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Too Faced Cosmetics, Lashgasm, 0.4-Fluid Ounce

Lashgasm is a voluptuous, fluffing mascara that conditions as it thickens to create dramatically long lashes with intense color. Our unique, flexible molded brush grabs lashes from all sides for a climax of length and volume.

Key features

  • Flexi-firm Brush; Lashgasm’s multiple rows of flexible but firm,molded bristles are designed with micro-hooks that grab each and every lash for a clump-free application
  • Pigment-Rich Payoff; Vitamin-rich, creamy formula penetrates for high-color absorbency and exaggerated depth
  • Lash Protection; Meadowfoam Seed Oil forms a protective barrier to lock in soothing emollients that promote long term wear without drying or harming lashes

Honest reviews


Simply Amazing

I was unsure about purchasing this product, but now I love it! It does not ever clump or goop, and I like the application wand design. My lashes do look remarkably longer and fuller when I use this product. I am convinced that it works, and the results last throughout the duration of the entire day! Concisely, the product stays put. Not to mention, it is easy to wash off as well; you need only warm water and gentle wiping motions to remove, unless you prefer a more formal type of make-up remover.* Bear in mind, when this product is removed that it slides off the shaft of the eyelash and gives the illusion that your eyelash is effected. Your eyelash is completely intact, and the heavy coating of the mascara is all that sheds. Do not panic :)* One thing I will add regarding the storage of this product is keep it vertical. I keep mine in the box it came in and standing vertical. This might be why my wand never gets unevenly coated with product. Just a thought :-)In addition, a question that surfaces frequently is how often should you replace your mascara? The optimal answer is 2-3 months, however, the average consumer probably replaces theirs every 3-6 months instead. With that thought in mind, the clumping of a product will increase dramatically with older product that has been exposed to the elements (air, debris, etc.).A word regarding application, the wand is different in design than that of a typical mascara wand (not a standard brush style applicator). Therefore, it would be prudent to consider having a brow brush/comb handy in the event that you prefer to form your lashes more traditionally as you apply, sculpt, and shape. As I stated above, I like the application wand, but this is a product review thus I am attempting to be thorough. Plus the coating starts off rather moist allowing for ample time to shape your lashes before it sets up or solidifies.In addition to that, I never use a curler for my lashes, but the Laura Mercier lash curler is rated highly if anyone is interested plus there are other good brands on the market as well. I suppose it pertains mostly to the results desired or needed.My lashes are not particularly long or thick. As a result, I was considering a prescription product called Latisse before I found this magnificent and affordable product from Two Faced Cosmetics. Cheers!As of April 15, 2012, I have used this product for many months, and I still love it! **As of January 18, 2013, I am still using this product**

Vera Sierra Vista, AZ

Really great mascara, but a bit hard to remove

I love Too Faced products, and thought I’d try this out when I saw that Amazon had been selling it for a lot less than my go-to high-end mascara, Buxom Lash. I really like it, but it does seem to give me more length than thickening, even though it’s supposed to do both.The brush is much thinner than I’m used to, and it’s made of a plastic that is more like a comb.It stays in place all day with no smudging or flaking — even when my allergies are acting up and my eyes are watering.It is a bit hard to remove, even when I use warm water, as other reviewers suggested.I wish it gave more thickness, but I do really like it and will most likely re-purchase it once my tube runs out.

Adrienne Mullan, ID

The best!!!!

I love this stuff the only thing I wish it was waterproof because I go to the gym after work and sweat a lot. I love the way the brush seperates your lashes and it does not clump up. The best I have ever used.

Loretta Clam Lake, WI


I’ve had better for way less. The brush is stiff to the point of painfull other then that I would rate it slightly better then average.

Melissa Lowder, IL

No clumping & makes my lashes look long!

LOVE this mascara. I know a few people have mentioned not liking the applicator wand, but I really think it works great. As with ANY mascara, I always gently blot the applicator (especially the very end) on a tissue before applying to my eyelashes, as it removes the excess product instead of making a mess on your eyelids, etc.This mascara applies well and makes my lashes look long. I might try to, after letting this dry, use a second mascara to give them a little more volume, though. I would really only bother for special occassions, though, as for everyday use this is great.My only complaint is that even after removing it (I useMary Kay Oil Free Makeup Remover New Packaging), then washing my face at night, when I get in the shower the next day and the water hits my face, I end up with black under my eyes still. Not a big deal to me, though; just a minor inconvenience that I seem to have with any mascara, even trying different removers.

Justine Girard, KS

great mascara

Great product, will keep buying and its much cheaper then in sephora store, the best mascara in my collection. I have Dior Iconic and Lancome Drama, these two are much more expensive but not better at all, so its a good deal! I recommend definitely to everybody

Tracey Chestnut Hill, MA

Best Mascara Ever!

Makes your lashes look so long while still looking natural and the best part no clumping and easy to remove =)

Millicent Atlantic Beach, FL


Of the… twenty or more mascaras I’ve tried this is the my favorite. Deep black color, separates well. No clumping, no smudging, no flaking, no faded tips. Clean application, mid-sized brush, volumizing, lengthening, lasts all day and all night. Gives a relatively heavy application in one coat. Not particularly natural looking, yet not egregious. This mascara is pretty much perfect in every way.

Tamika Verona, IL

Good mascara for lash lengthening, but application takes practice.

I bought a full sized Lashgasm mascara after getting a deluxe sample at Ulta a few months ago. I can get great length with this mascara, probably better than any mascara I’ve tried. But I notice that it is prone to clumping. The way to apply this mascara is in a zigzag motion along the lashes. The length truly is show stopping. It seems to coat the lashes with a fiber – I see little strings when I remove it. I only give this one 4 stars instead of 5 though because removal is a bit tricky. It doesn’t come off easily for me with my makeup remover cloths followed by my Neutrogena oil free face wash. I have to go through at least two cotton balls of eye makeup remover (these days, it’s Estee Lauder oil free) to get it off. I can get good results (although, admittedly, not quite as good) with other mascaras that are easier to use. I like to use this one when I go out, but it’s not my go-to daily mascara.

Janice Lakeside, MT

Too clumpy

This is a pretty awesome mascara that both thickens and lengthens lashes–quite noticably–in just one coat. But if you are like me and like to apply multiple coats of mascara, you’re out of luck because this stuff clumps horribly. Such a shame, because other than that it’s a great product, but clumping is a deal-breaker for me.

Rosa Twinsburg, OH

great packaging,cool name but…..

This Mascara comes with one of those new type comb/wands which I really liked,however the mascara does clump your lashes togehter,and I dont know why but it only happens with this one i will see bits of it in my eye.I loved the fact that it has vitamins and conditioners for the lashes.Sadly I cannot seem to use it but it may work fantastik for somebody else.Funny even thought I cannot wear it I love the packaging and artwork I cannot throw it away…. in fact i still try to use it from time to time but always the same results.I chose it is ok simply because I really dont hate it even though it didnt work for me! ☺

Sierra Mcgregor, MN

A must-have!

When I purchased some stuff from, I got lashgasm sample mascara for free. To be honest, I did not have high expectations of this product, so I tried this one on my lazy day. I was immensely surprised by the clump-free formula. This wand is spiky, so it separates my lashes easily while lengthening my short, Asian lashes naturally. I looked at the mirror and was so surprised that it held my curled lashes still! I usually curl my lashes because mine is really straight and short. With this mascara, I did not need to use a lash curler. This is truly my holy grail product. I definitely recommend this to the girls who suffer from short, straight lashes that don’t remain curled with mascara!

Lakeisha Pearl River, NY


I don’t know what happened but this bottle i received has been pure garbage. It does not even stay on for half the day it’s dry and very flaky. Overall I didn’t hate the product but I found it clumped my lashes together.

Lindsay Antigo, WI