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Toni & Guy Shampoo for Damaged Hair, 8.5 oz

Give weak, damaged hair the special attention it deserves with TONI&GUY Cleanse Shampoo for Damaged Hair. Part of the TONI&GUY Cleanse & Nourish collection, this gentle shampoo repairs, softens, and fortifies damaged hair to help restore it to healthy-looking. Use with TONI&GUY Conditioner for Damaged Hair for the best results. Specially Formulated for Damaged Hair Designed especially for hair prone to breakage and dullness, this cleansing shampoo repairs and fortifies damaged locks, resulting in soft, healthy-looking hair. For the best results, follow with TONI&GUY Nourish Conditioner for Damaged Hair. Targeted Care for Any Hair Type Whether your hair is normal, fine, dry, or damaged, the TONI&GUY Cleanse & Nourish collection has a shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated to help your hair look its best. Cutting-Edge Hair Care Tested on the Catwalk TONI&GUY has years of experience styling celebrities and top models and creating cutting-edge hair fashion trends. Tested backstage at international fashion shows, TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe’s collection of salon-quality hair care and styling products is the perfect way to help you update your look. TONI&GUY understands that when your hair and wardrobe work together, you can fully express your personal style. What’s in the Box TONI&GUY Cleanse Shampoo for Damaged Hair, 8.5 Fluid Ounces. TONI&GUY Cleanse Shampoo for Damaged Hair At a Glance: Gentle cleansing shampoo for damaged hair Repairs, fortifies, and softens weak hair Helps prevent dullness and breakage Follow with TONI&GUY Nourish Conditioner for Damaged Hair Part of the Cleanse & Nourish collection

Key features

  • For weak, damaged hair requiring special attention
  • Helps prevent breakage and dullness
  • Leaves hair soft- and healthy-looking
  • Use with Toni&Guy conditioner for damaged hair
  • From the Toni&Guy cleanse and nourish collection

Honest reviews


Silky, Soft, Sexy Hair After The First Use

I’ve used numerous shampoos for colored hair that were pretty mediocre. This shampoo however really impressed me. I could tell my hair was more nourished and moisturized after the first use. By the second use my hair was completely silky and soft. I use this shampoo along with the conditioner for damaged hair. Together they work very well. I will however say that you will have to sacrifice on volume. The shampoo and conditioner really smooth the hair down and make your hair more manageable. Once you try this shampoo it will be difficult to go back to using anything else.~The Rebecca Review

Sierra Mimbres, NM


I like the design of the bottle. It took me a few tries to know how to open it.Smell is important. It has a hint of musky smell but more of chemical smells. Overall, I don’t dislike it. But, it is important for me to actually like the smell enough to buy the shampoo.I can feel the shampoo moisturizing my hair as soon as I rinse it off. But, it does weigh down and flatten my hair, which I do avoid when I choose shampoo.I believe that this shampoo would serve very damaged hair much better than normal and healthy hair like mine. Mine is on the dry side and is fine. I thought it would benefit my hair type but it did not, as it completely takes away the volume of my hair.

Brandi Sulphur Bluff, TX

Moisture Without Weight

I am not a fan of creamy shampoos, despite having dry hair. The result is generally flat and clumpy. Somehow, this Toni&Guy; shampoo didn’t do that. My hair is soft and not frizzy, while retaining a good amount of volume. I also like the almost nonexistent smell, which is similar to other "natural" men’s fragrances. Finally, the way it opens is just cool.If you have hair that needs serious conditioning, this may not be the right product, but it works well for hair that is suffering from seasonal dryness without making it look like it was soaked in fabric softener.

Deann South Lee, MA

LOVE this shampoo

I am reviewing the Toni&Guy Cleanse Shampoo for Damaged Hair. Over the years of continual hair coloring, my hair has not been in the greatest shape. I have tried quite a few shampoo, all of them have left my scalp quite itchy until I tried this one. The Shampoo is very soft and has a luxurious feeling. It has left my hair much easier to manage and I am even beginning to see more volume to my hair. To be fair, I haven’t tried all that long and will likely give an update soon. Love this though, I would highly recommend trying it!

Imelda Fort Pierce, FL

nice light shampoo, great scent, heavy shine

I was surprised at how nice this shampoo was….it has a simple, almost negligible scent, but the thing I really like is the shine afterwards. Perhaps because I’ve been rinsing my hair in cold water, but with this shampoo, I’m noticing nice shine on my damaged hair.Another thing I’ve noticed is that this one doesn’t run into my eyes and sting like other shampoos, it stays on my hair and roots and lets me leave it a bit without running. It doesn’t take much to do my long hair, so I think this will last just as long as bigger bottles of shampoo.

Kristie Westford, MA

Good results, bad scent

I’ve used this shampoo for almost a week and my hair is responding to it well. It’s been a really dry winter and my previous shampoo seemed to be leaching any moisture out of my hair. I’m using both the Toni & Guy Shampoo and Conditioner for Damage Hair and I’ve noted a marked increase in moisture. My one complain is the smell. These products smell like cheap perfume. I far prefer the more modern, herbal scents of products like Aveda. Fortunately, the smell doesn’t seem to last.

Paige Ephraim, WI

Cleans well

I have sort of mixed feelings about Toni&Guy (to be called T&G from here forward) First, I like the bottle and the way the lid works, you push down one side and it pops up the other. The scent is a little masculine. I suppose it’s a nice change from the flowers and floral. The shampoo has a nice consistency and lathers nicely. After sudsing it rinsed out quickly and left no residue. I tried it without conditioner and no, for my dry frizzy hard to manage mop it needs some loving after shampooing. Still, it wasn’t terribly out of control so if you have normal hair it would probably be fine not to follow with conditioner.

Bessie Burdett, KS

Cleans, but Nothing Special

I’ve used this shampoo for a few weeks now and haven’t noticed any significant change to my hair. It cleans well, it has a light scent when washing, but the scent doesn’t last at all after rinsing the product out. I have used it both with and without conditioner, and the one benefit is that it still leaves my hair manageable even without conditioner being used afterwards.

Reyna Greenleaf, WI

Good, but not great

I feel like I’m constantly trying new shampoos and hair care products in hopes of finding that one "silver bullet" that will transform my hair in some cool new way. This is my first try with Toni&Guy;, and while I don’t regret it, it’s not the magic elixir I hoped it might be.The shampoo lathers well, rinses easily and has a reasonable degree of fragrance, and it seems like it makes a good day-to-day shampoo for those with dry or brittle hair. Unfortunately, it doesn’t leave my hair feeling softer, shinier or silkier than most other brands, so it’s hard to get too excited over it.The price is fair and a little goes a long way, so I suppose it’s worth a try.

Brianna Forest Park, GA

Elixer for damage

I have damaged hair, on purpose. I have abused my hair for years by dyeing it and using hair dryers, straighteners, curlers, crimpers and massive amounts of products in it. This Shampoo really does what it says and my hair feels so much more healthier using it. It smells so amazing as well, which is important!

Stacy Afton, MN

Results not immediately obvious

I got the shampoo and conditioner with the hope of de-frizzing my hair and working on my breaking ends. I’ve been using the system for about two weeks with the occasional break (I don’t shampoo my hair every day). I have color treated, fine hair that is prone to frizz.The first day I tried it, I skipped my styling products. I don’t use a lot, just mousse and a de-frizz cream. My hair stayed decently calm without the help, but had a bit of fluff at the ends.A few days later, I used it again without styling products. Again, slight fluff, but not bad.The next time I used it, I did put styling products in my hair. My curls were nice and defined without a lot of fluff.The biggest thing I’ve noticed since using this product is that the ends look and feel stronger. My hair feels smooth and I don’t see the normal breakage. It isn’t a dramatic change and I know I’m going to be due for a haircut soon, but it is good.I will add that my daughter used the shampoo and conditioner on her extensions and said it didn’t help. So, probably not the best product for extensions.

Ila Rochester, VT

works well

I have dry, color treated hair so I thought I would give this shampoo a try. It does a good job of cleansing my hair and it rinses clear. It has a mild, pleasant fragrance. I had no problems with this shampoo, but I did not feel it was superior to the cheaper shampoos I have tried.

Mavis Java, VA

Really liked it

The bottle itself is in shape and proportion like a slightly small tube of caulk. That made me like it. To me it was only a little strange "opening" it, because one presses one side of the top and the other side pops up just a little. But that makes it great to close – just push the raised half of the top down and it clicks shut.This shampoo lathers well. It rinses out nicely. Hair truly feels soft afterwards.The fragrance is to me like tangerines.

Terri Crestline, KS

Nice scent, but nothing spectacular in terms of performance

This has a very nice scent – not too floral, but not “soapy” smelling either. It’s more on the herbal side of the scent spectrum but not strongly scented. Hits that good middle ground in terms of scent.It lathers well and rinses clean. I can’t say it works any better than other premium shampoos, and not even better than an upscale store brand shampoo. It works well, but considering the cost for such a small bottle, I was underwhelmed with regard to performance.

Carlene Holderness, NH

Leaves my hair soft and clean but I don’t like the bottle and the floral scent is a little much

This shampoo comes in a rather small 8.5 ounce bottle. Given the small size of the bottle it’s more expensive than most shampoo that I use.I don’t really care for the bottle that it’s in. It was extremely hard to open the first time that I used it. You push one side of the lid down and the other one pops up. I had to push so hard that when it finally popped up it shot totally out of the bottle. Now it doesn’t really ever seem to stay closed right. The bottle just seems cheap to me.The shampoo itself lathers up good and it leaves my hair feeling clean and soft. It doesn’t take a lot of shampoo to create lots of suds. It has a very strong floral scent that I could do without. I usually prefer a fruit scent or even some type of fragrance but this strong floral scent is a little much for me. Women or Men could use this shampoo but I think the scent is aimed toward Women.

Edith Sabinsville, PA

Makes My Hair Feel Like Someone Else’s

I have thick, coarse hair. It has never been soft and silky. A straightening iron helps my hair feel smoother but that’s the only thing that has really ever helped. I’ve tried dozens of shampoos in my lifetime but they are all about the same. Some lather better than others, some better than others but they are pretty much the same. I usually just choose one that goes with the conditioner that I’m using. I’ve always believed that the shampoo you use doesn’t matter as much as the conditioner.Enter – Toni&Guy; Cleanse Shampoo for Damaged Hair. Oh. My. Goodness. This stuff is amazing. I used it in conjunction with the conditioner but I could tell something was going on when I put the shampoo on my hair in the shower. It immediately felt softer. My hair felt smaller too. No one will understand what that means unless you have thick, coarse hair. There is so much of my hair that I feel like it’s huge. It’s just so big and coarse. As soon as I applied the shampoo and started distributing it around my hair, my hair felt soft, smooth and like it wasn’t so big and fluffy.I used the conditioner also and when I got out of the shower and fixed my hair I couldn’t believe it. I seriously have never had my hair so sleek and soft. It’s amazing.I like brands like Pantene, Garnier and Suave but usually just choose the ones that smell good and make my hair look not so frizzy but I’ve never used shampoo that transformed it like the Toni&Guy; has.I’m hooked.

Essie Springer, OK

Not suitable for colored hair

For the first few times I used this shampoo, I had a hard time with the smell. It’s quite strong and it smells a little too manly for me. The shampoo cleansed my hair and may have repaired damage but because it contains sulfates, it also did no favors to my color-treated hair. If they removed the sulfates and gave it a milder smell, I would be much happier with it.

Paula Hilbert, WI


I was very pleased with this product and used both the shampoo and conditioner1. The shape and size of the bottles were easy to open and handle in the shower2. The fragrance was not overwhelming lingering in my hair3. I have medium length hair and only needed a small amount of either the shampoo or conditioner4. My hair was "squeaky" clean so there is no residue still clinging5. Left my hair soft and easy to manage6. My hair did not require washing every dayWould definitely recommend this product!

Alba Hickman, KY

Chemical Smell, Flat Hair …

Foremost, I am accustom to shampoos and conditioners that greet me with a fruity scent, a fresh fragrance, or even a bit of a candy aroma. This shampoo had a chemical odor that I found off-putting and worrisome. It dissipated quickly, but I couldn’t help but think that this is the reason why I often use more natural products like Lavanila, Hempz, and Pacifica products (they do seem to inspire a certain “peace of mind”).Although there was a thick lather and the product seemed to rinse clean, my hair was left stringy and flat. Definitely not how it usually looks. Maybe the results would differ if I had tried the accompanying conditioner with it? (I wish they offered a travel set for consumers to sample before fully investing in the larger bottles). If you try the set (shampoo with matching conditioner) and have different results, please feel free to comment. (I am hesitant to purchase it right now since I fear it may be a waste of money).As it stands, concern resides with the odor. Following that, I’m not fond of the way it makes my hair appear unclean. For this price, the results are disappointing.I will try it will a few different conditioners over the next two weeks and update this post if the results are better.

Dorthy Hettinger, ND

Filthy clean

This is a great product, truly "rich" in several senses of the word, from the intense thick lather – only a dollop is needed – to the deep cleaning that also deeply conditions, to its luxurious cinnamon scent. Incredibly nice shampoo.

Rachelle Webb, MS

It lathers well and rinses clean the top two things a shampoo must have

It didn’t dry out my (50 year old, curly, Irish, trimmed every other month), hair more than any other product. The scent was light and pleasing, hard for me to place, floral I guess. I like a citrus or my favorite Paul Mitchell line of product scent. The bottle was super easy to use, it’s not a thick shampoo so it is easy to pour out when full and the top unscrews easily when you get to the bottom on the bottle so you can use it all.

Freida Leesport, PA

Great product!

Toni&Guy Cleanse Shampoo for Damaged Hair really does what it says. The hair that it was used on was brittle and frizzy and after using this shampoo it became soft and manageable. Great product!

Melody Conway, MO

Nice guy shampoo

This works great for my son who has curly hair. It smell nice and makes it easy to manage. I would recommend it to any guys you know.

Britney Joes, CO

Nice to use, no noticeable difference

This is a very pleasant shampoo to use — it’s a lovely opalescent white, with a light, slightly lemony scent. It lathers up and cleans well, but I didn’t notice any "healing" difference.

Jayne Jonesville, MI

Really good shampoo!

I have used this for three weeks now. It’s really good shampoo. Really, really good. I have thin straight hair that tends to be dry and brittle, but also tends to look greasy very easily. I’m white, with pretty much nothing else (some American Indian way back). I do not have good hair – it’s not naturally my best feature. That’s my hair type. This shampoo does not dry my hair or damage it. I feel that I am avoiding split ends longer. Also, my hair looks much better with this shampoo than with almost anything I have tried. This is now one of my top three hair products. For thin straight hair that tends to get dry, this is a very good shampoo.

Aisha Stevenson Ranch, CA

love it

I have thick, coarse, dry, naturally wavy/curly, virgin hair that I flat iron daily and wash twice weekly. It is hard to find a good shampoo that gets my roots clean and my ends conditioned – it’s a tough balance. I have tried all sorts of crazy expensive shampoos to just semi-expensive and a mix of the two. From Bed Head (which was the same brand as Toni & Guy), Kerastase, Pureology, Paul Mitchell, Alterna, Bumble, Aveda, literally the list goes on…I actually really liked Bed Head shampoo so I was not shocked that I like this shampoo so much. It cleans my hair and removes all the build up and leaves it silky smooth. I can go 3-4 days without it looking greasy or weighed down. I literally have no complaints about this shampoo. It’s now my go to shampoo and conditioner (The Toni&Guy; Cleanse Conditioner) and I will continue to buy it. Love Love Love!

Tina Danvers, MA


I was very pleased with the Toni and Guy Cleanse shampoo for damaged hair. It made a gorgeous lather that even felt moisturizing while sudsing up. The smell is nice enough. It’s unisex and fades quickly.But this really left my hair moisturized. I have wiry grey hair now. That transition has been a little challenging. By my unruly hair loved this stuff. It left it softer without weighting it down.If you have dry, damaged, or coarse hair this is a great shampoo.

Rosalind Chesterfield, NH

Great product!

I have straight hair that takes alot of product to style so I am always excited to try something new-sometimes it works out sometimes it doesn’t. The first thing I check for is smell and this had a nice smell that lasted all day long. Made my hair refreshing and manageable after I used it. The price is a little high for only a 8.5 ounce amount but I liked the product.Would use again!

Candace Lewisburg, WV

Quality conditioning shampoo

This Toni&Guy shampoo worked okay for my dry hair. I tried this product because I color my hair regularly, as well as blow dry and flat iron. The ends of my hair have become dry, so I thought I would give this a try. I found it to be a little heavy on my hair, making it somewhat flat looking. It has a nice, mild smell to it. I actually like Toni&Guys conditioner better than the shampoo.

Jocelyn Willseyville, NY

Leaves my hair looking fantastic

The first time I used the Cleanse Shampoo and Conditioner I felt like it wasn’t washing out of my hair all the way. When I dried my hair, it felt heat and weighed down by the product. After it was dried though it truly looked amazing. My hair laid well, styled easily and had less frizz. The style lasted 3 days before I washed again without looking greasy, which I appreciated, being a mom that can’t get a hair washing in everyday.The product dispenses nicely, and will last quite a long time as a little bit goes a long way. The shampoo foams just enough to make you feel the cleaning. The conditioner is very thick and coats your hair completely. It has a bit of a masculine scent to it, but it doesn’t linger and didn’t bother me.Overall I really loved the Toni&Guy; line.

Felicia Laurel, NY