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Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Black 0.27 oz

Too Faced Cosmetics Better Than Sex Mascara amplifies your lashes with volume and length to make your eyes pop. A uniquely shaped mascara brush, in the form of an hourglass, separates evenly coats every lash without leaving any clumps. Acacia senegal tree extract nourishes and gives the appearance of thicker-looking lashes. Black shade.

Key features

  • Unique Peptides for the deepest, intense black possible
  • Film-forming Polymer for smudge-proof, all day wear
  • One coat and lashes are full, defined and stretched to unbelievable lengths
  • With Acacia Senegal Tree Extract to nourish, thicken and lock curl in place
  • Two coats and they are reaching unbelievable heights of drama.

Honest reviews


Flaky, Crumbly

For reference, I prefer thick, bold, dramatic lashes. The way this mascara was described to me, I was led to believe it should have delivered. Here was my experience.A LOT of product comes from the tube onto the wand. It’s an inordinate amount. Despite my proclivity toward big, bold, lashes, I found myself scraping the wand on the edge of the bottle to take the product off the wand so I could put it on. Application to the top lashes was easy enough, but the product wanted to clump quite a bit. The wand is….oddly shaped. It doesn’t need to have that funky curve in the middle. It doesn’t add anything to my experience by the wand having a curve in the middle. Detail work on the bottom lashes, inner corners, and outer corners was impossible without blotting off the extra product. Even then, clumping was a slight issue. NOTE, this was a BRAND NEW mascara. Clumping should not be an issue for a brand new mascara.The product dried quickly. It was very black, slightly matte in color. It made my lashes stand straight out from my eyes. I felt I should use an eyelash curler for the first time in 10 years because of the way my eyelashes dried on the first eye. The second eye looked a little better thanks to the curler, but the lashes were still off my crease awkwardly. Note, I never use an eyelash curler.Wear: The mascara lasted less than 8 hours. After that, it began to crumble and flake. It didn’t bleed, thankfully. It just flaked off. It flaked off worse and faster than Clump Crusher. That has to be some sort of record when you out fail a drug store mascara. This stuff is NOT CHEAP and it’s awful after only a few hours. I really, really wanted to love this mascara but I’m back to Benefit until I can find a replacement.On the plus side – easily removes with soap and water.

Juanita White Deer, PA

Makes your lashes look like falsies

From day one I was happy with this purchase. It is pricey but does give a look of false lashes. Yes the maybelline mascara are just as good but spurgle a lil and get the Too Face.

Ashlee Rio Grande, OH

Ok, but not great

I was really excited to try this mascara because I have heard such good things. It is good mascara, it makes my lashes look really good….but I find that before the day is even out I have dark lines on my upper brow left from the mascara on my lashes sitting against that part of my brow and rubbing off. ALSO, this is pretty pricy mascara, it certainly isn’t cheap, and I feel like it is pretty low on the amount of mascara in the tube and it will run out quickly and dry out sooner, not cool considering how much it costs. So in conclusion, this does have a good affect on my lashes, but considering the other things I’m not sure if I will get it again.

Patty Rogersville, AL

Great thickening mascara

This mascara is super great when you want thick, sexy lashes. It slightly lengthens, and lasts quite a while before fading away. I usually put this one, then Blinc Mascara over it to ‘lock’ it for over 12 hours of gorgeous wear. This is my favorite combo for every day 🙂

Marisol Bevier, MO

It’s nice but not worth the price.

While it’s nice, I compared it to my other mascaras I got for half the price and it wasn’t that much better. I won’t reorder.

Joann Gardner, LA


I don’t have an issue with the length of my lashes, but they’re pretty sparse. This mascara is AMAZING. One coat and I had super thick lashes, it almost looked like I put on single false lashes in the spots that are normally separated and bare. Yes, it’s expensive, and I can’t speak to the other review that said it runs out fast or dries up, but I have searched far and wide for a mascara that volumizes as promised and this stuff delivers more than I hoped. I’m a lifer!

Gretchen Clarksville, VA

WAY Too Much Gloppy Mascara on The Brush Makes Smooth Application Almost Impossible!

The brush carries so much mascara on it that it is almost impossible to do more than one coat…and that coat sticks lashes together and clumps. This looks like it could really be a fantastic brush…maybe the problem is with the mascara, but the two together just make a mess of my lashes. I have been on a mission to find the best mascara for my lashes for over a year, and this is NOT one of the better ones. I do not recommend it.

Lois Rushville, IL

This finally ended my search for the perfect mascara

I took a chance ordering the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. I saw it recommended on Pinterest and figured I’d at least give it a try since I have been on a never ending search for the perfect mascara. The first application of this mascara and I was in love. The before and after was extremely dramatic, I’ve never seen my eyelashes look so amazing. I also didn’t need to reapply it later, which I normally have to do with other mascaras. I am absolutely thrilled with this purchase and would recommend it for anyone that want’s dramatic lashes. The only negative would possibly be if you want something more subtle (for whatever reason). I’d love to get a smaller size of this mascara to keep in my purse, I’m in love.

Jacquelyn Rudolph, OH

Won’t use anything else!

This mascara took over my life! The name is so true. If you like natural non spidery lashes this is NOT for you! If you like long, thick, volumized, glamorous lashes this is for you. It is like fake lashes in a bottle. Use 1-2 coats for amazing lashes. It is like jordana best lash extreme but waterproof and feels a lot better. It is very watery, by no means is it dry. It isn’t the best on bottom lashes but it’s better than most. On the top lashes it’s the best thing ever, you seriously can’t get lashes that look that good with any other mascara. It doesn’t rub off your lashes easily so you can wear it all day. The brush is really awesome it pinches in the middle, sort of an hour glass shape. Hands down the best mascara ever.

Felecia Reagan, TX

Best Mascara I have used

After using a multitude of different mascara through my many years, I have found one that is truly worth raving about. This one glides on smoothly, does not glob, does not leave raccoon eyes at the end of the day, and does the job it advertises. I get fuller and longer lashes that look great.

Darlene Fall Rock, KY

wanted to like it

I really wanted to like this ,especially after it was highly recommended, but…. it was very clumpy/goopy, (I can handle that, I applied it very carefully, used a fine tooth eye brush/comb to comb out clumps AND used my beauty blender to carefully clean up any "mess" left by the very thick and difficult to use brush) What I couldn’t handle was the "eye buggers" it left in the inside corners of my eyes every time I’ve used this AND that it smudged/smeared very badly after about 4=5 hrs of wear every single time I wore it. The reason I gave it 2 starts is that its not all bad.,… did dramatically plump up my very thin/sparse lashes, really did look like I had on false lashes, will use this for special occasions (knowing I will need to take frequent trips to the ladies room to monitor its wear, and be prepared for touch ups). For every day use I will continue with my bare minerals mascara.

Bethany Leonville, LA