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Too Faced Cosmetics, Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue, 0.35 Ounce

An extension of our best-selling Shadow Insurance Eyeshadow Primer, Glitter Glue wasspecifically formulated to lock-down glitter and enhance its reflective quality. Ourcolorless cream formula is designed to grab and hold loose glitters, pigments andshimmers in place, insuring they won’t come off until you take them off.

Key features

  • Immaculate Application Our formula eliminates messy fall out Glitters, loose powdersand shimmer products instantly lock down Never experience a face full of glitter again
  • Easy to Use Blend a small bead of Glitter Glue directly onto lids or anywhere you want Glamour Dust or shimmer products to adhere
  • Use with any loose glitter

Honest reviews



I wanted a glitter glue. This is more like an eyeshadow primer. It’s not clear. It’s not easy to work with if you are trying to apply glitter OVERTOP of your eyeshadow, which is what I wanted to use it for. It does not work for that purpose so I need to find another glitter glue. I have seen girls on YouTube use Lit and Ben Nye clear liquid glues/mixing mediums. So I am gonna try one of those.

Ophelia Adkins, TX

liked it

I tried it in sephora store and it held gliters some how but not as good as the spirit gum or the gliter glue from ben nye or kyroline, although I wiped the gliters strongly and about 50-60% of the gliters stays while 40% or half of gliters went off… what I like about this gliter glue it doesn’t crease and not too sticky as the duo glue.. it is clear so it wont cover you eyeshadow and it works as a good eyeshadow primer as well… its use is much easier compare to duo and spirit gum which I found to be very sticky and missy, moreovere, the glue sticks on the brushes that you may use to apply the gliter over the glue and if lifted on brush may really damages itI will get it but not sure if i am going to buy it again..if you are looking for something that is more for dramatic looks and hold 100 % of gliters and want to cover your skin completly with gliter this product wont do that and I will not recommed it for you on the other hand, if you are looking for something easy to use and not very missy I will recommend this product to you it will hold gliters in a way that is perfect for soft, evryday and natural looks

Shawna Lee, IL

Hold it right there!

This stuff does exactly what it claims to do. It creates a slightly tacky film on your eyelid that loose pigments and glitter adhere to perfectly. This product is great with Too Faced and Urban Decay shadows, due to their high glitter content. However, a word of warning, this stuff will crease if you use it alone. I recommend applying a coat of Urban Decay Primer Potion and letting it dry before you apply the Glitter Glue. It even works great over the shimmery formulations of UDPP like Sin and Greed, as well as over the matte, Eden. With this small extra step, you will have crease-proof holding power and true color payoff with all of your shadows, even the cheapies!

Mary Hampton, GA

The best

Man does this work keeps my shadow on for days if I dont remove my makeup lol. I love wearing glitter shadow and with other brands I would always end up with glitter speckles all over my face resembling a fairy but not with this stuff! its the best 🙂

Marquita York, NY

works well for sticking gems to your skin

I got this to use with glitter I got from a makeup place, but never ended up using it. I did use it recently to stick nail gems to my face, and they stayed nicely. 🙂

Kenya Greenback, TN

Great product

This holds the glitter on my models in almost all locations on their bodies. I was most impressed. I will definitely order more.

Marva Delevan, NY

Went on smoothly and held

This held the light glitter I was using without being too sticky or clumpy. I didn’t use it with a chunky glitter so I can’t comment on that, but I have owned other Two Faced products and I am just as pleased with this as I was with those. Very.

Michael Topsfield, ME

Never have tried this but WOW!!!

I have the NYX primer creams and I wanted to get something for glitter even though some people hate glitters and this is for children…..well then I might be a child in heart because I LOVE glitter….of course I love it on small portions and I wanted to keep the glitter from falling off my face and into my eyes.I tried this too faced little cream and..what do you know, it works :-)I had some eye shadow with lots of shimmer and it also works as a primer, so all I can say it’s …..finally not in my eye!! 🙂 lol

Leonor New Portland, ME

Works really well…

Works really great, does what it claims to do. I still had a little bit of glitter flake off but that is to be expected with any glitter glue you use really. Overall- great product!

Denice Woodbine, KY

Yes, all the yeses

This glitter glue does what it’s supposed to do, which is hold pigments and glitter on your lid instead of letting it fall all over the rest of your makeup. It is awesome, it is not terribly sticky, and it lasts a looooooooooooooooong time. LOVE THIS and highly recommend it.

Ruthie Saunemin, IL

okay to use

well it is good to glue the glitter, but it dry so fast.. however, this is the best glitter glue so far

Leticia Kahuku, HI

Work great

I love this glue bc it isnt so sticky that you cant wash it off. But it holds the glitter on very well

Kelli Vallejo, CA