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TONYMOLY Egg Pore Shiny Skin Soap, 0.9 Ounce

Use the white egg first. Latter with warm water and massage on face. Then leave on for 15-20 minutes. Wash off with water. Do the same procedure for the brown egg except leave it on for 5 minutes less than the time it took on the white one. Use it 2 to 3 times a week.

Key features

  • Clear out blackhead and sebum control
  • Contains red clay, coconut oil and the white of an egg
  • The white egg.: whitening is to be used in the day , the brown egg: tightening is for the evening
  • Rich bubbles of the soap, controls sebum and skin wastes in pores. It makes skin silky and smooth with sufficient nutrients and moisture
  • Minimize pores egg soap

Honest reviews



Not something I would purchase again, didn’t see as good results as just using an egg white or yolk alone.

Georgina Seward, PA

not impressed

it makes my skin dry. my nose started peeling and i suspected it’s because of this. also it doesn’t appear to reduce blackhead.

Blanche Calumet City, IL

Does make pores appear smaller, but broke me out!

I’m 26 and my skin is on the drier end of combination. I’ve always been prone to blackheads and large pores but rarely have issues with larger, more noticeable forms of acne. I used this as directed with another cleanser at night to make sure I got all my makeup off before I used it.I have never had this many pimples at once in my entire life! Generally I break out a bit when changing my routine but I’ve used this soap for 3 weeks now and I’m still getting more!On the plus side, it did make my pores look smaller and my skin look tighter, and I may try using it once or twice a week and see what happens.

Randi East Thetford, VT

Adorable,and effective!

UPDATE 20131002: Oh well, I was hoping that these would do the trick. Spoke with a GF of mine who has been in the cosmetics industry for a long time, and she informed me that my skin is having issues retaining moisture, and that is why it was producing the oil. She got me on some hyaluronic acid toner and moisturizer. So far things have been going better. At least it is something that is still really cute though. Just wish it worked better with my skin.——-I am in my mid 30’s, and before I moved to Washington state, I always had normal skin. I had the blackheads, but my skin was normal. Guess it is the humidity or something up here. I dunno…Anyways my skin is NOW on the oily end of combo, and it is incredibly frustrating to wear makeup only to have my skin feel like ick. I got these adorable soaps because I need to get rid of these blackheads. I NEED to get my skin to stop feeling like it did when I was in my early teens.Imagine my surprise when I ordered them earlier this week, and they came on Thursday! So… Hip hip hurrah! H2 Dreams, you did a great job with shipping!Of course since I had just done my PT routine, and was about to take a shower, I thought that I would give the white one a go. I hopped on here real quick to see the procedure. which I will put down first then give my review…White Egg: Daytime. Doesnt foam like crazy, so you wont need much anyways, just get it all over your hands (or rotary brush), and apply. Leave for 15-20mins. Rinse, moisturize.Brown Egg: Nighttime. Once again, doesnt foam like crazy. Apply this stuff (it smells a bit stronger because it is), and leave only for ONLY 10 mins. Rinse, and moisturize.Well I did all of this yesterday, and currently have the white one on my face as I am typing this (what a wonderful way to kill time ehh?)…. BUT Before I did wash my face I noticed something. My face was NOT SHINY! I didnt do the usual thing of wiping down the sides of my nose with the inner part of my hand/thumb…. Could it be that this stuff is working?!So! As I said I am now sitting here with the white on my face. and so far…. I am so loving it!And I know this stuff is doing SOMETHING to the blackheads, because last night when I washed with the brown, and I put on my usual moisturizer…. well… let’s put it this way, I wasnt bright. The moisturizer that I use has bee venom in it for wrinkle prevention, and well… it burned LOL! SO! If you use a dead sea mineral line or anything like that (bee venom included!) use it in a few weeks perhaps. I dunno, I’ll try to remember to keep you folks posted!Anyways, thanks for reading my review, and if you have any questions dont be afraid to ask!

Gretchen Birchrunville, PA

pretty fab

At first the product was making me have minor breakouts, some REALLY good products will do that as they’re pulling all the gunk from in your pores. I don’t use this on a regular basis like I should but even when I was doing that it wasn’t like magic. It does do what it says it will, to a point. It helps to clear my pores and minimize future clogging so at least there aren’t as many building up but I still have to manually clear them out..

Carey Compton, AR


I’ve been using it for couple days, good feeling when washing, nice smell, clean face with smaller pores right after; will see what it can do on longer term

Shauna Tomball, TX

great at removing blackheads

this soap did a great job at removing blackheads, but i feel that it was too harsh for my skin. my skin felt rubbery after i had finish, like i washed off all my natural oils off (not a good feeling).

Marylou Saranac, NY

The cutest thing ever!

These eggs are so precious! I love the way they are packaged and smell! I have been using it for a week and i do notice most of my blackheads are becoming dried out and coming out so that is pretty cool. It is a nice face wash for acne prone skin so i definitely recommend!

Cecilia Cabery, IL

Amazing Results!

Now for those of you who are trying these two little eggys for the first time, you will experience breakouts for the first time use, BUT!! HOWEVER !!! .. it is natural that this happens dont be alarmed, these soaps are very powerful and will take out ALL OF YOUR FACIAL SEBUM IMPURITIES. so, with that being said, I just wanted to say that its not a big deal to break out at first use. when you continue to use the products as directed, the eggy soap will dry out those pimples anyways… and after 1 week of use, you begin to see your complextion a lot smoother, pores WILL reduce in size, and youll even have this amazing afterglow to your complextion. AGAIN this product is extremly effective so dont be alarmed if you see pimples on your first try of these soaps.The instructions are simple: You use the white egg in the morning foam it up on you face.. leave it on for about 5-10 min ( or when it dried)Then, you use the brown egg in the night time, same process let it foam up.. and leave until dry.This soap is only for people who have OILY skin..if you have DRY skin, Combination, or sensitive skin ,this soap is not for you.Other than that, These soaps are great !! They do exatly what it claims it does, I love Tony molys products! and I will very likely be purchasing this product again once I run out of the soapys which will take a while since these little soaps foam up really good xD !! Excellent quality !!

Chris Axtell, KS

Effective and so cute!

I’ve been using these soaps for a bit more than 2 weeks now, and I’m really satisfied with them c:The white soap is to clean your face in the morning, before applying your toner, cream or whatever you use.You have to lather with warm water and massage on your face. Then leave on for 15-20 minutes and wash off with water (warm or cold, it’s up to you).It smells very nice, lathers very well and leaves your face feeling fresh and clean.The brown soap is for the evening.I use it after cleansing my skin with a cleansing oil (I’m currently using the Real Art cleansing oil Fresh, from Etude House).Use it like the white one, but leave it only 10 minutes (as it is stronger than the white one), and then wash off with water.It has a stronger smell than the white one, but it smells lovely, so I don’t mind ^^Like the white soap, it leaves my skin clean and fresh, further removes make-up (even if there’s no left when using that oil), and really tightens the pores.To summarize ^^
• Both soaps have a very pleasant smell, which fades after rinsing (good point for those who dislike scented skincares or cosmetic).
• The soaps lather very well, so you don’t need to use too much each time, thus they should last for quite a long time.
• When left on the skin for some time, you will (should) feel a tingling sensation, which is just showing that it’s working actually ^^
• The pores are smaller and I far as I’m concerned it even soothes breakouts.
• However, it may dry your skin (it does with mine) so use a good moisturizer after using the soaps.!! Warning !!As it’s name indicates it is meant to clear out blackheads, so if you have clogged pores (as I realized I did O_o) be prepared to experience a temporary skin “purge”.Which means that your skin will get rid off all the blackheads/impurities, so you could end up having more spots/pimples that what you usually do (which is what happened to me ToT)BUT it is actually a good thing, because you need to get rid off everything clogging your pores, and the soaps will dry the pimples anyway, so they will stay maximum 2/3 days.But after a while (few days, depending on your skin) it will go back to normal, don’t worry!!Remember to moisturize your skin well in any case!!

Althea Sheboygan Falls, WI