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Too Faced Cosmetics, Naked Eye Palette, 0.36-ounce

Looking like you rolled out of bed flawless and fabulous is a celebrity secretand one that careers have been built on! Now, you too can look like you were“born perfect” with our gorgeous collection of naturally nude shadows thatwill have you looking super neutral yet drop-dead-gorgeous for any occasion.Shhh! Nobody needs to know you didn’t wake up that way.

Key features

  • How-To Cards; Jerrods three, easy-to-follow, step-by-step instruction cards show you how to create the perfect naked eye look for any occasion
  • Tempting Textures; Pure-pigment shadows provide a range of essential matte neutrals and soft shimmers for the perfect balance and variety
  • Portable; Our decadent palette is “carry on ready” for fast tracked, jet-set glamourinas
  • Travel Companion Collection contains everything you need for a range of on-the-goeye looks in one easy-to-pack palette
  • One Kit For All A collection to satisfy the shadow novices and makeup addicts alike

Honest reviews


Knock off product and fake..Don’t buy beware…

Tried to return knock off item and fake item. Should have told Too faced this person is making fake products of theirs and selling them to make money. Filed a returned and this person closed it because it’s fragrance?? WTH?? Doesn’t even make sense..WIll never ever buy again from this scammer…

Bernadette Rockwood, ME


I was so looking forward to receiving the Too Faced Naked Eye Palette, but was extremely disappointed when I received it.The photo on the Amazon web page depicts a palette with a brush that seems to flip-out of a section in the palette. There is “NO” such feature, “NO” brush included in any way shape or form. Also the description states that there are included three (3) instruction cards for three different looks that one can create with this palette. Instruction cards “NOT” included. Needless to say I am returning this palette immediately. Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing this palette, I suggest you buy it at a store where you are able to check the contents yourself. DO NOT buy it from Amazon as you will not receive what they are representing on their website.

Margaret Holly Ridge, NC


Too Faced hit the nail on the head with this Naked Eye Palette. The amazing thing about it is the colors are so neutral, and yet so flattering, that when you begin applying them you almost doubt that it will do anything for you at all. But the finished product is not only completely natural looking, it’s downright glamorous. Whenever I use any of the looks detailed in the (very convenient) style cards included, or a look I create on my own with this palette, people have stopped me in the street to tell me that my eyes are beautiful and/or they stop me to ask if I’m a celebrity. (That “celebrity” instance has happened to me not once, not twice, but three times.)I feel like this palette gives the Urban Decay Naked Palette a run for its money. I love appearing as though I’m wearing little to no makeup, and still being able to walk the streets like I’m a rock star.Now, details. This palette comes with three style cards, each with a different look: a Day look, a Classic look, and a Fashion look. The Day look uses In the Buff, which is a sheer, milk-white color, Pillow Talk, a shimmery taupe, and Like A Virgin, which is a matte, light brown shade. The Classic look uses Birthday Suit (light mocha color), Satin Sheets (a shimmery pink), and Unmentionables (a slate grey, metallic shade). And the FABULOUS Fashion look features Pink Cheeks (a very pale pink), Lap Dance (a darker, matte taupe) and finally, Stiletto (a very inky black). All three looks are very natural and very, very sexy.This is a must have in your makeup arsenal, ladies!

Lesley Walkersville, MD

Powdery Eyes

If you like powdery eyes you’ll like this. I haven’t tried this with a wet brush, but with a dry brush it makes my eyes look powdery. I’d prefer a matte look. Love the color combos. But wouldn’t buy this again.

Dorothy Point Marion, PA


This has some great colors. You don’t really look like “naked” eye, but what would the point of that be? There is a great black that is very blendable and gives a very doe-eyed look when used properly. SEXY. This is a great product. It is cheaper at Sephora.

Nina Petersburg, WV

Goes on like Butter, Stays (pretty much) All Day

This is a nice quality set. Mine DID come with an applicator brush in a little drawer in the bottom of the case. It’s got 3 nice little instruction cards. This stuff lasts a while and is easy to apply. It’s SUPER soft. I love it.

Rosie Devol, OK

Good value

I really like this palette, even though I originally wanted the “boudoir” set. This one was the most similar and I liked the colors in this one a LOT. I have fair skin, so most of these colors work for my skin tone. However, the darker ones make me feel like I got punched in the face.. Someone who is more experienced with makeup can definitely make them work though! I also don’t like the look of too much makeup, it can definitely age a young face. That’s why I really love all the light colors.It IS a tad expensive but the quality is really high. These colors are nice and powdery, very pigmented and you don’t have to work hard at all to pick up the colors. I didn’t even GET the applicator shown in the photo (I got mine from sephora), but I always use my own brushes anyway… I still feel cheated, even though I wouldn’t have used it, and I wish they would’ve opted for a mirror instead. The little cards with drawings and suggestions are adorable, but I don’t follow them at all.Overall, packaging is adorable, but not practical. The squareness of it makes it awkward and it doesn’t fit anywhere except drawers and big boxes. I like that it’s a magnet shut so that it doesn’t flop open if you DID carry it alone in your purse (with an added mirror of your own since there isn’t one in there!) it won’t get all over your stuff, or break. The colors are set in there really nicely, so I don’t think they’ll crack like a lot of eye shadows tend to do.

Ronda Rome, GA

For the sexy yet “I’m not high maintenance” look

I’m a very fair blonde, and I’ve worn makeup since I was a very young teen. I also have a cosmetology license, so I have learned how to professionally apply makeup. This eyeshadow set is a very good one, if you’re willing to pay the price! I’m not going to lie, you could buy a few different drug store brand eye shadows to achieve the same effects – but this set is very complete and good quality shadows.I’ve been a heavy makeup wearer for well over a decade now, but lately as I approach my thirties it’s occurred to me that it might be good to tone it down some as I age. I wear a lot of colorful shadows, but I wanted to try something a bit more sophisticated and mature. This set of eye shadows really does have the perfect tones to achieve the “naked eye” look, as it claims to. I’m not actually wearing less makeup, but it looks like I am! You can contour and accent the eye without your face screaming, “Look at me! I wear too much makeup!!!”The applicator this set comes with is okay, I do wish they had included two applicators instead of just one (although it has two ends, one end has an eyeshadow applicator and the other is a brush for lining the eye). Considering this set has 9 colors, it would be nice to have more than one applicator! The box is chunky, too, not the type of makeup accessory you’d throw in your little makeup bag. It’s best stored at home in a bathroom drawer. The “guides” it comes with, which demonstrates which colors to apply in order to achieve specific “looks”, is a nice touch. I love being able to alternate between the matte eye shadows, or using the shimmery ones – or sometimes both! All of the shadows apply very well – In The Buff is especially nice as an under-eye brightener for someone as fair skinned as myself.If you’re willing to pay the money for this set, I’d say it is an excellent tool for your makeup bag if you want a versatile eye shadow set with which you can get both the natural or smokey eye look if you prefer. With that being said, there are also less expensive brands which carry very similar colors, and you could piece together your own set of “naked eye” shadows if you really wanted to. With Too Faced, however, you will get slightly higher quality. I’ve been very happy with how beautifully these colors apply.

Deirdre Cummington, MA

Decent colors

I like this although I’ve not played around with it much. I wasn’t quite ready to do smoky, since I’m bleach blonde and fair completed. My only complaint is the lighter colors are a little transparent and don’t have much pigment, but otherwise this offers some nice nude colors, particularly for base building, like all over lid.

Luz Accident, MD

Pretty and chic

I love these eye shadows. The pigmentation is really dark, so a little goes a long way. You can combine any of the shadows to create your own style, from day time natural to super shadow sexy to romantic. I used this palette set to do my make-up for my wedding. It took a little practice to get the look I wanted but the quality is great and will give you the results you want. I bought the eye shadow primer from Too Faced Cosmetics to compliment this palette, it works like a charm!

Mandy Tununak, AK

Everyday makeup!

I LOVE THIS SET! It has such a nice color soft color palette! And I’m planning to get the other collections. (The set I bought didn’t come with the little brush… I guess the change the packaging style.)

Gina Canyon, TX

Mixed feelings, but I bought again

For all the rave reviews, I was pretty excited to try this shadow collection. It’s more than I usually spend on make up, so I really hoped to get my money’s worth. Did I? I’m really not sure.On the one hand, the first look, the one created with the colors in the top row, is really nice. It is natural-looking but not boring. Flattering, noticeably wearing shadow, but doesn’t scream at you. It certainly doesn’t look "naked," but I’m okay with that. I’m not skilled enough with make up to have chosen the colors on my own, so I appreciate this first set in the collection.The second and third looks (rows two and three) are horrible on me. I mean really truly horrible. I would never wear them, They aren’t flattering and they aren’t natural. Maybe they look good on other women, but not me. Two of the shades I can use in other other ways with other colors, but the rest are a complete waste.Aside from the colors, I find the shadow to be good quality. It lasts all day (12-14 hours) without fading or creasing, and that’s without primer. Using the sample of shadow insurance that came it intensifies the color a bit, so I think I use a little less shadow. The primer might pay for itself that way, but I haven’t bought it.So for me it comes down to whether using just one look, the top row, is worth the money. My first reaction is no. The look is pretty and flattering, but not amazing, and I ought to be able to get the same look for a lot less. And I just hate that Im wasting all those other colors. I can’t stand to throw it away, so it’s still sitting in my drawer, never to be used.However, the subscribe and save is a good discount, and the shadow lasted about 9 months. At that point one of the colors (the middle of the top row) was empty, but there was still a lot left of all the other shades. I’ve had a busy year (added another baby) and don’t have time to go out shopping, so rather than trying to find a similar look for less, I did buy this a second a time. I think I over-used the one color that emptied first, so I hope to make this second box last longer. So I guess my conclusion it that if I put in the time I could find a better deal for the look, but right now I don’t I don’t have that time, so I’m paying a few extra bucks for the convenience of a pre-made collection. So though I claim it’s not worth the money, my actions say otherwise.

Deanna Loudon, NH

good quality

I liked this product. It’s my first experience with Too Faced and I like it. in the set is the base for the shadows, but for now I use with essens. The colors are bright, beautiful and rich. Pigmented enough and suitable for daytime makeup and for the festive and evening. Also accompanied by instructions for applying shadows. Pretty convenient packaging, very girly)

Harriett Mount Union, PA

Decent palette

I bought this after using the natural eye palette of theirs, which I love. This palette is nice, the colors are all very blendable. I know it says its a naked palette but the colors are a bit light, so if that’s what you are looking for then it’s a great palette. I still use the natural one more.

Gertrude Moncks Corner, SC


I achieved great eyeshadow applications! You can go from a soft day look to a sexy soft sophisticated look. None of these shadows will give you a dark smoky look which i liked because I wasn’t looking for that.

Clare Nekoma, KS