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Too Faced Cosmetics Lip Injection Extreme, 0.14 oz

Lip Injection Extréme is a lip plumping serum that gives long term results based on four of the most scientifically proven and advanced lip plumping technologies. Increase lip volume and maintain plumpness with continued use!

Key features

  • The Collagen Booster, Maxi lip our formula is proven to stimulate and increase collagen to plump lips up to 40% fuller and decrease lines by 30%, while increasing lip moisture up to 60%, long term!
  • The Botanical Cocktail of Avocado Oil and Jojoba hydrates, moisturizes and soothes lips for fuller, sexier and more kissable lips
  • Instant Blood Vessel Dilators technology found in the original “Lip Injection” dilates blood vessels filling lips with a lasting rush of blood and oxygen for up to a 20% plumper pout!

Honest reviews


Extremely Effective

This lip plumping serum is seriously effective in creating beautiful lips but it is also more tingly than DuWop’s Venom Gloss. At first, it is just a smooth gel/serum you apply within the lip line. This is a powerful product that will cause your lips to actually change color, making them look like you applied lipstick. The tingle can last for 3-5 minutes and is not uncomfortable, but noticeable.This formula promises long term results and unlike other products that fade in a matter of hours, you might wake up the next day and still be able to see the effects. The formulation is based on “four of the most scientifically proven and advanced lip plumping technologies.” Using this product morning and evening along with your regular beauty routine helps to maintain the results.If you prefer something a little milder, you may want to try out the DuWop Venom Gloss or even use both at the same time because the DuWop has a nice glossy effect and this is more of a serum that absorbs into your lips.~The Rebecca Review

Dolores Chandler, OK

I want to try…

I am planning to try Two faced Lip Injection. I am currently using Stung(Lip Pulse). I get really good results with this lip plumper. But, not just anyone can handle the burning and painful sensations. It doesnt bother me. I kinda like it. Ive tried Lip Infusion XL. It worked OK. There are two methods that lip plumping companies use. The first method is they put really hot ingredients in their product to bring blood flow to your lips to cause them to plump. The second method is companies use collagen spheres that penetrate your lips and this causes water retention in your lips. This is how Lip Fusion XL works. Stung uses the hot, stimulating ingredients to plump. I noticed that Two Faced extreme has peptides in it. Peptides increases collagen. Stung claims to build permanent collagen, too. Please, dont try Stung if you cant handle burning pain! Stung can be bought on ebay or amazon for about $9.99. So, its a cheap way to plump up. Anyway, I have read some of your reviews and plan to try this product. Hopefully, you will find the perfect plumper. So, don’t give up……..

Dolores Powder River, WY

lips only

This product works well enough on the lips. However, I gave my 6-year-old daughter her goodbye morning kiss. Little did I know that it made her cheek red and swell. It looked like I slapped her rather than kiss her. It burns the skin. I had no choice but to throw it in the trash can.

Elba Bristol, GA

3 1/2 stars: great effect, but only lasts half hour

I got this as a sample from Sephora, and I loved the color it changed my lips with the subtle irritation. I don’t really have any need for a plumper per say, but the coloring was fantastic, so I decided to go ahead and get the full size as a treat.I found that at times, it made the outside rim of my lips more red then the rest, so I like to use it as a companion to TheBalm stainiac in Beauty Queen.Soft, smooth feel, not super sticky like some glosses can be. The only sad part is, it only last 1/2 hour at best before your lips return to normal size and color. I would describe the effect as your lips after a good make-out session, the bee stung look. Worth a try if you have cash to thrown around, but only if you have realistic expectations.

Kristen Woodson, TX

Effect improves over time

Unlike the young woman who posted pictures (I think those photos did more for this product than all of the company’s advertising!), I do not have naturallly large lips. My lips are fairly thin which was always OK for me but the effects of aging are very noticeable. I just wanted something to restore some of that natural volume. I saw a magazine article ranking readers’ picks for best lip plumpers. This was #2 but since I wasn’t looking for color it was my first choice. At the time it was out of stock everywhere so I tried #1, Avon’s Beyond Color double retinolAvon Beyond Color Lipstick Plumping Uptown Pink Double Retinol Spf15Gag. That was awful (see review). When this Too Faced product became available I ordered and have been using for a few weeks at least morning and night. I am very pleased with the results. Yes, it does sting but now I barely notice it. I imagine it will sting more for some people than others. And it does exactly what I wanted. My lips showed some smoothing and filling at first use. What really surprised me was the fact the it has a lasting effect. I expected this to be purely cosmetic (ie, any effect disappears as soon as you wash it off) But now my lips look more like they did twenty years ago even before I apply it in the morning. After reading other reviews, I am careful to apply a lip balm over it after it absorbs to avoid “stinging” my husband. This product won’t erase the effects of time or give you Angelina Jolie lips; but, it definitely gives a little boost.

Leticia Stidham, OK


This product arrived on time and as new. I used it…don’t bother. It doesn’t really work. I have bought almost everything out there and for my own vain reason..I keep trying. This will go into the trash and I’ll keep trying I suppose.

Valeria Wylliesburg, VA

Painful, but worth it!

I bought this lip plumper probably for the same reason other people do. We all want want those Angelina Jolie lips! This will not get your lips like hers however, it will slightly plump them! I’ve tried others in the past from Sephora and none worked as well as this product. It stings like crazy, but hey beauty is pain! Ha,.. I wouldn’t use this everyday, as it seems to cause chapped lips. It’s wonderful to use for a special occasion..not a daily use!.. I will be buying more when I run low!

Erin Fort Stockton, TX

Love It

I say the stronger the sting the better 🙂 that’s just me tho, Works great & I’m 24 with full lips so prob different for me, I love It tho,

Nell Ruleville, MS

Nice lip gloss… that’s about it

This product makes a nice lip gloss, but I did not see any of the benefits it claims to perform. I don’t hate it, because it is a nice lip gloss, but definitely not a lip plumper. I like bare Minerals Buxom lip glosses better.

Bridgette Clifton, SC

Tingled & Ready to Mingle

I love this stuff. I initally bought my tube about 3 years ago. Although I dont wear it everyday, it has lasted a super long time and still packs some punch. I have recently replaced my tube & it is good as ever. You will definitely know that this little tube of fireworks is working when you swipe a thin layer over your lips with the tiny brush. If you are on the fence with this one, get it.Side benefit is putting it on and smooching an unsuspecting victim. The first time I did this, i forgot I had it on, and after I kissed my husband, he looked at me like I was crazy & said “My lips are burning! What did you do?!?” I just had to laugh, boys are such wimps sometimes.

Amalia Bristol, IN