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Tony Moly Lip Tint #1 Cherry Pink

Mini Tony Moly Lip Tint #1 Cherry pink Contains jojoba seed oil. Obsorbs quickly while moisturizing and regenerating the lip. * Tony Moly’s lip tint is worn by many celebrities in Korea including Goo Hye Sun on Boy Over Flower *

Key features

  • Tony Moly
  • lip tint
  • Cherry Pink
  • mini size

Honest reviews


Why so BIG?…

I was extremly shocked when i got this product…A) it arrived wayy before the eta that s greatB)the bottle was soooo tiny…it was lliterally the size of a cherry…so tiny i swear i laughed at its size…and C) the bottle was not filled up only came up to atleast half the bottle.i cant really say im satisfied with this product i mean its cute and all but its so tiny i didnt really get to enjoy it as i thought i would i can apply it maybe three or four times maybe five if im lucky..but thats it poof all gone…. WHEN THEY SAY MINI..THEY’RE NOT KIDDING!

Sonya Osceola, WI


like its a cute red 🙂 not so much on the pink side at all but the tint is cute and does stay on!!!!! love it wish there was more of a variety of colors though (pink) :p

Lilly Shafter, TX

You get what you pay for

When they say this is mini-size, they are not kidding. This bottle is about the size of a big gumbball. It comes in a plastic round container which, when I received it, was dented, but that wasn’t really a big problem.The bottle also comes with this applicator, as shown in the picture. Although the bottle looks really small, you only need a tiny amount of product to stain your lips–I just use one swipe for my bottom lip, and one swipe for my top lip. Gives it a nice berry red stain. I tried experimenting with it to see if it could also work as a cheek stain, but it looks very streaky and too red…so, uh, don’t do that.My biggest gripe with this stain is that it doesn’t last long enough. It seems like it goes away after a few hours, or after drinking or eating something. I found it to be bothersome to keep on reapplying it, and wished it had more lasting power. For the price, though, it’s a good deal and a decent lip tint/stain…just don’t expect it to be long-lasting. I’ll probably won’t order this again in the future.

Clarice Greene, NY


It’s a pretty color. It stays on. The only complaint I have is it tastes pretty bad (obviously you’re not supposed to taste it), but when you lick your lips a lot like me…lol!

Allison Elkville, IL


Great quallity item that goes a long way. I really like te color and the texture and it does last a long time. Makes me feel like a feme fatale.

Bobby Belle Rose, LA


This stain does work and I like it but it is indeed tiny about a gumball indeed. And as the other person you do not need a lot of it so may last a while too.

Lee Edmonton, KY