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TOUCHBACK Instant Gray Root Touch up Real Hair Color in a Marker Medium Brown 0.27oz

Won’t flake or rub off when brushed, Real temporary hair color in a marker, Gray roots gone instantly, No harsh chemicals

Key features

  • Won’t flake or rub off when brushed
  • Real hair color in a marker
  • Gray roots gone instantly
  • No harsh chemicals

Honest reviews



And that’s mainly because of the price. But add to that the fright of accidentally staining your scalp and I am absolutely not a fan. TRY this, get Loreal Infallible gel liner (for your eyes!), whichever color you think would work best with your hair. I have dark golden blonde hair (dyed of course) and I use the bronze color. Buy a stiff kabuki brush (those cheapies that come with some drugstore mineral powders,like Physician’s formula work well) and dip into your pot (you will only get a little pigment on part of your brush but this is enough), and brush (several quick firm strokes) onto roots as needed. It works great and doesn’t make your hair greasy or stain your scalp. If you do get some on your scalp it rubs away with little problem. This stuff even tames some flyaway grays making your scalp hair seem smoother. Plus it’s an awesome liner for your eyes if you wear eye makeup.

Annabelle Stratford, CT


This stuff rocks! i have found confidence for in between colors!! yay… i wash dry and style my hair and use the comb in my part where the gray really shows and color in the hair with the comb under to protect my scalp…and let it dry….and amazingly it covers it!

Muriel Wales Center, NY

Dried up right away

I was so happy when I first used this, because it was so convenient and could get to the very root neatly. But after a few uses, it dried up even if I made it a point to secure the cap after each use. I wish they would improve on this very promising product.

Ma Brownfield, TX

Extend your trips to the salon

This product works well and covers nicely. However it does take a few tries to apply it before creating a streak that’s visible. A word to the wise, practice a few times before you need to be somewhere important.

Suzanne Reynolds, NE

Good but Color Mark w/ wand is better.

I liked this product fine, but I much prefer their Color Mark wand application. Best temporary gray coverage out there!

Lela Frankton, IN

Love it

Saves me time in between coloring. Covers well and looks natural. Easy to apply. Highly recommend it This is my fourth order for this product.

Maryellen Baxter, TN

A life saver!

This little product works great! I have used another product, which was pretty good… but couldn’t find it, so bought this instead. It is a life saver! Even though I do everything I can to stop the gray, the hair at my temples just doesn’t keep color. By the second week after coloring, they have turned gray again… but now I can fix that. The color matches my color perfectly, and you cannot tell I have even used it… other than there is no gray. I will def. keep buying!!

Ingrid Rhododendron, OR

Returned … Didn’t like

I found this awkward to use so gave up almost immediately I have a few gray hairs on the side so maybe wasn’t the best candidate for this product. Prob easier to use on roots, to be fair.

Tanisha Philo, IL

works well but is expensive

These are my favorite touch up products but they are expensive. If you spread out color touch ups, it is possible that each marker will last only 2-3 months. I use the wax crayon product (also available on amazon) due to price.

Judi Bergen, NY