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TOOGOO Magic Hair Bun Sponge Maker

* Tie your hair into a ponytail. High ponytail recommended for a classy and girly look. * Place ponytail into hair sponge. * Tighten hair sponge and pull down to perhaps the last quarter of your ponytail. * Start rolling the hair sponge up towards the top of your head. * Bend the ends of the hair sponge down to secure bun. * Move your hair so it covers the sponge. * Bobby pin the loose strands in, give it a puff of hairspray (optional) and you’re all set! * Decorate with hair accessories (such as flowers or hairbands) if you like

Key features

  • Size: Large
  • It’s best result for long hair.
  • Material: Sponge with a flexible Aluminum wire inside
  • Light weight and easy to use!

Honest reviews


works best for thin hair

I had bought this along with the donut bun shaper (that Sodial sells as well, wrote a review for that too) and after using both I can tell you that this hair bun sponge maker works better with thin hair, and the donut bun works better for (mostly) medium thickness hair. (thick hair girls, you already have the volume, u dont need one of these!! ;P)Since I have thick hair, this hair bun sponge maker was too flimsy to use in my hair, it wasn’t able to wrap around entirely and bend into place bc there was too much hair. Maybe if it was longer and there was a clasp to hold it in a bun shape….there may be something out there like that already?

Leigh Euless, TX

french bun maker

easy to use. yoiu can make two styles of buns. one id long nfrench bun and the other traditional. carry inpocket

Candy Art, TX

Didn’t work for me

This did not work at all for me. I could not figure out how to use it. Maybe that’s just me…but my daughter-in-law said the same thing.

Reva Dunbar, KY

Perfect Bun Maker

I just love the price, easy to use with the instructions. I have a perfect bun every time I use it. Very happy with the product!

Ines Oakland, NJ

easiest bun maker out there

this works great for the price especially.i tie my hair in a pony and then put the hair through the center of the bun maker. then i close the opening and run it forward (in front of my face, not back towards my butt, lol) to the tips of my hair (actually,only to where my layers begin because if i put it through to the ends my layers begin to fall out). once i’ve rolled it as tightly or loosely as i want (different effect with each) and have reached my pony i spread out the hair a bit to cover the rest of the foam and then bend the foam wire around my pony. then i just play with the positioning making sure to cover the foam. voila! neat and tidy in a matter of minutes-no joke!tip: my hair is pretty heavy so i sometimes use a second hair tie around the bun after it’s been made, just to secure it in place. i’ve noticed if i don’t use the second tie it can get loose and undone hours later.

Angie Rushsylvania, OH


this is an okay item. it does not work as it says it will which does upset me. I have long thick hair and I purchased this forme and my sister and it did not work well for either of us and I would not have purchased this tem had I known it would not work right

Maureen Chester Heights, PA

still working on it

First, this was totally worth the price!!!!!! "$0.54" with no shipping cost. My hair it uneven, so its difficult to keep all my hair together so I can roll it up =-/

Lila Filer City, MI

what can I say

I have a lot of hair and it is thick and curly. I can use this to make a bun but it is not very secure. I am sure someone with thinner hair would have better luck, but on the bright side my cat likes to bat it around the bathroom floor.

Mia Palisade, MN

It’s ok

Some days it worked great, others my hair fell out. Not sure what I did differently from one day to the next but I stopped using it…then ended up cutting my hair off.

Monique Ninety Six, SC


I have never been good at making buns, but with this tool it is so easy. You just put your hair thru the middle, pull it almost to the end, roll and tuck! See, easy!! I love it…and for all of us styling challenged women out there, this is a great tool to add to the hair arsenal!

Janna Drums, PA

Not a bad product, worth the buy if you know how to use it

This looks weird when I finally got it. But the price was good. The bad thing is that it didn’t come with the best directions so I still haven’t used it cause I don’t know how. If you have experience with using it then buy it.

Miranda Compton, AR

Easy to use

When I don’t feel like doing my hair for work, this is an easy solution. it’s quick and it makes a pretty bun. It does bend back a little so you have to make sure to pinch it closed and then pin the hair around it. Just a nice little tool to have. Might be a little difficult with layers, but not too much.

Tia White Salmon, WA

Is alright

Is not what i image but it works well i use it. For a great price. I think it should me more thinner.

Joanne Bakersfield, VT


Im still trying to figure out how to make the bun look absolutely perfect, but non the less worth the money. My husband loves my lil bun 🙂

Imogene Black Creek, NC

It works

The packaging doesn’t tell you much, but I remember some years ago these were marketed on TV. It really works. Makes an easy bun or French roll, no problem. You may need a little practice, but totally doable!

Kari Grand Ronde, OR

Super easy to use

For the price? This is like.. something every woman needs to have. You can go from messy to dressy in like 2 mins with this thing.

Caryn Darien, WI

hard to use

It is very hard to get my hair to stay (I have long hair). I had my husband try to help me, and he couldn’t get it to work either. Don’t waste your money.

Judy Berlin Heights, OH

Good custome service

I have long thick hair( more than 26′) so this product didn’t work for me I will said 1 star for it. But this company provide good customer service and even though I didn’t ask for a refund the offered it. so I guess it’s good they are willing to help if your not satisfact Thanks. So the 4 star it’s for the service.

Cindy Golden Valley, ND

Ever again.

I did not like this product. It was hard to keep my hair in the bun. It probably my hair because i have meduim long hair, but i wouldnt buy this again.

Jacklyn Rock Island, WA


took forever to get here but it works fine and helps keep your hair up and the price was good.

Geraldine Ackley, IA


cheaply made, two pieces of wire coated in some foam. it was cheap so I shouldn’t complain. nothing special, but OK for the price i suppose

Betsy San Miguel, NM