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Topix Benzoyl Peroxide 10% Wash 8 oz bottle

A cleanser combined with 10% benzoyl peroxide for treatment of acne.

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  • Topix Benzoyl Peroxide 10% Wash 8 oz bottle

Honest reviews



I originally bought this for my legs and bikini line after reading that benzoyl peroxide helps reduce ingrown hairs caused by waxing. My face has never been much of a problem, only the occasional breakout during my period which I’ve never been able to successfully combat but hasn’t been a huge point of upset. This month, I decided to give it a try as it was intended: as a face wash. I am hooked! Not only did it clear up my blemishes in two days, it didn’t overly dry out my combination skin.

Audrey Independence, OH


I have dealt with acne all through adolescence into adulthood. I have tried everything on the market, including Proactive. There is so much to say about this Topix Benzoyl wash that I think might be helpful for others.First and foremost, YES- it works. However, I am one who suffers from EXTREMELY sensitive skin. I often get allergies and itch from even small amounts of detergent in a large load of laundry. I can’t wash my towels with regular detergent at all.With that said, I knew this was a tough product not intended for sensitive skin. Still, I went for it due to the frustration of having tried everything else (and things that worked for a while and then all of a sudden stopped working, since some of us unfortunately know this story all too well.)The first day trying this product, I was amazed at how nice and smooth my skin felt after. I washed it again that night. (So twice day#1)Day #2, I washed once again in the morning and evening. By the time I’d finished washing in the evening, I noticed an itch coming on. I knew I had overused it, and the itching turned into red, irritated skin the day after. (I had this identical reaction to Proactive)I stopped using for a couple of days and have resumed my use to once every two days or so, and putting this on any pimples that decide to come out daily whenever they occur. THAT has been an absolute blessing. Washing my entire face is more of maintenance, whereas this product has TRULY worked on placing it on exact problem areas and acne that pops up.I suffer from the combination skin of EXTREMELY oily (of course, T-zone) in some areas and EXTREMELY dry in others. Another important note is the absolute necessity for a nice moisturizer after using this product. I useSt. Ives Facial Moisturizer, Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin, 10oz.I absolutely give this product 5 full stars as it works for me. The word of warning just has to do with make sure you don’t OVER-DO it!!!! This is what I think is very subjective, and each person should see what works best for them.:-)

Lorrie Camden, MO

Works really well on acne prone skin

This was recommended by my dermatologist and is really one of the few products that can help keep breakouts at bay. I use it daily in the morning and it seems to keep things under control fairly well.

Luella Barstow, CA

I think I pay $20 for this at my derma’s office!!!

Same product, same bottle, different label, and I think I pay $20 bucks for it at my dermatologist’s office. Never again! I’m so happy I found this! It’s a great product and great value. Very happy with my purchase and will buy again.

Bernice Kenvir, KY

Great for Adult

Sometime you get pimples on your face, arms, thighs or butts because of the soap you can’t fight off it. It is hard to find a right soap when you take a shower but this product is an exceptional. It’s works very good for shower. After I wash it with regular soap all over my body, rinse it then lastly I put Topix Benzoyl Peroxide. I could tell right away after three days. Also I bought gel too, after shower and dry, I put gel on it.

Roslyn Waynesburg, PA


I have been using this for face and body acne. It is working so far. But sun exposure and vitamin d3 and a just as fermented cod liver oil and butter oil blend from green pasture seem to work the best for cystic acne.

Holly Diamondville, WY

Seems to work better on the face than on the body

I only this primarily for my chest and upper back. My chest had been pretty red and bumpy, and my back was similar but not as bad. It made my chest and back appear a little lighter. But that’s all it has done. I started using it on my face as well, and I noticed after a few days my face was starting to look amazing. It wasn’t perfect but it was really starting to clear up. After about the fourth week, my face started getting worse though, and I do use this product once a day on my back chest and face. My face probably looks worse than it did before I started using this. It is just running out now and it’s been 1.5 months.I was going to order another bottle but the price has doubled since 1.5 months ago. I bought it for $10 now it’s almost $20.. Shame.

Pearl Rockfall, CT

Amazing for Acne Prone skin.

My skincare needs a constant upgrade. What works for me one day stops working for me the next. I was using retin-a for the longest time. I used to use scrubs, cleansers, peels, anything. For the past year or so I have been using sea breeze actives to control my acne. I’ve bought countless bottles, it has kept my skin amazingly clear. Then, out of the blue, I started to break out again. In conjunction with the little blackheads, whiteheads, clogged pores, I would also get those ginormous pulsating acne that you could just feel on your face for days before they dried up, hopefully. Downsizing has always worked for me in the past, but I don’t use a moisturizer, I didn’t know what else I could possibly stop using. So I decided to stop using the astringent and just find a medicated cleanser. This is perfect. Note that I have extremely oily skin, this dries it up just the perfect amount for my face to feel comfortable. I’ve noticed my acne drying up and I’ve noticed my clogged pores becoming less noticeable. I can tell that this will continue to clear up my skin.. for now.

Helena Saguache, CO

This topix help me a lot!!!

The truth to me if this product works for me using it two times a day in the morning and before bed and I can feel after washing and leaves my skin. But also use other acne soap as I need to wash my face 4 times a day plus another topic. I recommend this product.

Deidre Baileyville, ME

Good at controlling those montly acne breakouts

I have acne breakouts typically when that time of the month comes around and this product has helped keep that under control for the most part. The first time I used it it made my skin a bit itchy so I only use it every other day though the recommendation is twice a day. It tends to dry up my skin pretty quickly near my nostrils for some reason but I have found that a little petroleum afterwards fixes that. I’m Pacific Islander with moderately light/fair skin and I have tried other facial washes with containing less benzoyl peroxide and they have not helped me very much until I found this.

Hattie Finley, CA

Seems to Work Pretty Well

This face wash seems to work pretty well–I’ve been using it for about 2 months now. The smell isn’t great, but it’s not gross either. I use it in the shower with my clarisonic brush. It doesn’t get very sudsy, but I feel it tingling, and it washes off easily. It’s priced fairly, compared to other cleansers with the same amount of Benzoyl Peroxide.

Juliette Maysville, GA


I was impressed with the amazing qualities of the product! It does dry a little bit, but my skin has definitely been improving, even though my skin is dry it is still worth it 😀

Matilda Manheim, PA

Kind of working

I was thrilled to order this when I read reviews of people raving how their face cleared after one use. Well, my acne is so-so. I get mostly visible white heads hear and there. But I don’t have extreme acne. But my skin still bothers me. So when I ordered this, I was excited to have clear skin after one use. Well, that didn’t happen for me. I’ve been using for about almost a week, every night and my skin is kind-of better. It does make your skin a little dry, as most have said. I also use this on my body as well, to clear up some break ups and I have to same reaction. I will continue to use it as I have every night. Because clearing up acne takes time.

Lula Silver Plume, CO

Feels good on my skin

It doesn’t take much product at all to spread on skin and lather up. The lotion goes further than I had expected.It’s got a nice feel to it on my skin after the rinse. My skin feels a little fresher and less likely to burn if I get hot and sweaty.A less expensive treatment is to buy a gallon of bleach and put a few capfuls in the bathtub and soak in that. I do that too and recommend it.

Tamera Flaxton, ND

So far so good

This is not the thick lathering type of wash but still effective and much less expensive than some other brands. It is by no means the miracle cure for acne but has helped clear up my skin to some degree and I have noticed fewer breakouts.

Hilary Hailey, ID

Good product and quality

This is a good product but beware that 10% Benzoil Peroxide dries your skin a lot (at least that was the case for me). I had to switch to 4%. I guess if your skin isn’t very sensitive go for it.

Sheri Caledonia, ND

Great product

Its a product I was trying to find for quite sometime. Works great and results are visible in like a week.

Meagan Ethel, MS

Keeps my daughter’s face clearer than any other wash she’s …

Keeps my daughter’s face clearer than any other wash she’s tried. She still has to take an antibiotic for the acne, but this definitely makes a difference.

Lauren Mantorville, MN

Good Facial Wash

This product works really well on my skin. I have not being getting many pimples not even at that time of the month. Note that i have been using this product simultaneously with a couple others just so that my skin does not get used to any one product. But i am satisfied with this wash.

Rhea Mulberry, FL

Works Great For Me

Having used the prescription one from Perrigo…I can safely say that this is a very slightly cheaper alternative. One gripe about this is that it dries the skin. So be sure to moisturize and avoid the eyelids.

Candace Northville, NY

My panacea

During pregnancy in the last stages, I had a rash on the chest and shoulders, and then periodically after the birth my baby, it will almost disappeared, then increased. What I just did! Doctors advised to wait 3 years when hormones will be in place and everything goes. But three years have passed, and the problem remains. Nor any ointments, creams, supplements, or folk remedies not helps or help very little. Without much hope bought this lotion. By the way, with benzoyl peroxide lotion I smeared, but the effect was not. So a week or two to dry skin beginning in problem areas, I became a good moisturizer and Argan oil. Then dispensed with virtually no additional moisture, and after 3 weeks was clearly seen as a rash subsides. A month has passed and I can finally wear a T-shirt with cut! My body back has not so beautiful, but not ashamed to wear a swimsuit at the sea! Highly reccomendet! It works!!

Meghan Luzerne, MI


Cleared up about 80% of my minor back acne. I would buy it again. Not strong enough for my husband’s cystic back acne.

Shelby Canada, KY

Finally, A BP Product That Works and Worth The Money!

Bought with a grain a salt. Ending up a repeat customer. Good product. Better than regular % BP. This is actually working. Give it 3 weeks before you see dramatic results, but it starts to help dry up breakouts immediately. Best when use in conjunction with other treatments. Thank you!

Latasha West Berlin, NJ

Works great if you have large pores or an oily complexion

I am very surprised at how much I like this cleanser. Like most people, I have tried several brands, from high end products to drug store bottles, most recently the Proactive line. I wanted to try something a little less expensive so I thought I’d give this a try. Wow! I love this product. It is very creamy, but has just a bit of foam when you massage it into your skin. You only need about a quarter’s worth as a little goes a long way. If it doesn’t rinse off easily, cut back on the amount and it will rinse clean. My skin has a much smoother appearance, pores look smaller, and it does not feel stripped or too tight, but very clean. I also like the cap. (snaps to open and close so it always keeps clean) I am going to stay with this product because it is less expensive than others I’ve used and I’ve had better results with this one. It’s nice to have this affordable luxury.

Constance Pinehurst, TX

works well

Works well but it dries out my skin a bit so, don’t forget to moisturize. I wish it was more suddzy and less of a cream but other than that, I can’t complain.

Latonya Muskogee, OK

it did not work on my back acne panoxyl did

i did not like it finished the whole bottle and no change, i would not reccomend it try panoxyl it is way better

Carly Raymond, IL

Effective in clearing body acne

A little bit drying, but that is expected for acne-clearing soaps. Will recommend it to anyone looking to clear body acne.

Natalie Pratt, KS

Product is good

Son is using it and it does dry up the back acne very well for now. Will have to wait to see if it continues.

Kristin Hereford, CO

works for whiteheads!!!

I bought this wash for my bumpy forehead (whiteheads). I use it at least daily, sometimes twice. Works great! Cleared up my forehead and helps other areas I tend to get blemishes. Highly recommend!!

Mayra Killen, AL