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Too Faced Natural Radiance Face Palette, 0.65 Ounce

Our multi-tasking face palette contains everything you need to create a warm, all-over glow. A thoughtfully selected assortment of natural, sun-kissed shades delivers a healthy, no-makeup look that is irresistibly sexy.

Key features

  • Six face essentials, includes a universal luminizer, brightener and concealer in neutral shades, cream and powder cheek options along with a golden-bronze veil for an overall glow
  • Flexible usage, our versatile face collection can be used with your favorite complexion products, applied alone to naturally conceal and highlight or for quick touch-ups
  • How to tutorials, our three, how-to lesson cards demonstrate application techniques and color placement
  • Natural Value, our all-inclusive, portable collection (with convenient mirror) helps you achieve the many faces of natural

Honest reviews


worth a one time purchace only.

love that it gave the instruction cards to help the clueless (me) learn to mix and blend colors for different looks. The price is so high for what little you get. If you do your face daily (I do not) I’m sure you have about a months supply. I can get better make for less. was worth the price to leard what the cards taught me. Will not buy it again.

Ana Newaygo, MI

Five Stars

Loved it!

Rosalia Casselton, ND

Great palette and so simple to use!

I just got this and cannot express how much I love this palette. I am one of those people who uses very little makeup. Always my eyeliner and lipstick, though. When I want some more color, I add my bronzer. I kept reading about how wonderful this item is and had to order it to try it out. And it has been a wonderful surprise. There are three looks to this palette, each explained visually on instruction cards. Can’t go wrong. Each step is numbered and coded to each item in the palette. Honestly, if the colors don’t match you (i.e. too light or too dark), the cards are still indispensable! Get your matching color (i.e. your own concealer, luminizer, brightener, blush, etc.) and follow the cards! If you are medium to olive skin tone, this should work. I am olive skin tone and found all colors are great on me.To me, this kit has been a blessing in that it has taught me what luminizers, concealers, highlighters are supposed to do and how to apply them. Prior to this kit, I never even considered those things to be of any use. Now, I get it. I have been missing out!Again, there are three looks to this kit: Classic Radiance, which is more “made up” or more polished because both blushes are used. Honestly, this makes me look like I lost a few pounds. The second look is the Day Glow, which is my favorite and the most natural or subtle of the three. The last look is the Supermodel Sculpt, which intended to carve out some serious bones…I found this look a little harder to do, but still looks natural.My one concern is the fact that most of these items are creamy (except bronzer veil and powder blush). I am hoping I won’t break out. I have acne prone skin and it has taken me years to find the right balance of skincare to get it to look flawless. I figure that if I DO break out, I can find similar items for acne prone skin and follow the cards. I’m telling you, these cards are priceless!!So far, I’ve tried all three looks in three days. All different. All beautiful.

Maritza San Diego, CA

two face is great

I love two faced cosmetics…their products are awesome…I saw this and had to get it…one of the many things I am adding to my collection

Andrea Tyonek, AK

Nice – even better now with orange corrector

Always looking for a perfect palette; close, but not quite. Great colors that should work for anyone. Helpful cards for application (I was always taught card 3 style for us “round face” girls). However, I also learned years ago that you never mix/inter-mingle creams and powders. You apply all your cream based products, then top with your powder products. Putting creams on top of powder causes a “cakey” result. The cream blush and cream illuminator, along with the technique cards, ends up with some cream on top of powder. If those two products had been powder (with just cream concealer) this would be an ideal palette. Loving Stila “the natural” palette.Update – WOW! Found the PERFECT use for the creme blush. Apparently “salmon” or “orange” correctors are all the rage now for hiding dark under eye circles. You find yellow and green correctors (concealers) everywhere, but the oranges are rare and expensive. Just dab on the creme blush to the dark under eye area, then follow up with you usual routine: concealer, brightener, whatever you like. Now that I have a use for all the products, I’m really in love with this palette.

Letitia Orono, ME

great compeleted face set

This has everything you need (if you’re fair to medium skin). The bronzer has a nice slightly dark brown color. There’s two blushes, one cream and one powder, that mix pretty well together to give you a bit more varieties. And I love that it comes with highlight and luminzer. The concealer didn’t really work well with my skin but I can see it working for someone else.

Nelly La Barge, WY