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Tonymoly Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm, 20g

Egg Pore Silky Smooth balm expresses smooth and soft skin How to Use-Apply on uneven pore areas before makeupThe answer to your pore skin problems is TONYMOLYs three Egg Pore line for smooth skin. The amazing last step is Tony Moly Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm that fills, covers, and makes yours pores invisible. The pore cover balm strengthens elasticity for tightening effects, hides loose pores, fine wrinkles and scars for a soft, smooth, and silky look. Tony Moly Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm manages excess sebum and takes care of loose pores to help makeup apply more smoothly and last longer. No wonder Get It Beauty, a major Korean beauty trend show, loves itits high quality can be used like a pore concealer, primer, and base makeup. After using it all, you can even pop out the top part of the egg design to use as an adorable flower pot.

Key features

  • Pore cover balm type primer that expresses smooth and soft skin
  • Product solution hides loose pores, fine wrinkles, and scars
  • Contains camellia flower extract, skin growth complex, red clay and egg white

Honest reviews


Oh I am so in love!

These are much bigger than I thought. I wish that there were more product inside of it though.I LOVE The blackhead out oil gel. Be careful though, If you are going to open this without actually use it, you will be irritated on closing it. I wasted some product and had to use it….Good news is…. I just used them all! Leave this one on for 3-5 mins.I love the tightening pack. It is a clay mask that is used only on the blackhead area. Make sure to get deep in, and leave on for 10-15 minsAnd my FAVORITE!!! The silky smooth balm!NEVER get rid of these, and please keep them at this awesome price! I also would like to thank you for the darling little package of samples! I hope to give these a shot as soon as I can, and if I love them, I hope to buy these as well!THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

Abby Lone Grove, OK

Works on acne prone, sensitive skin.

The texture is a little weird, as plenty reviews have indicated. It takes some getting used to, but it’s totally worth it. I actually mix it with my BB cream because, frankly, I’m not into spending ages doing my make up. Here’s the breakdown:- It definitely smooths pores and lines, but I’ve found it works best if I let it sit on my face for a few minutes before I add powder. By the time I’m done with my hair, it’s good.- At first, if it’s flaky, that’s mostly your skin. After a week, it won’t be like that at all.- A few reviews said it took time for this to clear their skin, but that wasn’t the case for me (and I have pretty acne prone skin). It even cleared up blackheads. If I’m being honest, my skin is clear enough now that I don’t need to wear any primer, but since it was the primer that cleared my face up, I don’t want to not use it.- It stays on all day, though I sometimes apply powder in the afternoon to take care of oil. And to be clear, when I say "all day," I mean "all day at work, where I mostly sit at a desk." Don’t bother wearing it anywhere if you know you’re going to be hot and sweaty. It looks and feels gross.All things considered, I’ll definitely buy it again.

Zelma Hamburg, LA

Good stuff!

This silky smooth balm is very nice to work with. Leaves a soft, even canvas before applying foundation or bb cream. Just let the balm sit for a few minutes before moving on to next step.This stuff is similar to L’Oreal magic base – I don’t recall exact name of L’Oreal product but it’s in a small glass jar….. Anyway, this TonyMoly is far superior in my opinion because you get way more for your money, and it’s much silkier to use. It doesn’t get firm or glob up like the other product does at times.I love this balm – silky, soft, smooth!UPDATE: It’s been nearly a year. I had sort of put this smoothing balm aside and have been using several different primers. I recently got this back out – a couple of months ago – and absolutely LOVE it again! I don’t know why I wasn’t using it every day. (I think it’s because I love to try different products, but now I know what works the best, and it’s THIS product for smooth coverage and helping cover pores) And no, the entire gold egg is not filled with product, but even if you used this every day, you’d have it for a long, long time.I love how it “sets” my makeup. Like I said before, I smooth it onto my skin (after serum & moisturizer – I’m in my 50’s now) and it provides a beautiful setting for my new FAVORITE BB cream which is the Skin79 VIP Gold BB (Beblesh Balm).BTW I let my TonyMoly set for 5 min or so before I apply the BB cream. The VIP Gold balm is my favorite “foundation” because it not only has effective anti-aging ingredients, but it provides actual COVERAGE more than simply “evening out your skin tone”. It does that too, but it also does so much more. It provides coverage with absolutely NO cakiness look – it’s more of a fresh, velvety look. Once you apply the Gold to your skin, the color may look a little “off” or funky. It’s ok, let it do its thing for several minutes and it ends up matching your skin tone (I have fair skin).These 2 products – the TonyMoly Egg Pore Silky Balm + the Skin79 VIP Gold BB balm create a beautiful look…. I have random comments on how great my skin looks, which I don’t usually get. I take care of my skin and it’s not too bad for my age, but these 2 products on mature skin – WOW….And the 2 products together keep my t-zone oilynes at bay, which I’ve had lots of problems with before combining these.Love this,and love the Korean Gold BB. What a fantastic, beautiful combo!

Emma Marine On Saint Croix, MN

Loveeee this stuff

Love this stuff!It has a smooth consistency and it smells like lemons. It’s consistency and scent is almost comparable to Benefit’s Dr. Feelgood: velvety complexion balm. But I like this so much more, and there seems to be more product?I’ve tried a lot of expensive primers and this is way better than any of the ones I’ve tried.I have sensitive skin, and my face doesn’t like most products. Most products usually give me whiteheads, blackheads, or break me out, but this product doesn’t break me out at all.Second, it helps my makeup stay on throughout the day and makes my face nice and smooth before applying my makeup.I love it!

Noelle New Berlinville, PA


this product has cleared up my face in three days. I have spent thousands of dollars to clear my skin and this product did it in three days. I’m a customer for life.

Kathleen Van Lear, KY

Arrived super fast

it is a very soft cream almost became like a powder when touch my skin. I use under my makeup and my skin is beautiful…I just started use it so it is not enough time to do a detail review.xo

Tammi El Dorado, AR

Feels nice, but just alright

I purchased this to use as a makeup primer. From all the good reviews it has on here, I thought it’d work really well.Pros:I like the way it feels going onto my skin (it makes my face and my hands – since I use my hands to apply it to my face – amazingly smooth), as well as the nice, fresh scent it has. It smells herbal/citrus-y, which is kind of calming. It has an interesting texture to it, sort of rubbery, glue-like? Also, the packaging is cute.Cons:I’ve found that it doesn’t completely hide my pores; I think if anything, it slightly reduces the appearance of them. It seems to help a little bit in making my makeup go on smoothly and easily, but it’s not a miracle. It’s only the second primer I’ve ever tried. As for it helping to clear acne, which I’ve read as an added benefit in some reviews, it hasn’t done that for me. I was disappointed that the container it comes in is misleading; I wish it came with more product for the price (you don’t need to use too much of it, but not even the bottom part is full).I’m glad I tried this product, but I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing it, at least not as a must-have product.

Lea Fallon, MT

Smooth product

First, this item came from Asia (whomever I chose to buy it from), so it took almost 2 months for it to arrive. However, it finally did. It’s "cute" packaging (better for a teenager or someone in their 20’s) but who really cares about that…the product itself is quite nice. I’ve used it a few times now on my nose and slightly out to my cheeks – this is the area I have the largest pores. The rest of my face I use the e.l.f. primer. This product glides on really smoothly, and has a nice matte finish. After letting it set for a moment, I apply the rest of my makeup. I don’t know if this really makes my pores any smaller – but it does a nice job of "filling" them in and creating a nice base for my makeup. I’m not sure if I will purchase again, as the wait was incredibly long. I guess I’ll see as I get closer to needing a refill.

Robin West Concord, MN


They arrived on time, and was packaged extremely well with tons of bubble wrap. The product themselves are amazing and smell yummy. I’m not quite sure how effective the pore tightening pack and blackhead remover work, because I think that its a process through time. However the pore balm you can see immediate temporary results, works great and allows my BB cream to be applied smoothly. I can compare it to POREfessional which is quite expensive for the amount they provide, and it just might be better.

Sylvia Prichard, WV

Not much of a difference

This is the first primer that I’ve tried, and I liked a few things about it but also a few things I didn’t. It made the skin on my nose very flakey when I applied my powder foundation, so much so I had to rewash my face. I don’t usually have a problem with flaking so I know it was the primer. It does a minimal job at helping to cover pores or smooth out bumpy areas…it helps a little but not much.I did like how silky and smooth this goes on, and it felt like nothing was there. It’s not heavy, very very light which i really liked. Though the product is filled less than halfway in the package, it’s really not very much-if used daily it could probably last around a month.Overall, it’s okay. It does slightly minimize pores and helps to create a smoother surface but nothing too profound.

Darla Thawville, IL

nothing special

This is nothing special. It is just like any other face primer that has silicone in it. The package is cute, but that’s about it.

Angel Brentwood, NY

smooth and lovely

I bought this without realizing it was a primer. I saw the glowing reviews and the claims to shrink pores; I’ve also had great experience with Korean makeup and I know my Korean students use TonyMoly quite a bit.I’ve been wearing it at night after I take off my makeup as a sort of night cream. I guess if you have super sensitive skin it might be a bad idea but I’ve been fine.It makes your face so incredibly soft which I’ve loved. Like someone else said the texture is like putty or dough but when you rub it in it has a very silky feeling and a little goes a long way.I have definitely noticed smaller pores and I have far fewer breakouts now as well. I have hair that I never put back or behind my hears so my jawline often breaks out and looks patchy but now the skin is almost completely clear. I’ve also felt like my forehead lines have become much finer since I started using this.Overall I would definitely keep using this and will be repurchasing.

Liza Dawson, MN

I won’t finish this or buy it again.

I don’t think this did anything at all. I got it to work on the blackheads on my nose. The container is cute, but unnecessarily large.

Kelley Springdale, AR

Very nice!

I’ve used a lot of primers and this is one of the best, especially for the price! The results are comparable to benefit’s pore primer (I forget the specific name of it).I think the packaging is adorable (and after I use up the product I’m keeping it for other things) and pretty sturdy.As for the product itself, as said, it compared to other high end brands. The smell is really nice (not terribly strong, and a nice citrus smell).I took a point off because the texture is kind of hard to work with–it’s very clumpy and I’ve had little clumps fall off, so I kind of wish they had included a little spatula or something for this (there is plenty of room inside the egg for one). This makes it slightly difficult to work with. Also, while it definitely smooths out skin it did relatively little for pores. They definitely smoothed out a bit, but nothing really much, I guess.It’s still pretty nice.

Maryann Merryville, LA

I like this

I use this mainly to blur my under-eye wrinkles. It works well and has a nice and light feel and decent smell. I have sensitive skin and it doesn’t seem to make me breakout as other products do. Overall, very pleased

Robert Fort Lauderdale, FL

Umm, hello? Where have you been all my life.

So I just got into primer balms in the last year and this is by far the best product I’ve used. Beats out Smashbox and elf and the several other face balms I’ve used. Between this and Etude’s House Precious BB Cream, my skin looks perfect enough for my 40 year old male boss to comment.

Rosanna Higden, AR

Interesting, but ultimately, caused a massive breakout.

I bought this bizarre little egg balm on a whim. I have a tendency to get blackheads on my nose, so I thought I’d give it a shot. I used it for about a week before I got two huge pimples on my nose! I hardly ever get pimples in that area, just black heads. I am prone to breakouts, so maybe this would be a fine product for someone else with less reactive pores. All I know, is that it definitely did not help clear up my skin at all. It actually seems to have contributed to a worse problem.

Kristi Tarlton, OH


The amount you receive is tiny, lots of room left in the container, but you use a VERY small amount. It goes on like velvet and the smell is luxurious, even though the scent doesn’t last more than a few seconds. This is an amazing product. It makes my foundation glide over the t-zone of pores.

Gena Aroda, VA

Blackheads. Where?

This product works wonders. I had a serious ploblem with blackheads around my lips and o my nose. They are all gone using this product twice a week. My skin also feels great

Shari Fall Creek, OR

love LOVE these eggs

love LOVE these eggs; they are so cute AND they work wonders! the white and brown ones are masks, which leave my face feeling soooooo soft and clean; the golden egg is like a wax that goes under your makeup to help hide your pores; I love it! highly recommend.

Margaret Donnellson, IL

Very smooth primer

I love this primer! Just a tiny dab covers my face and helps me stay matte all day. I’m kind of addicted to the texture; it feels like velvet! It helps BB cream go on smoothly. I appreciate the fact that it makes my pores look smaller, but I LOVE how it keeps my face from getting oily throughout the day. I have combination skin, and my forehead can start to look slick after a few hours without the right products. I feel like this primer is very gentle on my skin.My only word of caution: I suggest not using it on very dry or flaky areas. I have occasionally dry, flaky spots on my cheeks, and I notice that this primer actually exaggerates dryness and makes flakiness really stand out. I’d be sure to exfoliate and moisturize very well before trying it on dry skin.There isn’t that much product in the container, as others have pointed out, but you only need a tiny amount each time. I expect this primer to last several months. Love Tonymoly products. I’ll definitely purchase again!

Mary Briscoe, TX

jo jo baltimore

Very chic! A beautiful gold egg, which the product is housed at the bottom. Very putty like cream texture, and you only need to dot a little on large pores, it works !

Josefa Tracy, IA

Wonderful Primer

It’s very creamy and thick, and smells like very sweet lemons. When I rub it into my skin it fills my pores and makes my skin much smoother to work with. I usually only use this on days my pores are bigger because for me it doesn’t really work well as a primer.

Melisa Rock Glen, PA

I don’t know really

I just got the product and I’m really excited to try, but the dates underneath say 2013…. Idk if it’s expired or manufacturing date which makes me paranoid and concerned. If it’s expired I will definitely contact seller to send me new ones, but first I have to figure it out…sad cause I was excited to try it.

Rebecca Walpole, MA


The package came quicker than I expected, and each egg was tightly wrapped in bubble wrap and its own new box. I’ve only tried the balm so far, but from what I can tell it makes my skin super silky. I’m sooo excited to have these, finally!

Ronda Dunreith, IN


I just love this stuff, what exactly is it. Its texture is so airy and u feel the difference right away. My large open pores are filled instantly, glides smoothly, no more dry or oily areas, everything looks even. I just wish there was enough content inside this big egg, once you open it you’re shocked to see an oz. of balm inside. well for the price its awesome, but please make the egg bowl bigger and put more balm. I’ll be finished with it in no time.- Just another thing, i’ve been reading in reviews that this balm helps your skin permanently, not too sure about that, will have to try at least a month to see that kind of a difference. For now i use it after cleansing and moisturizing, i don’t do make up but this balm helps a whole lot in making my face look good. will update this review in a month. This is an awesome little egg, a must have, i’ve tried every single brand in sephora, nothing compares this balm. Give it a try girls, you’ll love it and don’t forget to recommend other people too; sharing is caring.

Camilla Las Vegas, NV

Best Primer ever!

This primer is wonderful. It goes on smoothly, it *actually* conceals pores, makes your skin feel soft, keeps dryness/flakiness away, and smooths out the look of acne/blackheads. I have extremely sensitive, dry skin and it does not cause any reaction or dry me out. After shipping and taxes this primer costs about $10, which is a steal. On previous primers I have spent between $30 and $60 and none of them were this good. I plan to keep this product in my makeup bag for as long as it remains on the market!

Isabel Columbia, CT

Some of the customers who review these products are most provencial……

First off, this product is a primer and not a cleanser. A smoothing balm is just that….a balm that helpswith pores and provides a very nice smooth surface for foundation application or just alone. The matte finishgives every woman that smooth polished finished we all want.I have used NARS and Bobbi Browns. Both are good and this one is just as good and a fraction of the cost.You won’t be disappointed. Try it.

Elise Taswell, IN

Two Stars

does not work at all! And the pore tightening pack causes me break outs!

Evangelina Pinehurst, GA