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Touch Me 100% Deluxe Brush Natural Boar Bristle Detachable 17″ Curved Long Handle Wooden Bath Body Back Brush, with non-slip ergonomic grip. Premium Quality

This long handle back brush is specially designed to clean those hard-to-reach spots on your body. The detachable head can come off to scrub your arms, legs and body. 100% Natural boar’s hair bristles will deeply exfoliate away roughness and dirt by revealing newer skin cells. To use, wet brush and apply liquid cleansing gel, then gently brush your body. Rinse and hang to dry after each use to prolong the brush life.

Key features

  • Premium quality curved long handle brush, with non-slip ergonomic grip.
  • Dimensions: 17″(L) x 3″(W) x 1.5″(H)
  • Stimulate blood circulation
  • unclogs pores allowing skin to release toxins trapped inside the body
  • Free shipping !

Honest reviews


I don’t hate anything so I give this two stars

This was an effective back scrubber for a while. However, the handle kept coming out so that was a problem. The final straw came within a month – the wood on the scrubbing section cracked open! All done! Sorry, but I can’t recommend this brush at any price.

Rachael Canaan, NH


Perfect and easy to reach my back (I’m an oldie but goodie) so much better! I will probably buy another one when needed.

Mari Ellicott City, MD

Good for Scratching and Scrubbing Back

I love this brush. I use it for scratching and scrubbing my back in those hard-to-reach areas. I have not detached the brush as my preference however, it may still meet the ‘I Love It’ category if hand-held.

Celina Advent, WV

Feels good.

Bristles were not punishingly hard on first use, they’re softer than others I’ve had in the past. I like it.

Lee Storrie, CA


I got it for my back and i LOVE IT! it gets my whole back with ease and its not to soft but not to hard…its JUST RIGHT!

Angelina Grammer, IN