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TONYMOLY Cats Wink Mascara – #1 Volume Longlash

Made in Korea

Key features

  • [2013 NEW UPGRADE] TONYMOLY Cats Wink Mascara
  • #1 Power Volume & Longlash
  • Weight 6.5 g
  • Cat character’s cute container highly vivid black color
  • offers sharp eyes cleansed by lukewarm water curling

Honest reviews


Such a cutely packaged product! But..

I bought this when going on a cute-asian-cosmetics-shopping-spree, so I didn’t really care about how the product actually performed, just about how cute the little black cat was. As for the mascara itself, it’s decent. Pretty clumpy during the first few times I used it, had to wipe a lot of product onto the sides of the tube before deciding to wipe the brush off onto a kleenex so I could actually use it without getting too much. Makes lashes look definitely volumized, not so much extra length. It’s very dark black, and doesn’t seem to fade throughout the day. Removes decently with babyoil eye makeup remover. Overall, alright for the price!

Denice Vershire, VT

Not thrilled…

The wand is a little too long and too straight. When I’m not getting mascara on my eyelids, I’m poking myself in the eye. The length and volume it gives my eye lashes is so so. I love Korean cosmetics and was on my 3rd bottle of Étude house’s 3 step volumecara when I went to order my 4th. I decided to try something new and bought this for the cute bottle and the rave reviews. I’ll be buying the Étude house mascara again.

Maggie Linn, WV

Best mascara I’ve ever tried

Don’t let the cutesy container fool you. This is great quality mascara. It coats and without clumping. It makes my lashes glossy, yet soft. It lengthens without giving tarantula lashes. It doesn’t smear, even on my oily lids. It doesn’t run when my eyes water. It doesn’t flake off. It comes off easily with makeup remover. It’s fabulous and I would buy again even if was twice the price.

Mindy Eglon, WV

Good Mascara

This mascara coats my lashes well, and it doesn’t seem to clump so far. I’ve only used it a few times, so I’ll give it more of a chance. But so far, so good. Cute packaging too!

Esmeralda Portland, OR

It’s ok.

I didn’t get much volume, but the brush is small and you can get the inner corners more easily. The cat cap is a cute touch.

Dorothea Carey, ID

Cute and perfect

This product came very fast since it came from Korea, the packaging is a cute cat, but it’s very functional. The brush is small so you can get all of your lashes, it doesn’t clump or burn. It stays on very long without flaking off, and when you wash it off it doesn’t run, it sort of like those fiber mascaras but not a thousand fibers. The lashes I get from it are thick and long depending how many coats I put on, Again, it doesn’t clump so it looks very natural. I love this mascara!

Lourdes Augusta, MI

Holy Moly its Tony Moly!!

I LALALALALALALALALA LOOOOOVE this mascara! it’s truly magic in a cute kitty tube! My lashes are always dull and plain no volume they jsut sit there. so i decided to give this a try and BAM! my lashes instanlty grew in lenth and volume they look like a model’s eyes on a magazine advertisement hahahaha i love it, it’s totally worth the wait. actually even though this was shipped from Korea and my eta date said about 1 month..i got this in like two weeks they ship pretty fast! im extremly happy and I am going order another tube!

Brenda Cisne, IL

New Favorite Mascara!

I absolutely love this mascara! First of all, it comes in such an adorable package! The mascara itself is very nice, and does not clump at all. Since this mascara is the same price as what I would pay at the store, I might as well get this one! Also came with extra sample packets of other products. Very much worth it!!!

Winifred Nenzel, NE

I have very sensitive eyes

and I have to be very careful of the products I use around my eyes. Sometimes eyeliner’s and mascara’s burn but I am soo thankful this wasn’t one of them! It made my eyelashes look very long and I love the packaging it comes it. Will definitely keep reordering!

Chasity Cache Junction, UT

TONYMOLY Cats Wink Mascara – #1 Volume Longlash

This mascara is for very short lashes, I have the typical short asian lashes and the mascara coats and lengthens my lashes evenly. With other American brand mascara, I could never coat my bottom lashes well enough because it would clump too much, the wand would touch my skin and create black spots, but with this product the wand is very small which was perfect for me. I wish they would have a water proof version as well 🙂

Laverne New Freedom, PA