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Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo 150milliliter

Illuminating Weekly Treatment by Touch of Silver, the only haircare range on the market offering a complete range of professional haircare products for grey, white and platinum blonde hair. Bring back the glamour and sparkle to dull and lifeless grey, white and platinum blonde hair.

Key features

  • Illuminating Weekly Treatment
  • for grey, white and platinum blonde hair
  • Bring back the glamour and sparkle to dull and lifeless grey, white and platinum blonde hair.

Honest reviews


not worth it don’t buy Dx

Well I thought this product would be better than others but its the same . And it has less product for more money , that is just not worth it. Better off going to sallys beauty salon and purchase shimmering lights purple shampoo.

Nellie Sanford, NC

Not much of a help

Even after two 5+ minute treatments, my red left over from my previous (dark blonde) coloring is still very red. I notice just a subtle difference, so I will give it two stars. It did work a tiny bit but nothing like the claims.Beware The Scent. I use a capital T and a capital S because this scent stays. I mean it just…stays. It lingers frighteningly and I have to tell you it is not a good smell, in my opinion. It’s oddly old-ladyish. Every time I swing my hair I get the sense that I’m in a “retirement community” politely taking visits from relatives interested in my will and patiently waiting to die. Not a great association.And not a great product.

Marva Morristown, NY

My favorite thing is the wonderful smell

I’ve been bleaching my hair to a very light blonde so I can dye it fun bright colors (pink or blue things like that). I heard that this shampoo will help get the orange out of bleached hair and as I naturally have very dark hair that is hard for me to do without just frying my hair. I can’t say it did much. Some people say it will even turn your hair purple if you leave it on too long, I left it on for 30 minutes and it didn’t do any thing that I could see. I gave it 4 stars because it is a quality product. A tiny bit goes a long way and it smells wonderful. And it did seem like the combination of using this and switching the bleach I use (now I use L’Oreal quick blue) seemed to help with my orange tint problem. And I only use it once a week at most, I did use it everyday for a while but it didn’t make a difference I could see so I stopped that didn’t want to waste it. 🙂

Mina Upsala, MN

Really takes out brassiness in blonde

This is some really strong stuff. I bleach my hair blonde and always have a yellowish tint after. The Loreal boxed anti brass is so hard to find so I decided to try this product. Its much stronger than the loreal brass banisher product and a little goes a long way. Just be careful because your blonde hair will pick up light purple so dont leave it on longer than 5 minutes its very strong and well worth the money!

Ilene Alsey, IL


saw where it was recommend for us after bleaching your hair to keep the yellow/brassy coloring out of it. and it was totally worth the 2.5 week wait to get shipped across the pond to the US from england. it really made my hair look even blonder and picked out the tonality of the different layers of blonde. will be buying this again, as long as i decide to stay blonde.

Jessie Mapleton, IL