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TOOGOO is a registered trademark. ONLY Authorized seller of TOOGOO can sell under TOOGOO listings. * TOOGOO(R) Nose Blackhead Acne Makeup Remover Skin Facial Pore Cleaner – – Woman Girl Lady personally beautiful cosmetic tool * Contents: 1 x cosmetic tool

Key features

  • This blackhead remover is mainly used to get rid of dead skin, blackhead and even make-up to make your face clean and remove stain or oil spots on your face with daily use.
  • Cleaning out of dirt and cuticle effectively on face and the Blackhead Silicon Brush help to keep your face smoother and tender.
  • Super small and soft pore massager to make sure it cleans everything and painless.
  • Use with makeup remover can completely remove what your makeup remover could not do.
  • Improving the blood circulation of your face by brushing lightly and gently.

Honest reviews


utter waste

this is a utter waste of money please don’t buy it. it is of no use. please do not waste money on this product

Esperanza Macks Inn, ID

Well…. it makes some blackheads look diminished

Basically what this thing does is remove the very top of the blackhead. When your pores are really clogged, they get so compacted that the blackheads dome up slightly over your pore. This is the part that gets black, hence "blackhead". This little tool scrubs that away. Does it remove the entire blackhead? Nothing short of an extraction will do that. But if you want to get acne medicine deeper into your pore (or even a mask) you can scrub them over with this first, and then apply. It does seem to help the medicine penetrate deeper. So that’s really nice. BUT it is not a "blackhead remover" like advertised.

Roseann Winnebago, WI

Wouldn’t recommand !!!

It is terrible. Yeah, it’s cheap and I shouldn’t expect too much. But, it made my skin look really bad, it hurts when I rub it on the acne area!

Elda Hidden Valley, PA

couldnt figure out how to use it for blackhead removal….use it for finger cot for sex

i cant see how its supposed to clean blackheads out but if you put it on your finger it makes a silicone like cover for clitoral stimulation. lol go figure! but it was cheap and came in the mail fast

Gayla New Haven, MI

works quite well on whiteheads

this little tool really does help to clean pores and is easy to use. I apply some baking soda to damp skin and rub with this tool. the little nubs really help clean out congested pores.

Laverne Kanawha Head, WV

Doesn’t work

This item just Doesn’t work. Now matter how I tried to use it, I could not get it to do anything. Thankfully it was pretty cheap so I didn’t waste very much money on it. Wouldn’t buy it again. Just a piece of rubbery substance with some small round nodules at one end. It’s a lot smaller and more pliable than I thought it would be.

Kellie Mathis, TX

does not work

I have been using this everyday with a really good cleanser and I am very sorely disappointed for the black head large pore promise that this would help.

Debora Laguna, NM

This thing sucks.

Worse purchase I’ve ever made. I’ve used many an exfoliator, pore cleaner, things that are meant to be slightly abrasive to slough off dead skin and refine pores. I’ve even used these cocoon thingies (sucked just as bad, btw). Anyway, it’s just a thick bendable piece of silicon or rubber or some sort of hybrid of the two that slips onto your finger. The textured dots are too flat and big to be effective (using your bare fingers is effectively the same) and does not work with any sort of cleanser. Spend your money elsewhere. This thing went straight into the trash.

Mitzi Warrensburg, MO

Kind of a silly product

I would love to say this works but I did not notice anything. I guess it is better than rubbing with your finger. And hey, it is cheap so why not try it. I will keep it in the cabinet.

Rosalie West Newton, PA


It kind of took a few blackheads around my nose out, but it more just turned my skin red because you have to press so hard to get anything out. It’s easier to just get a tissue and squeeze. It was cheap though, so it was actually decent for its price.

Kaitlin Hooper Bay, AK


You can clean better with the proper scrub and your fingers.I use exfoliating shower gloves an Proactiv facial scrub.Useless,even for the few pennies I paid for it.

Gwendolyn Edgar, MT

I dont even know

Does nothing for my blackheads, I don’t even know what to say about it. I mean its nice to use for whiteheads but…

Rosemarie Kirby, WY

A little to rough on the face

I couldn’t give this 5 stars first this is very small depending on the size of your finger this could be more a pain in the neck ,seems to be made for tiny fingers.Second this doesn’t seem to remove Blackheads but mybe ok for a deep pore cleaning,i personally don’t like using things that are rough on skin especially the face I still think a soft wash cloth is more sensible after all we been using them for years without irritation this may work for some but for me personally I would prefer a soft wash cloth I want to mention the seller was great and this arrived in about two weeks.

Marion Kellogg, IA

does not work

Save your money, no matter how little it cost. Does not work at all! Definitely try some other product! Beware!

Jayne Dormansville, NY

not that good

when i saw it this is for black head even for acne ,i hope it is useful. but actually it is not . i can see any thing change even i use it,so yes, i think it is okay though.

Thelma Westlake, OR

Pretty Good! Especially For The Price.

I have only used this once, and I think I already see an improvement! The bristles seem to rub out any dirt in the pores. I think it will be much more effective when used in the shower since the hot water will open up my pores even further. This product seems to be worth it!

Justina Nickelsville, VA

Good item

At first I didn’t quite understand the usage of this item however know that I know it is a wonderful product. The seller is going to be used again and again.

Elisha Mentone, IN

Use it all the time

I use it when I wash my face, it scrubs deep into my pores and keeps my face clear of blackhead and pimples.

Margot Talcott, WV

SODIAL- Nose Blackhead Acne Makeup Remover Skin Facial Pore Cleaner – -…

Super cute lil smiley face on it lol, has a lil hole in the "handle" . Love it to go with my face cleaner in the shower!

Francesca Cresskill, NJ

Didn’t do much

It was cheap to buy. I used it to help kind of scrub my pores but the thing didn’t dig down enough to help with black heads or anything like that.

Maxine Glenn Dale, MD

Just OK

I guess it’s OK. This product was shipped from Hong Kong so I had to wait at least a month to get the Pore Cleaner. So I wasn’t that impressed with the results after much waiting time to received.

Lottie Pinedale, WY