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TONYMOLY NEW Pocket Bunny Mist Moist Mist-Pink

How to use Spray about 20 ~ 30 cm away from your face and tap lightly with your palms. Moist type Formulated with peach, raspberry, apply Promotes elasticity for skin Sweet and lovely scent Sleek type Formulated with cabbage, pineapple, lemon Cares of excessive sebum and makes skin healthy Fresh scent Net Volume: 60ml

Key features

  • How to use Spray about 20 ~ 30 cm away from your face and tap lightly with your palms. Moist type Formulated with peach
  • raspberry
  • apply Promotes elasticity for skin Sweet and lovely scent Sleek type Formulated with cabbage
  • pineapple
  • lemon Cares of excessive sebum and makes skin healthy Fresh scent Net Volume: 60ml

Honest reviews


really nice mist

I decided to purchase this after reading several reviews/blogs that enjoyed the high quality of the mist itself, despite the really cute packaging. I will definitely agree with that assessment. While I find the bottle very cute, the mist is a lovely product. I use this under my bb cream or any kind of oil control primer to boost the moisture underneath and allow for a nice, smooth application. The spray is not as fine as some, so I would definitely hold it back from your face a little ways to avoid getting too much product…but the formula is lovely. To me, it’s a little thicker on my face than some (like a very very light serum/essence) before I pat it in. The scent is nice and fruity with some floral undertones, but not overwhelming. It’s a nice little seal of moisture to freshen up as well (just spray a couple ft. away from your face if doing it over makeup, otherwise it may be too wet up close). The only issue I’ve had with this is that when I sprayed too close on my neck, I got a bit much on my shirt collar, which got slightly tacky and uncomfortable, but it did wash out and didn’t stain. Try to avoid your clothes though, or you might be a bit uncomfortable.

Roberta Mayview, MO

So very cute!

I bought this for myself because my face loves to dry out in the winter and I needed something I could spray over my makeup and this is definitely what I was looking for! Its so adorable! I have sensitive skin so I was a bit hesitant, but after a few days of trying this I had no burning, redness, or itching. Definitely going to repurchase when I run out.

Millicent Rayville, MO

Great Mist!

I use this after I apply my facial routine and BB. It’s a great make up setter, giving it that radiant glow. It also feels sooo refreshing to my skin. I use it every 2-3 hours during work. Kept my skin super hydrated and moist today.

Candy S Coffeyville, OK

So very cute, but the sprayer is not very good.

This is such a cute idea. I love the look, and it’s a great size for airplane travel. However, the sprayer is terrible and it doesn’t so much mist as provide a cone of liquid with an empty center. The ‘mist’ is also not fine enough. The actual fluid has an inoffensive scent and doesn’t seem drying, if it had a better sprayer, it would be refreshing.

Yolanda Bremen, ND

Usagi stole my heart! 🐰

Okay I’ll admit I ordered this because it’s just adorable! I have dry skin (made worse by this pregnancy!) I have just learned about all the wonderful Korean & Japanese skin care items I now MUST own. Refreshing spray, does not have a over powering smell, and is refillable!!! I purchased the Handanomy deep mist to refill this usagi! Highly recommend! Love this!

Letha Gifford, PA

This broke me out

I do not like this product at all. I emptied it and put distilled water in the bottle and mist throughout the day. Great little sprayer for travel.

Deena Hogeland, MT

Packaging’s the best part.

It’s a cute container. Very cute. But the mist itself, I don’t like. It spritzes out unevenly and in a small spray, so you have to spritz a lot of times and close up to your face. I think the effect is that you get too much liquid on your face at certain spots–whatever it is, it’s not a mist.Personally I also don’t like the fragrance. It’s like rosewater + perfume. It dissipates, but meh, it’s a few seconds that I could be enjoying with a nice scent that I spend holding my breath instead. I’m also disappointed because I wanted to take this in my purse but, even though it’s only 2oz, it’s actually bigger and heavier than my other mist that’s 3 oz.

Kelley Meeker, OK

Soothing mist, ADORABLE bottle

I keep this mist at work. I’ve affectionately dubbed it my "hot flash spray" because I use it when I’m feeling too warm, for whatever reason. I have combination skin. My cheeks and neck can get pretty dry during the day, but my forehead and chin can be a bit slick so I opted for the Sleek Mist. This mist doesn’t mess up my foundation, so it’s a nice refreshing option when my face feels dry or itchy.It’s very gentle and smells clean. It doesn’t have a strong scent (so I’m able to use it in the office where there are lots of scent-sensitive individuals) and it’s so cuuute! I wish more American products were styled this way. It’s small enough to tuck away in a drawer or tote, but it takes up too much room for me to carry around in my small purse. Overall, I’m glad I gave it a try!

Viola Coopersburg, PA

AH-MAZING everyone is curious when I pull this out!

ok it’s adorable!! Let’s get down to the product, it smells DELICIOUS!!! It is a gorgeous hydrator and I use it to set makeup. I love travelling with it so I can refresh. I am addicted to all types of hydrating sprays and this little bunny is a nice treat.

Luella Decatur, AL


It’s great packaging and smells nice. I would purchase this again. Great gift for younger girls and older ones who just love kawaii items.

Olga Gulf Shores, AL


the moist mist is actually a bit more lighter than on the picture like its more like very suddle pink and pink pink but other than that the packaging is very cute! and it smells so yummy like fruits! and when your finished you can always re use the container !

Bertie Oceanside, NY

Very Nice Product.

First of all, the packaging of this item is adorable. I keep it out on display in my bedroom! xD The product itself is very nice as well! The mist has a very light and fresh scent, and it seems to set my makeup pretty well. I will most likely buy this again!

Melinda Wellton, AZ

Aww so cute ^.^

TONYMOLY Pocket Bunny Mist 2.11fl.oz./ 60ml Moist Mist suck a cute lil extra ^.^ I live in AZ so that means it is HOT like opening your oven and standing to close its a dry heat on a hot day with wind its like some one has the blowdryer in ur face on high hot setting really. so that being said this lil pal is a nice cooling fine mist to have on had it gives a fine mist that is lightly scented it’s a nice lil luxury to have pulling out the cute little bunny bottle and having a nice cool mist with a nice light sent to cool you off awesome…… it has a fine mist and dries and is not sticky and the sent fades and doesn’t stay with you it smells nice but it’s not a body spray. I think that this is a cute lil extra like I said something fun and nice to spoil your self with ^.^

Jessie Benson, NC

The jury is still out.

I’m still unsure what this is supposed to do. I don’t particularly like the smell although it’s not exactly overpowering. I think it’s supposed to reduce oiliness but the effectiveness there is still to be seen. I’ll keep using it to see if I finally figure out how to make it work for me.

Chasity Cowan, TN

Five Stars

Great as a refreshing spray to keep in my purse.

Rosemarie Clinton, OK

Excellent mist!

Sometimes when the packaging is THIS cute, the product is crap. But not this time. The mist is excellent. The consistency is a little thicker than water, smells like a light perfume and works really well at keeping my face hydrated. I spray this over my BB creams and foundations when my skin is feeling dry and parched. Love this mist!

Monica Underhill Center, VT