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TOPPIK Spray Applicator

The patented TOPPIK Spray Applicator enables precise application of TOPPIK Hair Building Fibers into focused areas of thinning. Using the Spray Applicator makes it easier to disperse the fibers uniformly, so they look even more natural. Ideal for the front hairline, especially when used with the TOPPIK Hairline Optimizer. Fits both the 0.42 oz. and 0.97 oz. bottles (does not fit the 1.94 oz. or 0.11 oz. size bottles).

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Not what it says!

I have been using this for over 2 weeks now, trying to give it a fair run to see if if was actually going to work and do what it claims to do. Sadly this item is not any better then just shaking the hair fibers on your head. The clumping is still there and just as noticable as if I shook the contents onto my head. Not worth the money!I did get this item in excellent shipping time & it was carefully packaged. I would never order again & would advise others to just save your money & shake fibers onto your head.

Mellisa Saint Francis, SD

Toppik Spray Applicator

Must have with Toppik 0.36 Ounce bottle! Precise application and no wasting the Toppik fibers during application. Works very well!

Juliana Topton, PA

Great product

Loved the product while my hair was the same color. Lol! Just found out that they sell this at Sally’s in a small size if you want to try it first before buying the larger size. Great for in between root touch up. Make sure you get the right color.

Lynn Monaca, PA

Not for me!

Not happy with how this sprayer works. I find that sprinkling out of the bottle does a more direct job. It seemed like a good idea but it actually blows out too much air causing the fibers to blow around too much and not end up where you want them which in turn causes you to use more product.

Dora Fellsmere, FL

Is it Coming Out or Not?

It is hard to tell whether powder is coming out of this thing or not! Though I use a lot of it, it doesn’t cover the thin hair spots very well. I prefer Joan Rivers ‘Great Hair Day’ – so much easier to brush on the product exactly where I want it.

Nelda Manhattan, KS

Necessary tool for the job…

Makes applying Toppik fibers a breeze. Allows accuracy and far less mess in the process. Good to have in the hair styling arsenal.

Angelina Ford, VA

Product ok, but……

This works fine once you can get the top off the Toppik bottle. My wrist still hurts! Instead of twisting, I used a wrench to get it off by prying it up. It’s ridiculous. I think that there should be much better instructions on how to get the top off the bottle, or at least some encouraging words!!

Katelyn Appleton, NY

Three Stars


Louisa Texas City, TX

Practice, Practice, Practice

I was shown the Toppiks hair fibers by a customer while I was having a haircut. She asked me if I wanted to have some on my hair and see if I liked it. Now, I do have to say, she was standing above me and using the shaker. So I order some, but thought this applicator would be more precise. Problem is, no instructions other than how to get the shaker lid off and the spray applicator on. I didn’t know anything about not tipping the bottle or how hard to press the top etc. Needless to say the first experience wasn’t positive.It came out in spots more than even spray or mist. So I was using way too much to try and get it to look even. When I was done, it was on my forehead and shoulders, and when I tried to rub it through my scalp it just made my fingernails brown. Tomorrow I am going to wash my hair and try again with a little more knowledge from other users experiences, and a lighter touch. Oh, by the way, I also had to wash my pillowcase! But I have to say on a positive note, it made my hair look twice as thick as it is, and really did help cover those white part lines.

Jewell El Campo, TX

Does not work well

Works sort of OK when the bottle is full but as bottle is emptied it does not work. Not satisfied.

Marcy Van Lear, KY

spray applicator

Altough this works fine, it was an unnecessary expense.Sprinkling the product of the area in question worksperfectly fine.

Caitlin Speonk, NY


No instructions included. Product doesn’t fit any toppik dispenser/container. No way to fill it with fibers. No response to requests for instructions. What a waste of money!

Luisa Creston, IL