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TOPPIK Hair Fattener, 4 fl. oz.

TOPPIK Hair Fattener is a concentrated leave-in treatment for thin or fine hair, adding volume, shine and thickness. Its unique blend of Keratin proteins and nutrients nourish and infuse the hair shaft for healthy, strong hair.

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Doesn’t work, see review for alternatives

This would only work if you have minimal hair thinning problems. (like no scalp shows to begin with). No better than “Cowboy magic” hair shiner (thin consistency reflects how its NOT going to work).If you have more severe thinning problems, use this:Samy Fat Hair Creme Thickening 3.5 ozAfter you shower & towel dry your hair, use some spray on detangler ie: No More Tangles (so as to not pull your fine wispy hair out combing it wet), then get a dime to quarter size of this, smear it in your palms, gently work it in your hair & leave it in (this is important!). Let your hair dry.May take a little longer to dry, but the feeling & look of fullness & thickness is worth it if you have thin hair.

Ingrid Ocean Park, WA

Have not noticed anything

I already have thick hair but am always looking for more volume. I was impressed by some of the reviews on here an decided to give it a try. I haven’t really noticed any difference in my hair. I still continue to use it because it says with continued use your hair can get up to 70% thicker but I don’t know. Maybe it only works for people with thinner hair to begin with. It’s too expensive for me to buy with no results. I do love the smell and it certainly hasn’t damaged my hair and has good ingrediants so I’m going to keep using until I run out. Maybe after I don’t use it anymore I’ll be able to tell a difference, but as for right now I’m sad to say I’m not thrilled.

Juliet Homerville, OH

Head Full of Grease

I was so hopeful about this product. I tried it both on dry and wet hair, and either way, it just made my hair feel greasy. By the end of the day I looked like I hadn’t washed my hair all week. I used varying amounts, pea to nickel-sized. Didn’t matter. I give it 2 stars because it did make hair feel fuller (which is weird, since greasy hair is usually flat). I have very fine hair, and an oily scalp that needs to be washed daily. This just didn’t work for my chemistry.

Lorna Belvidere, IL

Noticeable Difference

Now, I’m not going to go crazy and say that this product works miracles or anything. But it definitely does the job of making your hair look thicker. The product itself is pretty runny. Sort of like a John Freida serum, if you’re familiar. Even though it is a thin product, you really don’t need to use much to get the full effects.I use about a nickel-sized amount of Toppik in my hair while it is still fairly damp. I make sure to get it evenly applied root to tip, and as soon as my hair has dried, you can definitely tell that it looks thicker.That being said, if you’re SEVERELY balding, I don’t think this will do much for you. But if you’re just starting to see thinner and thinner hair, this can help keep your scalp from showing for just a little bit longer!On a side note, even though this product is only superficial and washes out completely, it seems like it takes a few days/applications in the beginning to start to notice thicker hair. Just an observation…

Lorna Line Lexington, PA


I found this product made my hair sticky. Very little thickening. I didn’t like this at all. I know you are only supposed to use a tiny amount but still did not like the feel of it in my hair.

Rhea Curtiss, WI

Best hair filler of all

Bought this to cover up the slight sparseness of the part in my hair,Have bought others, but this is the most natural looking, by far.

Carmella Westfield, NY

No difference

I was disappointed after all of the good reviews I read. I just didn’t find that this made any difference in my hair at all.

Marie Fairdale, KY


I tried this and it only made my hair feel dirty and weighed down. I have fine hair and it was not for me.

Meagan Trevett, ME

Very nice product

It came quickly and is reasonably priced. My husband hair looks thicker and he is thinning at the top of his head. I would recommend this to anyone that has thinning hair.

Sherrie Eagle Bay, NY

Great stuff

This is a great product for thinning hair coverage. Simple to use and I like the applicator that allows me to spray the product when parting my hair.

Ericka Blanchard, PA

You have to find the best method for yourself!

I bought this fattener 2 months ago. I have been trying to decide if it really works or am I just hoping it does. Should I buy more, or forget about it. My hair is curly, not long. I have some thinning hair, especially at the crown of my head where it swirls. On the product it says to use on wet or dry hair.DRY: First I tried it after I finished drying my hair. I thouht it might be heavy and ruin my curls, so I let my curls form from drying first. But it made my hair dry and dull. I did not like the look or the feel.WET: I tried it when my hair was wet, in just the area of my crown, twisting it a bit. I wasn’t sure it really made a difference. One day I’d use it, the next not. I felt the crown area was always a bit dry and coarser when I used it. Not thicker or curlier. It didn’t seem that much better. Maybe some. Not what I wanted.WHAT WORKED FOR ME: I wanted to retain my curls, but that they look thicker. I was ready to decide it doesn’t really work. Then I though I’d give it a try with my hair not wet, but not quite fully dry. I dried my hair as usual, but stopped before it was fully dry. Then I put some Fattener on my fingers, rubbed my hands together and fluffed up my curls. I found it worked! My hair looks thicker, and it is still soft and curly. Also,(as a note) my hands did not feel greasy or oily after the application. I guess if you buy it, you really have to try it different ways. I see from other reviews, that it seems to work for some people and not for others. I took off 1 star because it took me so long to find the right method for me.

Iris Dent, MN

Used To Be My Favorite

I used this hair thickener for two years and thought it was the best out there. However, over time I started noticing that my hair was looking a little dry, less shiny, and I began to see more breakage. I realized it must be the Toppik and stopped using it. My hair improved a great deal after I stopped. Since then, I have found better options that give me just as much volume, but without sacrificing the shine and without drying my hair out as much. I currently use John Frieda Luxurious Volume Building Mousse, which is much more gentle for daily use.

Myra Phenix City, AL