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TONYMOLY Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream, 4 Ounce

Size: 50ml tonymoly luminous pure aura cc cream spf30 features whitening, wrinkle improvement, as well as uv protection in new format. Features color change capsules that blend to match your skin tone. Covers blemishes and imperfections in skin with a bright and transparent sheen that allows skin to breathe. 7 free-paraben, benzoic pennon, talc, mineral oil, organic pigment, sulfate surfactant tips. For a natural look pure aura is more suitable, if you want to more coverage and tone correcting benefits, go for live aura. How to use after makeup base, use sponge to apply the cc cream on your face evenly. Use it day by day to protect skin from uv rays.

Key features

  • Tonymoly luminous pure aura cc cream
  • Cc cream makes perfectly natural skin tone as providing natural color change and skin care effect with moist radiance
  • Black/red/yellow color capsule pops and perfectly mixes up upon applying on skin to naturally conceals redness and imperfections
  • 7 free-paraben, benzoic pennon, talc, mineral oil, organic pigment, sulfate surfactant, triethanolamine

Honest reviews


This is a great CC Cream

It’s self-adjusting, so it’s supposed to fit your coloring perfectly. I was skeptical but it matches my pale skin (NARS Siberia for reference) perfectly. It’s got a dewy finish, so if you have dry to normal skin you’ll love it, but if you are oily I would avoid it.

Dianne Hudson, IL

Blends too orange for my face, but it’s a beautiful primer

It comes in a nice pump, kind of like any makeup forever product would. When you pump it out it’s white, doesn’t have any smell to it, and when you look closely you can see these speckles of color. I tried it on my hand first and it matched perfectly, but when I put it on my face it looked really orange. It did cover dark under eyes and fine lines beautifully though, so I’m really torn. It also seems to be helping even my complexion too. I usually don’t like to wear a lot of makeup, just a bb cream, but with this I’ll try and make it work because it helps a lot, even if I have to layer a matching color on top.

Merle White Plains, VA

jo jo from baltimore

A new concept in cc creams, this is self adjusting, I will use this more in the winter, because it is very moisturizing for my combo oily skin. It comes out white, but do not panic! I have nw 35 skin, and it will adjust to your skin tone! I used it with my Etude House bb cream and it held up for about 6 hours , even though a little shine did show through it didn’t cake or separate. It will probably be better in the winder, winter months! It is not heavy, and gives a nice glow to the skin, without being shiny!

Brooke Hadley, KY

not sure about this one

I’m not sure how I feel about it. It feels greasy on my face, it makes my face shiny, and it doesn’t have the coverage that I need. But at least it has sunblock, and supposedly lightens dark spots over time, right? At least, it’s supposed to because it’s CC cream instead of BB. I hope it will because otherwise I wasted my money. Whether or not it actually works, who can say for sure, and the writing on the bottle is in Korean.

Keisha Crested Butte, CO

Weird sheen, sticky feeling.

I wanted to love this. There are some days when I still reach for it. However, it is not my favorite. It settles into lines and wrinkles I did not know I had. It can also make my skin feel sticky and uncomfortable. I have had a couple of experiences where I could not wait to run home and wash this off because of the weird feeling. Not the best.

Winnie Georgetown, NY

Too oily

Definitely more like a sunscreen versus a BB cream so don’t pick this up for coverage. But if you have good skin and want something quick for a busy day, this is pretty fool proof to apply and will settle in nicely and smooth out some very light discolorations. Do not buy expecting any significant coverage though.

Tessa Piney Creek, NC

Life-chaning product!!!!! Great for dry to combination skin

I never liked any bb cream but this cc cream is amazeballs!!!! Okay I have very dry skin, but in spring/summer my nose area gets a little shiny in the afternoon. So I like that it has a pearly dewy finish, def not matte. This has a very liquidy texture to it, and don’t be scared that it’s white coming out of the tube, there’re small particles in it so that it will change to your skin color once you spread it out.The coverage is very light but is definitely there, if you don’t have major skin issues and really hate cakey foundation this could be perfect for you!!!

Leeann Benton, WI

Better than Primers I have used

I don’t need a ton of coverage and have yellowish toned skin which BB looks a bit grayish on until it sets. This make my skin look luminous and perfect without being made up. Light coverage and slightly glowy this is gonna be my go to daily makeup now. It was super easy to apply and blending was hardly necessary. I use BB only on my trouble areas.

Sheri Mc Indoe Falls, VT

Excellent Product

Feels clean on your skin, blends beautifully, almost no scent. Does not completely cover my mild rosasea, but it does leave a beautiful finish. I prefer this over the Etude BB cream, as it has a baby powder/ old lady scent to it, even though it also makes your skin appear quite flawless.

Tamika Hurley, MS

Great for every day

I like to use this on days where I don’t want to wear BB cream or foundation. This is light and blends in with my skin tone. I love that it gives me a dewy look and a natural look. It makes my skin more even but people don’t know I am wearing anything. They just think my skin looks naturally even and great! I love this. It makes me feel as though I am going out bare-faced except I’m not and I have confidence in myself!

Nell Mount Vernon, ME

Five Stars

it works well

Bridget Whiteside, MO

Will be buying again!

Unlike many other BB-CC creams I’ve bought before, this one gives the least coverage, BUT: it doesn’t give any yellow-orange color but rather blends with whatever skin tone you have (assuming that you’re not dark-skinned). It gives a slightly pinkish tone, which gives your face a healthy look. It also makes your pores look way smaller and even conceals a lot of them entirely. It does have a dewy residue, but it doesn’t look oily. I just blot it with paper tissue and it solves the problem. It’s very smooth and makes your skin feel incredibly soft. Have you seen those Asian girls that look like their faces are made of porcelain or silk? That’s what it makes your face look like. I believe in Asian cosmetics since they’re almost obsessed with beauty (no negative implications here), and this cream met my expectations.

Michell Mound City, KS

love love love… and will repurchase

1. this is so fun to apply. it goes on white, then blends perfectly into your skin.2. this has replaced my more expensive foundations, including NARS and Laura Mercier.3. it just makes you look glowing and provides really great coverage that you can build.4. easy to apply with fingers and/or brush.5. you don’t have to set it with powder, sometimes i do though.6. IT DOESN’T BREAK ME OUT. which is why i will be repurchasing this for sure. i have acne prone skin and i’ve worn this and worked up a sweat, no acne the next day.awesome product.

Tracey White, PA

no coverage, no color

I like this CC cream although it really does not give any color or coverage. If you consider this like a very light tinted moisturizer, you’d like it.

Vickie Dover, NH