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Topix Pharm Glycolix Elite Facial Cream, 20 Percent., 1.6 Fluid Ounce

Glycolix Elite 20% Facial Cream is a cosmetically elegant anti-aging formulation with 20% glycolic acid, designed to stimulate cellular turnover rate and reveal fresher, healthier, younger-looking skin. This rich cream also includes vitamins A, C and E and green tea to provide superior antioxidant protection against further free radical-induced skin damage. You’ll see rejuvenated skin with fewer fine lines, less discoloration and improved texture and tone.

Key features

  • Rich, elegant anti-aging cream
  • Decreases fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves skin color, tone and texture
  • Provides antioxidant protection against further damage
  • Skin looks fresher, healthier and younger

Honest reviews


Questionable seller (SkinDirect ) & poor product

I hate writing bad reviews. In fact, I rather not write a review at all if its going to be bad but this product and seller were extraordinary bad. I think the seller, SkinDirect , sent me a used bottle. It didn’t arrive in its original box. Instead, it was sent in a clear bag with 1/3 of the content spilled out. I still tried it on my face but it was either diluted or a crappy product. I returned it and Amazon not only paid for the return shipping but they also refunded my credit card in full.

Lavonne Grand Junction, MI

Great cream and Great Price

I use this product every morning, after having applied a prescription retinoid at night. The combination has resulted in clearer and firmer skin. The price is good and a little goes a long way when applying. I shopped around and Amazon offered the best price.

Gracie Stratford, OK

Love glycolic acid.

I can never say enough about Glycolic Acid! It has done amazing wonders for my skin. Evened out the tone- made it silky smooth, faded freckles, reduced pore size, and pretty much cured acne- still have some white head but they are manageable and certainly not noticeable.I use a 10% cream 2x daily, a 70% peel every 2 months and this 20% cream every 3 nights. It might sound excessive, but I am a former sun worshipper – fair skinned- who at 41 I just hated my skin. Once I started to use glycolic acid products I have never been happier!!!

Lauren Altha, FL

Great cream for the price

I really love the way this cream makes my skin feel so moisturized. After I apply it to my face my skin feels like velvet. I was using a much more expensive brand and so far this cream surpasses the benefits of the other cream at half the price. I wish I would have bought this cream sooner and I am so glad it’s available on for a very reasonable price. Next I’m going to try the facial pads and am hoping they work as superbly as this cream.

Wanda West Townsend, MA

Very Good Product

I bought this after reading so much about how it helps wrinkles and how Oprah’s beauty editor uses it. So far, so good! I can see a slight improvement already. It stings a bit when putting it on but that goes away after a few seconds. I use it every other night, the other nights I use the Retin-A prescription Tretinoin cream.

Kim Holmes City, MN

Just Ok

I have used MD Forte for years and also use Vivete. Both are fanominal products. This Glycolix leaves my skin feeling greasy and it makes me break out. Tried to save money, but in the end not worth it. Won’t buy again!

Estela Tunbridge, VT

glycoic facial cream

I really like this stuff. Started out using 15% but after a while I moved up to 20% and use it along with the Glycolic facial wipes. Very pleased with this product.

Maggie Hyner, PA

Best Glycolic cream for the price!

This is a great cream, I use 3-4 times a week, at night. There is no peeling or rash, just a light tingle to let you know its working.I especially like the 20%, I’ve worked up from a 10% with another brand. Also note, this is a unbuffered glycolic acid in a very low ph solution, which gives you the full benefit without it being watered down; don’t forget to moisturize a few hours later.

Jasmine Sycamore, SC

Better than I expected and better than Obagi Exoderm Forte

I was looking for an exfolliant to use in the a.m., followed by vitamin A at night. I used to use obagi exoderm forte, but this cream is by far better and much stronger (plus less than 1/2 the price!). I’m acne prone and this cream keeps my complexion balanced, plus I get cell turnover at least every 4-5 days with light peeling, which I’ve come to look forward to. Each time my skin peels my complexion is brighter and my other products seem to absorb better. If you want less peeling, simply decrease the frequency of use to every other day, etc.Overall, very satisfied and will be buying more~

Etta Arenas Valley, NM

Great cream

I use this at night, as well as a retinal, alternating nights. It has a light tingle when initially put on and works great for moisturizing and brightening the skin. I absolutely love this line of creams after trying several others over the past few years.

Willie Pillsbury, ND