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Toni&Guy Classic Smoothing Lotion, 3.56 Fluid Ounce

Smooth frizz and static to create a polished style with TONI&GUY Classic Smoothing Lotion. This lotion conditions hair for soft, sleek-looking hair that shines. For best results, rub a walnut-size amount of product into dry or towel-dried hair. Smoothing Lotion Controls Frizz and Static TONI&GUY Classic Smoothing Lotion helps smooth frizz and static while conditioning your hair, resulting in soft locks with beautiful shine. To apply, rub a walnut-size amount of product into hands and spread evenly through length and ends of dry or towel-dried hair. Classic Collection from TONI&GUY The TONI&GUY Classic collection features styling products that help you create timeless styles with an air of elegance but twist of attitude. Perfect for the woman who wants a polished look, the collection includes Smoothing Lotion, Shine Gloss Serum, and Medium Hold Hairspray to create sleek waves, perfect ponytails or simply straight bobs. Three Styling Collections Deliver Versatile Looks to Match Your Wardrobe TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe features three fabulous fashion-inspired styling collections—Casual, Classic and Glamour. Whether you’re seeking timeless polished waves, pumped-up red carpet volume, or laid-back chic locks, you’ll find the right styling products to complete your look. Cutting-Edge Hair Care Tested on the Catwalk TONI&GUY has years of experience styling celebrities and top models and creating cutting-edge hair fashion trends. Tested backstage at international fashion shows, TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe’s collection of salon-quality hair care and styling products is the perfect way to help you update your look. TONI&GUY understands that when your hair and wardrobe work together, you can fully express your personal style. What’s in the Box TONI&GUY Classic Smoothing Lotion, 3.56 Ounces. TONI&GUY Classic Smoothing Lotion At a Glance: Smoothing lotion adds shine Reduces frizz and static Leaves hair feeling soft and sleek Helps you create polished hair styles Part of the TONI&GUY Classic collection

Key features

  • Conditions for smooth, sleek hold
  • Helps control frizz and static
  • Adds polish and shine
  • Leaves hair feeling soft
  • From the Toni&Guy classic collection

Honest reviews


Didn’t do much for me

I have thick, wavy hair and I used this and couldn’t see any difference. It smelled really nice but I can’t say I would recommend it for the purpose of smoothing!

Rosetta Centerview, MO

Nice results….

Really great product for coarse wavy hair! It tames the frizz very well, smooths the cuticle (makes hair shiny) and yet doesn’t weight my hair down or make it greasy looking. It also has a very fresh and pleasing fragrance. The only issue I had with this product was that it didn’t do quite a good enough job on the ends of my hair. After reapplying, I still wasn’t quite happy. Granted, I need a trim something fierce, but I do have another product that does a great job of taming flyaway ends. So I can only award this product 4 stars, due to the fact it doesn’t work as well on my ends as my Nexxus does. If your ends are healthy (or you’ve had a recent trim) it will probably be just fine.

Adrian Clendenin, WV

product good, costumer service not

The product does as intended by making my hair glossy and frizz free, without adding weight. However, the package I received had the tube cap hole fused with no hole. The cap was nearly impossible to use. I contacted the company and to date no response.

Vickie Barnard, KS

Not Sufficiently Smoothing for Super-Curly Hair

I have thick curly hair, which I do not blow-dry or straighten; I wear it naturally curly. This product did not seem strong enough to tame my kind of hair, although it did smooth it slightly. However, I do think it might work sufficiently for hair that is more wavy then curly, or for curly hair that has been flat-ironed. Since I tried it out in January, it is impossible to tell how it will work in the beach-side humidity of New England in August.

Mollie Etna, NY

Tames wild hair

My hair is thick and curly, in a word, a styling product challenge. But after applying this to towel-dried hair as directed, my hair is soft and my waves are tamed! The only quibble is that on application, it has a strong masculine scent that made me wonder for a moment if it were only for men. But that scent doesn’t linger too strongly though I wish it had a different scent.

Coleen Rail Road Flat, CA

Nice consistency, great on color treated hair

I have waist length, color treated hair and use some sort of smoothing product on it every day. From the first time I used this, I liked it. The consistency is as the label states – it’s a lotion and as such goes on nicely without any greasy feel or weight to it. It is not as thick as many smoothing products and absorbs more quickly than most I have used.After nearly a month of use, I can say that my hair definitely looks better and feels far more soft and smooth than before. I am getting tons more compliments on it as well so it is clearly making a difference.For the money, this is a good value compared to other salon brands.

Gertrude Sandy Ridge, NC

Lightweight control, curl definition, and shine!

I have layered, fine, naturally wavy hair. I can style it either straight or curly. I normally use hair gel on the ends of my damp hair before blow drying it, but I decided to try this instead of the gel.I like it! I was expecting it to be a very thick product that would make my hair so smooth that it would fall flat. But my hair got very nice volume, and my waves/curls have definition and are not frizzy. There’s a nice shine to my hair. I actually like it better than the hair gel I have been using. I’m sure it will work great when I straighten my hair as well.I also tried it on my daughter whose hair is similar to mine and it took away her frizzies and flyaways as well.The only negative thing I would say is that I used more of this than I expected to. It just soaked into my hair and I had to reapply. So I’m going to use this up faster than I expected. Also, it has a perfume/cologne scent to it. I have a few friends who have allergies to scents, so I do not wear perfume. I’m a little worried that the scent of my hair might bother their allergies.I would definitely recommend this product, it does what it claims to do.

Jody Yawkey, WV

Great for crazy, curly hair

People often say, Your hair looks good today. My response is, Wait until tomorrow because who knows what it will look like. I have a lot of fine, very curly hair that is hard to keep looking neat and well-kept. I’ve tried so many products I can’t keep track of them all. I’m now in love with Toni&Guy Smoothing Lotion. I’ve been using a silicone product for several years to tame my curls, but don’t like how it leaves my hair feeling slightly greasy, and it’s hard to wash out. Other products make make my hair look permanently wet or stiff. This Smoothing Lotion helps tame my curls while also giving them definition and controlling frizz. The perfect combo is the Smoothing Lotion with Toni&Guy Sea Salt Texturizing Spray. These are my new favorites.

Alma Empire, LA

They Cried Less

My daughter-in-law used this on my two youngest granddaughters’ very curly heads of hair.Their once-long curls were cut very short because they hated getting their hair combed–too much crying.Mom used the smoothing lotion on their hair and it made it soft, detangled their hair and made it soft..It also has a pleasant smell and smooth, creamy texture.

Fanny Mc Henry, MD

Expensive BUT Works!!

I love this product for the following reasons. It works for MY hair; leaves it very soft, a little shiny, tames the frizzies, and smells great. Maybe it won’t work on every hair type but it does for mine (long, fine, straight, frizzies). But, I have to fight my hubby for it since he loves it too and uses it to style his medium length hair by applying it and running his hands through his hair from front to back. He says it holds for hours. Either way we both love it and wish it wasn’t so expensive!

Shelby Norwich, KS

pretty good on dry hair

I have curly hair that becomes shapelessly frizzy when brushed, or in damp weather. This lotion did smooth things down pretty well when used after my hair was dry, but the directions said it could be used on damp hair too. When I tried it on towel dried hair (still wet), the result was mediocre compared to something like Frizz-ease serum. I would, therefore, use this Toni&Guy for dry hair touch-ups, but something else after a shower.

Marcy Rea, MO

The Emperor has No Clothes …

The fragrance here is epically off-putting. And, while I have no sensitivities/allergies to fragrance, anyone who does will want to smell this in-person to ensure that they will not have a negative reaction. For this reason alone, using this product became virtually impossible.I used this exactly two times. Having read some online reviews, I applied the product sparingly … and my long, wavy, hair still came out flat. The next time, I tried slightly less and ended up with the same lifeless hair. In both cases, I had to rewash my hair in order to feel comfortable leaving the house. What a waste of my time.Likewise, the low-end contents made me extremely nervous. At $15.00, I expect high-quality, safe contents. This tube went directly into the refuse bin.If you are seeking a smoothing lotion that you can feel good about, tryALTERNA BAMBOO Smooth Kendi Oil Dry Oil Mist. It is a slightly steeper investment … but it will last you for years and the natural contents will let you sleep better at night!

Fern Berwick, PA

Great leave in product!

Love this leave in product! Makes my hair soft, smooth and shiny without weighing it down (which is a problem for my fine hair). Only downside, the lotion is very thin, so when you open the bottle upside-down, like it’s designed, it drips out so have your hand ready!

Candace Richmond, ME


While there are many better brands out there, this is pretty decent and works well, not heavy nor greasy at all, works in really easily and lasts.

Noemi Ohio City, OH

Worked great for my long hair, didn’t make it greasy

I love this stuff! I have thick, butt length hair. So I rarely put in the time to blowdry it, but want it to look good when I do. I smoothed some of this in my hair when it was damp, prior to doing a brush blowdry. It looked great, and definitely sleeker than usual. I wanted it to look extra good for date night, so I also smoothed in a little more before I flatironed my hair and it looked amazing! Soft, smooth, and shiny. I also love that this didn’t make my hair feel gross and also didn’t make it greasy – I usually only wash my hair every other day since there is so much of it, and it looked jut as good with no grease on day 2! Definitely recommend.I had a smell sensitivity issue with the T&G; sea salt spray, but no problems with this.

Dorothy Hermosa Beach, CA

Not Impressed with This Brand

A word of caution: Slowly squeeze a small amount of product into the palm of your hand; it’s a very light, sticky lotion or conditioner consistency, but it will flow out really fast if you aren’t careful. Also, a little product goes a long way, so I suggest using a dime size amount at the minimum and then adjusting as you feel necessary on subsequent uses.I used the smoothing lotion in addition to the volumizing whip and discovered very quickly that it was a mistake to use both of them together. When I did, my hair became extremely flat and I hated the way it felt dry when I would run my fingers through it. After trying both of the products separately from one another, the smoothing lotion seemed to work well on its own.But I don’t think it’s a good product if it can’t still do its job when it’s being used with other products—especially ones from the same hair care line. I’m rating this one a star higher than the volumizing whip only because it does work and my hair doesn’t feel too sticky after it’s dry.

Rebekah Hobart, NY

Not really worth the nothing

It’s strongly scenting in some unidentifiable unisex fragrance. Not bad, but nothing amazing either. My hair really absorbed this and wasn’t weighed down by it. My hair was soft and shiny afterwards (as it is with most conditioners and lotions), but retained its normal frizzyness. I’m already working larger than a quarter sized dollop into my hair and not seeing obvious results. Not really worth the money.

Kathrine Malo, WA

Better on the Shih Tzu before brushing than on me

The key to using the Toni&Guy Classic Smoothing Lotion is to use a very small amount. On my hair, the results are continuously poor, with a weighty feel and scent that is offputting, but when used to assist in the brushing of my Shih Tzu, if I simply put a teensy bit on my hands, rubbing them together and then petting the dog, I can achieve a result with less static than without the product. I don’t care for the scent on her either, but since it’s not as close to my nose, the fragrance doesn’t offend me as much as when it’s on my own head. Additionally, the tube is much larger than the three and a half ounces of lotion it holds, so I wondered if the tube I’d received might have leaked in the package. There is no protective seal on the tube, so my rating knocked off a star from an average to a below average review of the product. For the price, it should have a seal. None of the listed ingredients are high end and the tube is simple.

Iris Inwood, IA

Pretty good product for a natural look

I have thin somewhat wavy hair with a lot of split ends that make it look frizzier than it is. This product definitely keeps the flyaways in check, but my hair looks a little flat and lifeless. This product does not add any shine. My first thought was, "Good product for a guy."It works well giving a little bit of hold to an air dried style. It’s natural looking and leaves absolutely no residue. At first there’s quite a bit of a fruity non-descript scent from this product but it fades quickly (thank goodness). It’s not a bad smell, but other Toni & Guy products I’ve tried were less strongly scented, which I appreciate.I was going to give this a solid neither love nor hate three star review, but I thought better of it. It’s unusual to have a product like this leave so little residue. My hair feels really great, actually. It’s run your hands through it feeling good, which is always a good thing!

Hollie Ovett, MS

smoothing & conditioning is a nice combo in a product

I have fine blonde hair and I used the smallest amount on damp hair before blow-drying, and I was pleased with how silky my hair was once dry. My Sister in law has thick black hair and this worked magic on her hair. You have to start with small amounts and build more product in, otherwise it will make your hair greasy – just like any other cream like this, really. I think this is a great product, because it worked on fine thin hair as well as thicker, curly hair.

Evangeline East Branch, NY

Terrific product

I live in the South and with my curly hair it tends to frizz. I decided to try Tony&Guy Classic Smoothing Lotion to see if it could tame that. I’m happy to report that is works perfectly! I use about a dime size drop (bottle says walnut-sized) and massage it into my towel dried hair. I do not blow dry my hair, but let it dry naturally, and the product really does seem to help with the fly-aways and frizziness. Easily recommended.

Susana Soap Lake, WA

Confession of a Hair Products Junkie…

Hello. My name is Leah Marie and I am a bit of a hair products junkie. It started when I hit puberty. First, I would pilfer my mother’s products. Soon, I was a complete addict – spending all of my babysitting money on gels and mousses.• Shampoos• Clarifiers• Conditioners• Glosses• Glazes• Temporary color• Leave-in conditioners• Smoothers, thickening spray, beach hair spray……I’ve tried it all.I have my favorites (like Hemp’s now-discontinued orange shine spray and Aveda’s Damage Remedy), but I am too liberal to remain beholden to one line.I ordered this product because I was mega impressed with Toni and Guy’s Leave-in Conditioner (fabulous scent, leaves hair soft and manageable, half the price of Aveda’s Damage Remedy). I like this product but not as much as Hemp’s Smoothing Spray. First, I prefer a spray product so I can spray it on my brush and distribute it more evenly. Second, this product smells good, is reasonably priced, and works well, but if you are a wee too heavy-handed you will end up with greasy, weighed down tresses. I made that mistake before an important portrait session and deeply regretted it when I got back the pictures: oily bangs are SO unsexy.I am glad I tried this product – but I don’t think I would grab for it before other smoothing products.

Juliana Langley, KY

Just dreadful!

I really hated this stuff. I couldn’t even bear to use it more than once. It smells so strange! It’s NOT something I want my hair to smell like. And I have pretty thin, fragile hair, prone to breaking, and I thought this might help smooth out some of it, but it really didn’t. My hair was just so flat and lifeless.I have never disliked a hair care product so much. I would NOT ever buy this in the future.

Benita Sudan, TX

Aromatic, liquidy stuff does the trick

I don’t have the thick, curly, out-of-control hair a lot of folks who use this stuff have, but when my hair is longer it does go into full-on frizzy or "dry flyaway" mode. Using the product has helped that quite a bit, it really does what it’s advertised to do.The directions tell you to use a "walnut-sized" amount. My first surprise was when this comes out of the tube it’s much more "liquidy" thank I would have expected from lotion. There’s no way to really gauge you’re using a walnut-sized amount, but if you have a lot of hair, a walnut-sized amount seems less than adequate. However, by spreading it around on my hands before grabbing my hair, I was surprised at how little of this stuff is needed to do the job. That helps, since it’s a bit on the pricy side.Beyond that, the smell is a little overpowering. If you can find this stuff in a store or salon and smell it before buying online or otherwise, you might be better off.

Alejandra Big Pine Key, FL

Good But Not Perfect

I’ve tried so many products. I have paid for expensive specialized hair salon exclusives and commercial products such as Biosilk, Aveda, etc., but I have not found one that really does the trick. This product is good so let me count the ways. It is not thick and gooey, but liquid-like (silky almost) and not too greasy. I have lots of thin hair that can be quite frizzy, especially if it’s not blown perfectly. So I tried Toni&Guy;, I love the name.Of course, I always expect a miracle. This product is no miracle but a better variation on the theme. My hair is shiny and looks tamer. However, it did not grab the ends and give them a smooth look. It eliminated some of the scraggly ends when I first applied it but then the ends became unruly in a few minutes. Next time, I will apply more, especially in damp hot or cold weather. I will use the product and adjust the amounts each time to possibly give me better results.

Debora Anaktuvuk Pass, AK

Okay product but intolerable scent

First, scent is very subjective thing, and I’m not usually over-sensitive to it, but I am female and this product leaves my hair smelling like men’s deoderant. I tried to find out if this is intended specifically for men, but it doesn’t seem to be. It is way too strong and too masculine smelling for me.I have thick wavy brunette hair prone to some frizzing, and this product does seem to offer some noticeable smoothing benefits. It is non-greasy and moisturizing, and is has a relatively reasonable price. I would recommend it if it not for the smell. It may not be offensive to others though, so give it a try if you don’t mind heavy masculine scents.

Annie Felt, ID

A smooth finish that lasts…

…until your next shampoo. I like Toni & Guy products and salons. This is a bit pricey as opposed to similar products for 3.56 ounces. Recommended usage is about a dollop the size of a walnut, but I get by with less. My hair is on the shorter side. It does keep the frizz tamed, and the hair responds well to a curling iron or brush afterwards, looking sleeker and smoother.I have only used it on towel-dried hair that is damp. It stays smooth and tangle free without feeling heavy, and the shine lasts too. Thumbs up!

Norma North Street, MI

Lightweight and nice shine. Helped with frizzed gray hair, too.

I tried this out while visiting the East Coast during the recent freeze. My skin was dry and my short, gray hair frizzed. This worked very well on my hair- I used a small grape-sized amount on damp hair. The shorter pieces lay flat, the texture was softer, and my hair had a nice shine to it.True story: First day I used this, some guy came up to me at a restaurant and said I had "lovely hair- just beautiful." My mom and I had a good laugh and she said it was because of the hair cream.

Lesley Wayzata, MN

Very nice shine, control and smoothing

I have waist length hair, no dye or processing, that is half gray and half brunette. The gray hair is more coarse and hard to control. My brunette hair is fine and flyaway. When I have important presentations, I usually just wear it up but today I opted for keeping my hair down. My test to this product was that it provided control and shine. It has succeeded better than I had hoped.After washing/towel drying my hair I put the product in my hands and wove it though my hair, then combed. The product is thinner than I had anticipated. I needed to comb and brush through again as it dried because it dried hard in some spots. After my hair was completely dry and brushed out, there was far more shine than usual and much better flyaway control. My hair also looked like a unified ‘one’ instead of gray here, brown there.The impact lasts all day for me. There is no discernible scent on my hair. This product costs a bit more than I would normally spend but it is thin enough to get many uses. I’d definitely purchase it and an very pleased with the results.

Chris Pennington, TX

Worked pretty well

I have weird hair. Seriously…it’s nice and wavy on top layers and kinky curly on the under layers. It’s hard to smooth out the under layers of my hair. The top can look great and the bottom all frizzy and bushy. That said, this product did a pretty good job of taming the curly tresses. There was still some frizz and it wasn’t completely smooth but this is as close as I’m going to get without using a flat iron (which dries my hair out too much). I would purchase this and use again

Tamara Gypsum, KS