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TouchBack Temporary Color Marker Rich Black

TouchBack instant touch-up is the fastest touch-up for gray roots. TouchBack actually bonds to the hair, blending seamlessly with permanent hair color for a totally natural look. (Unlike hair mascaras, crayons, gels and powders, which dull the hair and flake off.)

Key features

  • Won’t flake or rub off when brushed
  • Real hair color in a marker
  • Gray roots gone instantly
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Gentle on hair

Honest reviews


Hair Dye In A Marker

This is temporary hair dye encapsulated in what appears to be a marker. I bought this to touch up my boyfriend’s beard. It goes on easily enough, just be aware that the “marker” tip is wide, so doing the smaller areas of his goatee was a bit tricky. I just turned the “marker” on its side and used short strokes. I realize this product is really for touching up roots on one’s head, but it did do the trick on his beard. I would run a comb through his beard once I was finished. He thought the medium brown color was more like a dark brown color though so perhaps one should consider ordering this product one shade lighter.

Elisabeth Dolph, AR

Excellent Product

This is a wonderful product. Works fantastic if you have dark brown reddish hair. I took it with me when I went out of town for 3 weeks and knew I wouldn’t be able to color my grayish hair, which I color dark reddish brown. My roots become very obvious. This product worked perfectly. I couldn’t see the roots after applying this along the part in my hair. It doesn’t rub off on the pillow case and does not flake off either. It only comes off when you shampoo. A great option for times when roots are becoming obvious but no time to color.

Jeannie Annandale, MN

New Best Friend

I purchased this item for my friend and she loves it. She said it is her new best friend! I am now going to order one for myself.

Lucile Mills, NM

Great Product!

This is a great product! My hair grows fast so within a week of getting my hair colored, I can begin to see the roots, particularly from the top. This product is perfect. The wide application sponge makes it easy to cover up the part line and the color blends in well. It washes out but doesn’t rub off so it’s good until you shampoo your hair. Much better price here on Amazon than what I can find locally.

Betsy Brooklyn, AL

Touch Up

This product is great when you need a quick touch up, usually I use it around my hair line just to get rid of the gray fast. Love it!

Claudine Buford, GA

I like this.

I have tried a few of these types of cover ups and this is my favorite. Its like a thich pen marker. It also stays on your scalp a little which I like. You can blend it.

Leann Wolf Point, MT

did the trick

it really serfes the pursopose of using this product even for temporary use. and it really covers the area needed.

Jodi Pettus, TX

great product

I use this. Sadly my hair is greying and this is my lifeline before I can re dye my hair.

Janine Blum, TX

Saves Me Time and Money

I would have to get my roots touched up at the salon every two weeks if it were not for this great product! Looks Natural and washes out easily, so must be reapplied after each wash. Tips in use: Always use the little comb that come with it. It lifts the hair o you can touch up the root and also protects your scalp from getting marker stripes. Move the flat side of the applicator along the comb sideways, and repeat. Slice comb in from different angles to pick p those last few stubborn hairs. Take care to always have the same side of the comb against the skin. It does not take long to learn or to use. But do watch out for marking the skin- then it will be obvious. I keep it in a zip-lock bag and it has lasted a while without drying up. it’s plastic and light weight and travels well.

Jennifer Paynesville, MN

Good color but is little runny

This is good color stick but a little runny at first. The longer I have it, the less runny it is. I would recommend it over any other stick.

Lourdes League City, TX

Love this stuff!

I love this stuff and can’t live without it. It is the best grey coverage I have ever used and I have used many.

Colleen Beaver, WV

does the trick

I love this stuff. It does what I need it to do, no muss, no fuss. Using this means I can color my hair less often.

Evangelina North Chili, NY

It’s ok. Kinda pricey.

The color does stay put pretty well without rubbing or flaking off. It is hard to apply without getting on your scalp…I tend to need to use a q-tip to clean up the areas I get the color on.

Maude Charlotte, TX

Returned this

Color was awful (like a bright clown orange, not dark auburn at all) and it was a pain to use. I kept staining my skin.

Angelina Edgefield, SC

Great stuff!!

This touch up does exactly what it promises to do. The shield comb is a great accessory,too.I think the color for medium brown is accurate.Would definitely buy again.

Lynnette Briggsdale, CO

Perfect for a quick touch up

These makers are perfect and easy to use. I personally use it while waiting for color touch ups…when my hair is not quite long enough to color my grey hairs.

Nell Dearing, GA

This is a great quick touch-up took

This is a great quick touch-up took. It works better then other brands I’ve tried. I like that you don’t have to use water like other products! It lasted a pretty long time as well.

Hannah Nabb, IN