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Toppik Hair Building Fibers Light Brown 0.36 Oz.

Look younger in seconds covers thinning areas instantly the perfect hair concealer. New!

Key features

  • Natural Keratin Protein Fibers Instantly Thicken Thinning Hair.
  • Natural and Undetectable.
  • Lasts through Wind, Rain and Perspiration.
  • Used by over 3 million Men and Women.
  • See a Full Head of Hair in 30 Seconds.

Honest reviews


It’s the Best!

What can you say about Toppik other than it’s great. It’s better than other products that do the same thing. You really can’t detect it once you sprinkle it on your hair.

Arlene Conesus, NY

Life changing

The salon I go to recommended this for my thinning hair. It was getting bad enough that I was considering a wig, but this does the trick. I recommend it to everyone. It’s perfect for age related female pattern thinning

Robin Doddridge, AR


Made this comment for Caboki. Meant to make it for this item. Holes are way too small. Needs more shaking than the same product by Caboki. Enlarge your holes, or will never purchase again. Kent Oram

Amy Chriesman, TX


This is amazing! I lost my hair from chemo and it is finally coming back but it really thin in spots but Toppix hides the thin spots and it’s great but a little expensive but worth it.

Yvonne Liberty Lake, WA


This product is magical. I’ve always had thin hair at the front. And this product completely changed things for me it really gives an amazing coverage and it looks like real hair.

Jodi Ronceverte, WV