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TONYMOLY Petite Bunny Gloss Bar #1 juicy strawberry

Crayon type gloss bar just like sweet fruit. Cute bunny shaped gloss bar that suit for pocket. No lipstick as it is in between lipstick and gloss

Key features

  • TONYMOLY Petite Bunny Gloss Bar
  • #1 juicy strawberry (Strawberry extract) : prevent trouble, pore refine
  • Interesting and fun design, crayon size
  • 2g

Honest reviews


Just ok

Not worth the money, and there is no real color to speak of. I would not recommend wasting your money.

Helen Breaux Bridge, LA

Tonymoly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar!

I love South Korean beauty products and Tonymoly is one of my favorites! I have 5 of the gloss bars and I want to get the rest! The color is very nice and it smells good too! The little bunny is really cute and fun. This would make a great fun gift for anyone who likes lip gloss or makeup! This came much faster then I was expecting so that is always good! Love it!

Barbara Altamont, UT


It smells great, is very sheer to light tint. Has a great feel of hydration to the lips. It does come off easily, but I just love this!

Louisa Buchanan, GA

Really smooth buttery lip balm

This is a really nice balm… Wouldn’t call it a glosd. Its s sheer tinted lightly flavoured awesomely soft lip balm. I couldn’t believe how smooth my lips felt. I bought it for my sisters birthday and ended up keeping it for my self because it was so cute!

Elnora Temple, NH


Look at the picture. These glosses are so cute it’s sick! I bought the orange flavor which came with a grumpy face – perfect for me. Tastes delicious and citrusy, which is a major plus. Color is a little brighter on my lips than what I was expecting though, so I always need to apply it when checking with a mirror to make sure I don’t look like a clown afterwards. Still, this is a super cute purchase that I don’t regret!

Lashonda Wadestown, WV

Wow.. I was totally surprised

So I wasn’t sure if this was going to be a lip gloss kinda thing or an actual lip stick / tint balm sorta thing. Well it turned out to be the latter and I’m so relieved! This product was $5 which is 2-3x less than branded lip tint/stick/balm. But it’s so much better and the colors are sooo much better. Also the fragrance and cute design is a bonus!I can carry this around in my pocket or purse and it lasts about 4 hours for me, mainly because of my lunch break and eating always takes some tint off. It does dry a bit but so have my other lip products. I just apply vaseline or lip balm at night when I sleep to take care of that.Anyways it’s like a solid bar of lip tint that’s creamy and applies on very smoothly.REVIEW OF COLORS:Juicy orange isn’t really orange, it’s more of a reddish pink. I love it. I purchased peach, cherry, and neon red as well.The cherry is a very soft red. I never used red lip colors because it felt too bold but this one was soft enough for me to try something new and I’m glad I did! Never knew red could actually suit me. I am totally buying these again when they run out.Peach is a very light pink compared to the other shades of pink (juicy orange and neon red). It’s not ultra light like Strawberry. It’s a standard pink that I like to wear when I’m wearing a light dress or bright colors. Also on days that I wear little make up, to go along with the more natural/casual look.Neon red is my favorite out of all 4! 🙂 For the longest time I’ve shopped around at American stores for the right shade of pink. Spent $10-$30 for each lipstick purchase when all I had to do was pay $5 for this one! It’s not red even though it says “neon red”. It’s a deep pink, just like it’s shown in the picture. Google “poppy pink” or “cherry rose rink”. That’s exactly what this shade is like and exactly the shade I’ve been looking for. It’s not dry like lipstick or watery like gloss, I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s the perfect shade, the perfect texture, and the perfect design.

Kayla Hickory Grove, SC


It is around 3.5 inches long and the color is subtle but pretty. It smells great and adds some gloss to your lips. The gloss bar also came with three tiny free samples of bb cream, some clay mask thing and something called volumer?

Enid Lake Alfred, FL

Color is nice and natural, but not glossy or moisturizing.

Although it’s called a "Gloss Bar" it isn’t very glossy, nor is it moisturizing. It looks a tad bit matte once applied. I do like the pigment of the juicy peach and the packaging is just adorable. After I put on a layer of clear chapstick I put this on for natural looking color. If you have dry lips and/or chapped lips, putting this on will accentuate the ridges and cracks on your lips.Probably wouldn’t purchase this again, but it’s something useful for everyday natural wear.

Bridgett South Solon, OH

cute lip glass

The product is shorter than i expected, but i do love the cute look and the color wasn’t very pigmented, which I do like. It’s kinda moisturize my lips too.

Myrtle Lowell, WI

it’s super cute, but I didn’t like the thick consistency …

it’s super cute, but I didn’t like the thick consistency and it doesn’t seem like it’s very effective at moisturizing.

Jeanie Teutopolis, IL

Too drying.

The colour is a nice pinky red. It smells good but it’s too drying on my lips. I have to use a lip balm with it.

Kristine Williston, ND