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Touch On Highlights Iced Champagne

Touch-on highlights puts naturally radiant, dimensional highlights at your fingertip. The innovative control-touch fingertip tool offers precise control for even highlights from root to tip. Create any look you choose, from subtle to dramatic.

Key features

  • Glide on dimensional highlights from root to tip with the revolutionary Control-Touch FingerTIP
  • Highlights go on smoothly, precisely, and evenly
  • No caps, no foils, no hassles

Honest reviews


Easiest Hair Color I’ve Ever Used!

I’ve been dying my hair for over 50 years and the Touch-On Highlights kit is by far the simplest I’ve ever used. All you do is put the developer and the bleach powder into the mixing tray, mix it, and then apply to your hair strands with the little rubber fingertip. I waited 30 minutes, shampooed it out, and my hair looks gorgeous now (if I say so myself).Years ago, I used to frost my hair with the kits that have a cap with holes in it and you had to pull out your hair through the holes with a hook. But that got to be a big hassle so I had gone back to regular hair dye. However, now that I’ve discovered this easy way to highlight, I’ll stick to the Touch-On Highlights.

Valarie Montgomery, MI

I couldn’t believe how well this worked

L’Oreal Paris Touch-On Highlights, Iced Champagne H90[ I can’t figure out how to change this to say that I’m reviewing the H90 color; sorry. ]I’m rewriting my review because of how amazed I am at the results after a while of living with them. I’m more enthusiastic even now.I was incredibly iffy about this product with all of the frightening reviews about brassy hair and whatnot. In the end I decided to go ahead- but carefully.I got the Iced Champagne (H90). My natural hair color is the base hair color of the girl on that box, actually. And you know how unusual it is for a product to work exactly as advertised- but that’s exactly what happened. I have never highlighted my own hair before, and I was sick of spending so much money on professional highlights when I didn’t even have full control over them. I took everyone’s advice to not bother with the applicator and use an old toothbrush, which was an excellent suggestion. After bypassing the trouble that I might have had with that, it was so easy to do! The cream color might appear to be a little messy, but it’s not as bad as it seems. Definitely use a toothbrush and you’ll have nearly no problems with mess as it’ll comb the cream in perfectly.I didn’t go too crazy because I was so iffy about it, but in the end, it probably wouldn’t have mattered.I’m sitting here weeks later with the most beautiful highlights I’ve ever had. I’m so happy with how they turned out. I’m not glancing at my hair in the mirror anymore, thinking about how flat and ugly the color is- it’s splashed through with wonderful light strands. I can’t believe I got this for ten dollars; it’s unreal, really! I’ll definitely buy this product again every time I need to redo my highlights, and next time, I’ll do more of them since I’m comfortable with the product. I can definitely recommend the Iced Champagne 100%, at least to people with that (in my opinion) rather annoying color between blonde and brown, which I have- the highlights will make you golden.If you were in my color position, you will love this product.

Megan Glorieta, NM


I have very thick, coarse, semi wavy hair. I thought the only way I could ever have highlights in my hair is by going to the salon. But I hate paying the price of $50+ to get it done. Since I’ve many bad experiences with hair color (salon and box colors) I wasn’t feeling overly optimistic that highlights in a box would turn out at all. I was very careful to only had a few, thin highlights to break up the roots from my professional highlights I already had in my hair. (I should add, prior to picking out the box of highlights, I went on the Loreal website to find out which color is best for my hair. I’ve fallen in love with their website for hair care and make up help – it was wonderful) Anyways, after adding the highlights I left them on my hair for 30 as suggested for thick hair. In fact, I may have left them in for another 5 minutes or so. Wash out and dry, I was so pleased with the results! This is the only way I’ll be highlighting my hair from now on. I wish I had been more bold by adding more strands and a bit thinker for a more dramatic result. but for now, I am happy with what I achieved. I used the color H50 Toasted Almond as suggested for my natural hair color.If you plan on using this product, get the one that’s suited for your hair color. If you have dark hair, don’t get the ultra blond highlights, probably won’t work that well.I’m so happy overall!

Mercedes Talofofo, GU

Natural looking highlights

I just used this on my hair (dark blonde) and my daughter’s hair (light brown) and it gave us both shiny, natural looking highlights. I was worried the highlights might turn out a bleachy white color, but the color is really great! There was more than enough product to use on both of us, as we did light streaks on the top and sides of our hair. I will definately be buying this again!

Rachael Baylis, IL

Bring back old applicator

The hair highlighter itself is good. The applicator is a joke. I have little fingers and these stupid little plastic finger things fall off. Luckily I had saved the applicators from the old Loreal highlighting kit. (Looks kind of like a tiny bottle washer). L’Oreal, please change back to the old applicator.

Lawanda Villa Ridge, IL

Made my hair orange

This product said not to let process for more than 30 minutes, so even though I only have dark blonde hair that doesn’t need much time to lift, the highlights were orange! I had to redo and it still didn’t lift much. The applicator is slippery and falls right off. I ended up with bleach in large spots because there was no distinction. I’ve had my hair highlighted at home and in the salon for over 15 years and I’ve never seen such a poor lift.

Tabitha Elma, IA


Best Hair Highlighter !!I used this Today, & forget The Plastc Finger Tip.I over Looked it & used my Own Finger LOLI dont have Reactions so I didn’t use Gloves,I left this on a Half hour ( i timed it with Kitchen timer )Im SO happy,My hair Is Shiny, Smooth,Looks Professional,I used Creamy Caramel as i have Med Brown Hair,My Hair Has Been Colored & it worked Great,I used More Conditioner of my own ( i use Suave )Save your Self $$$$ & try this !!

Ginger Hughes Springs, TX

Worked quite well – will save me a lot of $

Trying to economize on salon costs, and highlights seemed the easiest way to start. My hair is med-dark brown with light brown professional highlights. Have had bad experiences where the self done ‘highlights’ came out awful brassy bright red and fried so I was a little nervous. This kit got good reviews (thanks those that reviewed this – I rely on Amazon reviews now for most purchases so I’m trying to be faithful doing them myself.) I purchased at my local store after doing the research here.The kit was easy to use. Just pour in the liquid to the tray, mix in the powder and start. There were no bad smells that made my eyes water, no dripping or mess. I applied the paste to the needed touch up area: 2-3″ of too dark looking roots and bangs, following the highlights I already have.I wasn’t crazy about the finger comb thing, it just kind of deposited a big lump of mixture at the start point — so I just did it like that to start each piece off but then used the glove to spread it more evenly.I started timing the 30 minutes when I started doing it so I probably only waited about 15 minutes once done applying, then washed it out.The results are great, I couldn’t be happier and saving all that money is a thrill. It matches the professional highlights beautifully as well as the added bonus I always love in giving me extra body at the crown so my hair isn’t flat-flat on top.I like the idea of a regular delivery plan will probably sign up for that now that it’s a success.

Estelle Lamoure, ND