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Too Faced 3-Way Lash Lining Tool, Black, 0.02 Ounce

Revamped, renew and long lasting from the house of Too Faced Cosmetics.

Key features

  • Cream
  • Soft
  • Long wearing

Honest reviews


exceeded my expectations

i am very particular/picky about has to be matt black and not flake or smudge off during the daythis is everything i wanted it to be. i would definitely recommend this product and repurchase when i run out.

Jo Cornish, NH


Love the company but I disliked the product. I’d become a panda within an hour! I tried everything from primers to setting it with powder but it didn’t work. Atop of that, it was very very difficult to use as a regular eyeliner (ie: I was only successful using it to draw fillers between my eyelashes because I couldn’t make a smooth line). I’d pass on this one.

Christina Hillisburg, IN

Brilliant invention

This applies very differently than regular eyeliner. It fills in places that typically are neglected by other products. I’m impressed!

Polly Key Biscayne, FL

very unique makeup tool

Works good, easy to use if you’re accustomed to wearing liner. Dark black, doesnt smudge. Will definitely buy again. Thanks

Rosalia Raywick, KY

VERY Good Eyeliner!

This eyeliner was so easy to put on! It stays on where I put it, too. It really is waterproof and is still on when I wake up in the morning. There was no smudging. The three "prongs" are great if you just want to leave dots of eyeliner between lashes. It is more subtle than the stark line across the lid which you can also do with this tool. Either way, it is a good eyeliner, and I recommend it.

Bessie Rifton, NY

My makeup looks so much cleaner

Putting my eyeliner on with this is so much easier than with normal cauldron and brush or paint on liquid eyeliner. I get get my lines thinner and sleeker, and I have a lot more control. It’s also nice for just thickening the look of your lash line. This has become a staple in my makeup routine.

Kimberlee Poplarville, MS

Great product!

This product is the best method I’ve found for tightlining. The three pointed applicator makes it so easy to place the little dots of liner between your lashes. I usually draw in the dots, then wiggle the applicator very slightly to "connect the dots" and make a more solid line. Even when I do that it’s still a very subtle effect. My only complaint is it’s kind of difficult to remove. I have to really scrub my eyes with makeup remover to get it all off. This is also a pain if you smudge your liner while applying it because it’s tough to fix. But as long as you’re careful and don’t mind a little work removing it, this is a fantastic eyeliner!

Jackie Breinigsville, PA

Best eyeliner every

This is the best eyeliner I have every used. I love the fact that you can line in 3 different ways…especially under the last line, which is what I do to make my eyes look larger. Doesn’t smear, either.

Goldie Gilbert, LA

Great eye liner by Too Faced!

I really like this Too Faced Eyeliner because of the unique point. It is versatile to dot the upper eyelash or to draw a line.

Samantha Johnston City, IL


This eye liner works wonders. I am terrible with liquid eye liner and this makes it very easy to apply!

Dixie Summit Argo, IL

One of the best waterproof liners

I swim daily, and have tried over 20 "waterproof" eyeliners (from drugstore brands to just about every line that Sephora carries.) This is one of the most waterproof liners (liquid or pencil) that I have found, and when it does come off it doesn’t leave permanent black shadows under my eyes. The 3 tips are interesting, though not completely necessary. The only cons are that I have had 2 of these so far where the cap has popped off in my makeup bag. Once this happens, there is no using the product again. The tip dries out almost instantly, and no soaking or attempts to fix it will work. So, it can be expensive if you are going through one a month like I have been. But I still buy it again because it is the MOST WATERPROOF OUT THERE!

Liza Kirklin, IN