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Beauticom Rubber Nail Polish Bottle Holder, 2 pieces Oval Style White Color, Beauticom Ship out of California, USA!!!

Key features

  • Beauticom Rubber Nail Polish Bottle Holder, 2 pieces Oval Style White Color
  • Beauticom Ship out of California, USA!!!

Honest reviews


wrong product

See that one in the photo…so tgwone I gotis a cheaper one, bad and horrible.I will sent it back…hate it and got so mad when I open the box.

Carolyn Tilleda, WI

Polish helper

Great for what it’s made for!! Keeps my polish from tipping. Works excellent when the bottle is almost empty and you need to angle the bottle to get the last bit of polish out.

Roseann Butterfield, MN

Perfect for any size bottles

When I got these I wasn’t sure if they would work with all my different types of Bottles I have but they work great especially if you need to work with more than one colour but they fit the bottles and stayed put on my table and did not slide at all and they keep the bottles at the right angle so you can get the right amount of polish needed to do a perfect manicure. Will buy again.

Nell Bellefontaine, MS

Don’t waste your money!!

This product is a waste of money. First you wait for so long and then when it comes is crap. I was surprised I got two of them but polish bottles don’t fit right in these so that they bend to use the bottom part is polishes! I tried China Glaze, seche vite, and opi…nothing! They fit but there is no bend to get the bottom polish. So forget trying to put in odd shaped bottles! Don’t waste your money.

Merle Irene, SD

Love these. Makes hand free application really nice

Love these. Makes hand free application really nice. You will need at least 3. One for base, one for color polish, and one for top coat

Corinne Dalton, MN

Nail Polish holders

These holder are great they come in a set of two and I use a lot of OPI polish and don’t have a problem fitting these in like some reviewers mentioned .What I really like is these keep my polishes from tipping over I would say these would fit just about any polish out there except for Butter London polish being square shape. would recommend these .

Shelley Arthur, TN

Too Small! Very Disappointed.

I have a couple others rubber bottle holders and the opening on this one is way smaller than the rest. I usually use these for holding my top coat and this warps when I put not only my Seche Vite in it but China Glaze and OPI as well! It warps so much one half of the bottom is off the ground making it wobbly and completely defeating the purpose of the thing.Will not buy again.

Yvette Wyanet, IL

Have purchased this elsewhere

and I absolutely love it! Holds all of my polishes (all sizes/shapes) and it really does help prevent spills. Gives a great angle to get the drops at the very bottom. I’m definitely buying more!

Nina Mc Kees Rocks, PA

not that great

i havent used these since i purchased them because i haven’t found a nail polish of mine that fits in it. hopefully i do one day lol

Faith Spreckels, CA

Great invention

This seller sent my items promptly and both pieces came perfectly. At first I thought the holder would only be able to fit polishes like NYC or Pure Ice because the opening is small. However, it stretches out nicely and hold bigger polish bottles like OPI. Since two came, I use on for smaller polishes and one for bigger polish bottles. It’s a great deal!

Nettie Rosemary Bch, FL

works for me

I have used this product quite a few times now and it works just fine. I would, for sure, recommend this to anyone that has problems hold the polish bottle while doing nails.

Sylvia Huntly, VA

Excellent nail polish bottle helper

These are wonderful ordered two sets so I got four they hold any shape of bottle, great when product is half way or less, they are made of silicone and keep the bottle in place it took two weeks to get them but this is because they come from asia

Gay Millersburg, MI