Tools Professional Tourmaline Ionic 1875 Watt High Heat Portable Salon Dryer

Tourmaline Tools by Hot Tools Professional tourmaline portable salon hair dryer with Direct Ion technology and high airflow tourmaline dries hair up to 50% faster. Tourmaline nano particles naturally generate penetrating far-infrared energy, drying the cortex (interior) without over-drying the cuticle (exterior) and resists brittleness and cracking, helping hair maintain its shine and softness. Also helps cleanse hair of odors and impurities. Direct Ion Technology with negatively charged nano ions leaves cuticles silky, shiny, softer and less frizzy by breaking water into smaller easier-to-absorb droplets.

Key features

  • Pre-Moisture System with tourmaline and ionic nano technology transforms dryer’s airflow into a hydrating spa treatment for hair
  • 1875 watt output dries hair up to 50% faster while leaving hair silky, shiny, softer and less frizzy
  • Adjustable front visor and large adjustable bonnet accommodates even the largest rollers
  • 2 Speed / 4 Heat options
  • Includes 9ft cord, two lockable wheels for stability and legs removable from base for compact storage

Honest reviews


Buy this Dryer

I love this dryer! It has a higher wattage than the other brands of similar dryers, and it looks better too!It is not only beautiful but works FAST! I got it to dry my hair in the morning before work, while I put on my make up. I hate standing with a blow dryer!!! I just pin my hair up with a few big clips and sit under this dryer and by the time my make up is done, my hair is dry.I do still blow dry my bangs first to keep them smooth, but the rest dries in a natural wave due to the gentle air flow from the dryer.It gets really hot, but you can also set it to a lower temp if you want. But I like it hot so my hair dries fast.I also like the fact it is on wheels and easy to roll around and get out of the way. My old drier was the type that sits on a desk and it was a hassle to get to the correct height, this one is easy to move up and down.

Evelyn Kykotsmovi Village, AZ

Works great to bring out curls and waves with no frizz

I’ve only had this dryer for a little over a week, so I will be sure to update my review once I’ve had it a bit longer. For now I just want to say that I love this device! It makes drying your hair so easy, and it makes for frizz-free hair.I bought this dryer since I’ve recently started coaxing out the waves and curls in my hair. Using a diffuser on the end of my blowdryer has helped bring out the curl, but I get impatient with drying, and end up moving the blowdryer around too much, which leads to frizz. Based on research I did online, I learned that dryers like this Hot Tools one are great for curly/wavy hair, and I definitely agree! Using the same products and techniques before drying, I’ve found that using this Hot Tools dryer leaves me with zero frizz and lovely curls/waves.It is extremely easy to set this up for the first time (it took me less than five minutes), and, once it’s set up, is very easy to maneuver and adjust so that it is positioned exactly how and where you want it to be. If it’s not exactly where I want it to be while I’m drying, I can easily turn around while sitting on my stool and adjust it so that it is right where I want it to be.One reviewer mentioned that you could do makeup while using this, and I had been hoping to do the same so I could save time with my morning routine. I’ve found that I can apply my foundation, blush, etc. while under this dryer, but because I have to get in close to my makeup mirror to do my eye makeup, I can’t sit under the dryer while doing my eyes. I usually set it up, though, at my vanity and check email or do work on my laptop while my hair is drying. It’s great for multitasking!It also works great for deep conditioning treatments that require the use of heat.I almost didn’t purchase this since some of the reviews suggested that the top helmet wasn’t too sturdy and had a tendency to break off. I had also been worried about it being unstable, but have found neither of these areas to be a problem. The helmet portion is securely attached, and when I wheel it around or move it to the spare bathroom where I store it, I just make sure that I support the helmet portion so that it won’t snap off. It seems like it is really secure, though.On one side of the helmet/hood portion is the phrase “Purple people heater,” which cracks me up each time I use it.All in all, I’m really glad I got this! As mentioned above, I will be sure to update my review once I see how this holds up with more use, but so far it’s fantastic!UPDATE ON 5/13/11: I’ve had this dryer for a little over four months, and continue to love it. It works really well, is sturdy, and makes multi-tasking while drying my hair so simple. I really recommend it!UPDATE ON 7/13/11: This is still working great, with no problems at all! I also wanted to add that I recently had my hair cut by a curly hair specialist who does Deva Cuts, and she said that hard-hat dryers like this one are the best thing to use for curly and wavy hair types.UPDATE ON 11/1/11: I’ve had this dryer now for about ten months, and it’s still going strong. It works perfectly, and is still sturdy and easy to use.UPDATE ON 7-27-13: This dryer is still going strong, and I love it for deep conditioning treatments. However, my hair is now mid-back, and it’s too long to fit under this. That being said, this still works great for drying, and has held up really well.

Carla Spokane, MO


This works awesome and dries the hair very well. Havent had any trouble with it at all and it can be minimozed so stores easily in the garage

Leslie Elmsford, NY

Dries your hair, but cheaply made

I bought this dryer in a local beauty supply, is a good dryer however, you should treat it gently, the plastic part that holds the head on the metal base breaks easily, is made of a cheap plastic therefore I had to repair it myself buying a metal strap and is still unstable, is very noisy which is annoying but it does the job, if you want something more durable spend more than 200.00 dollars because that what salon quality hooded dryers cost.

Marcy Kihei, HI

It was fine until it stopped working randomly…

I really liked this dryer. But when I went to use it today… it wouldn’t blow hot air. it got really hot on the top but no air… I’m returning it and getting my money back… So disappointed… Buyer Beware…

Myrna Berger, MO

Great dryer

I use this dryer mostly for deep conditioning treatments and wet rollers, and love it. It’s easy to use and set up. The hood opens so you can choose how closed in you want to be :). There are different temperature and strength settings, and it works fast and dries evenly. I also love how the height is adjustable–I can literally dry my hair while sitting on my couch reading a magazine, quite the luxury. I’ll update if I have any problems, but I’ve had it for two months now and it’s been fantastic. Well worth the money, in my opinion, if you condition or dry your hair a lot!

Susie Moraga, CA


Got this dryer last week 11/23/2012 used it for the first time tonight 11/27/2012, I’M PISSED! While it was easy to assemble, pretty in looks, got under the dryer setting the control first at high speed, got a little too HOT so I lowered the speed to LOW and to my surprise it starting CLICKING! WHAT???? Are you kidding me?! For that kind of money and for wanting to go from a blow dryer to this type, I immediately got angry thinking if I keep this piece of junk with the motor clicking like it was it wouldn’t last me a good 6 months. I immediately notified the seller of a return authorization. Will gladly accept a replacement if I don’t have to pay a return shipment and will give an updated review when my new one comes in. But for now it is what it is and I’m not a happy customer. The QUEEN better be satisfied FAST or I’ll have much more to say!OK it’s 12/7/2012 and I received my replacement unit last night. Not only was I surprised at the speedy turnaround, but this unit works properly and The QUEEN is well pleased. I was also refunded shipping costs which I was also impressed with, thank you very much! I will continue to shop from this company you all have been excellent with customer service.

Tracie Owensville, MO

Oh Yea

It dries my hair fast and effectively. I have natural African American hair and it works well when I want to make my braid out or roller set dry fast.The dryer has the ionic setting, but I’m not sure if it actually makes a difference in my hair. I know ions combat frizz and flat irons that have tourmaline ions work great.There are also a speed (High, Low, off) and heat (high & low) setting. The high heat gets real hot and you would need ear protectors and the low heat is warm. The dryer is noisy whether its on high or low speed so if you wanna watch TV you have to turn up to volume.The stand can adjust to many heights. I can sit on the floor, sit in a chair or stool and the dryer can adjust. You might have to play with the height adjustments to get it just right and then mark it with tape. Also the purple visors are adjustable which helps conform to different shape heads.So it only gets 4 stars because of it’s portability and storability. Once you assemble the base ….. you wont want to disassemble it. So you’ll end up with too pieces you have to store the head and the base. both of which are large and awkwardly shaped. Basically its hard to store or transport. I’ve given up trying to fit it into a closet of concealed space, and I let mine sit in the bathroom in plain view. Another thing, the head just slides onto the stand. It would be better if the head screwed on so its more secure. Sometimes, I bump into it and the head will fall off the base, but it hasn’t broke yet.

Marianne Carencro, LA