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Too Faced Cosmetics, Shadow Insurance Candlelight, 0.35-ounce

Our legendary Shadow Insurance primer is now romantically lit with the shimmeringgolden glow of candlelight. The gilded luminous formula imparts a sexy, soft focusedlight that enhances eye shadow and adds just a touch of warm metallic flair.

Key features

  • Long Wearing Unique color binders guarantee your shadows never crease, smudge or fade
  • Our sexy shade of shimmering gold is gorgeous when worn alone or as a shimmering enhanced shadow primer
  • Instant Pigment Payoff; Every eye shadow formula is instantly intensified providing effortless blending
  • Minimizes Imperfections; Our Vitamin enriched, silicone based formula glides over lids,smoothing the appearance of crêpe skin and brightening a dull or discolored lid

Honest reviews


its fine

Used to use hard candy primer so i tried this. I feel like it takes away the pigment of the color of your eyeshadow. seemed like it wouldn’t "soak up" my eyeshadow.. like if the wind blows it will blow off my shadow and my eyelid will be looking thick pastey and shimmery.

Nita Aaronsburg, PA

Wish it wasn’t so shimmery

I didn’t particularly care for this because of all the gold shimmer in it. My coloring is on the cool side, so it clashed and was not covered by the eyeshadow. The product works, but I can’t get past the shimmer it has. No problem with the company itself and it shipped very quickly.

Olga Plantersville, MS

Candlelight shadow

a little too light and cakey looking for me. Probably best for younger skin. A little goes a long way, and it’s a good value for the size/price.

Cleo Kindred, ND

Very sheer

Seems okay. But would not purchase again. The other formula is for me. Has good body to it and blends in easy

Catalina Cottondale, FL

The Messiah Of Eye Shadow Primer

Only one that works. Used to come in black circular compact single with goldish color poking out the top. This is the same good stuff without a change in effectiveness. I hate spending money on eye lid primer but they give me no choice but to buy this one over and over sometimes not on sale.

Liz Neptune Beach, FL

shawdow insurance

I really love it, but keep in mind I am a sparkle fan and it enhances the metallic shadows I use regularly it definitely keeps your shadow in place all day no creasing no smudging fool proof for sure there… however, if you don’t care for a sparkle look I would use the two faced version of this that is not candlelight they do have another one that works great too.

Denise La Puente, CA

Great eye primer for oily skin

My eyelids are oily, and I don’t notice any creases in my shadow even at the end of the night when I have this on. This works better than any other eye primer I have tried. I really like the light shimmer, it’s not overly shimmery like many eye shadows tend to be, but just shimmery enough to give a glow. Looks great even by itself.

Camilla Tuscarora, MD

I got a sample of this, and…

It practically works as a shadow itself. Blend it carefully all the way to your eyebrows in circles, because when it dries it dries, and unblended it is unattractive. If you’re going to use a base and you like golds or nudes, this base will really get you started in the right direction.

Tammy Wyoming, IL