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Toni & Guy Sea Salt Spray, Casual 6.8 Fl oz

Create a beachy, lived-in look with TONI&GUY Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray. Ideal for all hair types, this sea salt spray adds texture and body to hair while giving you light hold. Apply evenly from root to tip to create tousled waves with natural movement. Sea Salt Spray for Beachy Look TONI&GUY Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray creates tousled, full-bodied waves with a light hold that allows natural movement. The spray works on all hair types. Simply apply evenly from root to tip on towel-dried or dry hair and work through to achieve that beachy, lived-in style. Casual Collection from TONI&GUY The TONI&GUY Casual collection features styling products that create loose, textured, carefree looks with a lived-in feeling—perfect if you want to look effortlessly cool and sexy. The collection includes Sculpting Powder, Forming Spray Gel, Flexible Hold Hairspray, and Sea Salt Texturising Spray. Three Styling Collections Deliver Versatile Looks to Match Your Wardrobe TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe features three fabulous fashion-inspired styling collections—Casual, Classic, and Glamour. Whether you’re seeking timeless polished waves, pumped-up red carpet volume or laid-back chic, you’ll find the right styling products to complete your look. Cutting-Edge Hair Care Tested on the Catwalk TONI&GUY has years of experience styling celebrities and top models and creating cutting-edge hair fashion trends. Tested backstage at international fashion shows, TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe’s collection of salon-quality hair care and styling products is the perfect way to help you update your look. TONI&GUY understands that when your hair and wardrobe work together, you can fully express your personal style. What’s in the Box TONI&GUY Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray, 6.8 Fluid Ounces. TONI&GUY Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray At a Glance: Sea salt spray for beachy, lived-in look Creates tousled, casual waves Adds texture and body with light hold Works on all hair types Part of the TONI&GUY Casual collection

Key features

  • Adds texture and body for a lived-in beach look
  • Create tousled, relaxed waves
  • Provides light hold and natural movement
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • From the Toni&Guy casual collection

Honest reviews


Works Well, But…

The purpose of sea salt sprays is to give you poofy, wind-swept hair, as opposed to sleek, glossy hair (think Shakira vs. Demi Moore or Courtney Cox). They emphasize your natural texture, but don’t give you something you don’t have.My hair is long, thick and curly. I sprayed this on towel-dried hair, and let it air dry. The result was really, really big hair with soft curls. Sort of like what happens at the beach, minus the frizz and tackiness. I did have to touch up a few areas with a curling iron, but that’s my hair and not the fault of the spray.The reasons I say "works well, but.." are:1) The Scent. My goodness, this is over-powering, bordering on the offensive. I could smell it all day and didn’t like it.2) Preservatives. This is loaded with parabens — methylparaben, ethylparaben, butylparaben, propylparaben, and isobutylparaben. Many cosmetic and toiletry products are eliminating this controversial ingredient.In conclusion, it works as advertised, so buy it if you don’t mind a strong smell and aren’t concerned about the type of preservatives used.

Sharron Bruceton, TN

Excellent except for the smell

Like other reviewers, I find this texturising spray to work very well. I have a lot of very fine, short hair. I use texturizing sprays too help manage my mane, which can get a little unruly depending on the conditions (e.g., moisture in the air, wind, etc.). I’ve been using this spray for a few, blustery days and it’s working well. The hold isn’t too stiff and lasts all day. I can do without the perfume smell; however, I have noticed that it doesn’t seem to be as pronounced once it’s applied and doesn’t bother me throughout the day like some other products have. Overall I think this product is excellent considering it’s about half the price of similar sprays.

Marina Model, CO

Create Pretty Beach Hair for Summer or Spring Break

I have shoulder-length hair with quite a lot of natural wave. I washed/conditioned my hair with a “volume” shampoo/conditioner, towel dried, combed, put a dab of argan oil all over my hair, lightly sprayed with this texturising spray from root to tip & blew my hair dry using a diffuser on my blow dryer. I twist my hair & hold the diffuser over the twist to help the hair curl/wave more. I don’t fully dry the hair; just leave a little dampness.Do not brush your hair if you want the curls/waves to stay. Just very lightly use a wide tooth comb to neaten the hair. This spray really worked well at giving that air dried/beachy look & helped it hold all day. If your hair starts to uncurl/wave during the day or the next day, just spray a little water over & air dry. If just doing that doesn’t work, try spraying a bit more of this spray on. Beach hair is not a full/fluffy style & this product does not give you full/fluffy hair. It helps create a “piecey”, air-dried look.This is a scented product. I don’t normally like much scent in my hair products but this one actually smells good to me (you may disagree). Kind of a fresh air, beach, light flower, clean laundry smell.

Shelia Cuddy, PA

Works Well, But Ingredients Are Awful and Unhealthy

I really have thick heavy hair, and it tends to pull the waves straight out. I like that casual tousled look, but need help pulling it off. The product works great, it smells good, leaves my hair looking tousled and shiny, no friz or crinkliness, or that greasy look that can follow. Unfortunately, this stuff is full to the brim with parabens, 5 I think, known to be cancer causing. While I want the look, I can’t justify using something so potentially dangerous. Hopefully, Toni & Guy will change the formula a bit. I am forwarding this review to them, and hope others will do the same.

Lesley Power, MT

Toni&Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray, the beach thing is a mirage

Life is beachy sweet, and after reading the description of creating “a beachy, lived-in look with TONI&GUY; Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray,” I couldn’t wait to try the product and “create tousled waves with natural movement.” To me a full life has to have full-textured hair.A durable, attractive light-lime colored bottle arrived at my house, and I tried it instantly. First, on dry hair. I squirted the lightly sweet, appealing spray on my hair with high expectations. The end result was a stringy, wet-look of semi-tousled hair. The next morning, I followed the directions and applied the product evenly to the roots of my just-shampooed hair with the tip of the bottle. Sorry folks, after blow drying and styling my hair, the texture and “pumped-up red carpet volume” was flat-out flat. Nada. Perhaps the top models that use this TONI&GUY; product are just born with great hair. Being fair, I tried the spray numerous times afterwards with the same lackluster results.For a beachy look, I wouldn’t look to this bottle; the “shore” thing is the shore itself.Stacy Lytwyn, Marketing Guru/Motivational Speaker/JournalistAuthor: CONSUMMATE CONNECTICUT: DAY TRIPS WITH PANACHEAce Blogger: WTF: Where’s the Faith,

Ola Turtlepoint, PA

if you want to look like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards….

I think how well this product works depends on your vision for the outcome. It does make my fine hair look texturized, but in such a way that it seems like I have not washed or combed my hair in a few days and not the wonderful beach hair I envisioned. I have another product by this company that works better so I know they can do hair well. It does do better if I combine with other products like mousses and root lifters, but I should not have to combine products to get the desired effect. I’m still giving 3 stars because maybe the resulting look I get is the goal of some people, and the style itself is not something that works well with my fine hair.

Sofia Lucerne, CA

Don’t use on wet hair

I used this on wet, towel-dried (damp) and dry hair. When used on wet hair, it makes your hair feel stiff, gummy and matted. However, it’s great on both towel-dried and damp hair. Your hair will feel and appear more substantial without that heavy, stiff feeling (and look) of using a lot of product… until your hair inadvertently gets wet, then it feels like hay. But overall, I like this product a lo.

Priscilla Wytopitlock, ME

Works Well

This is a spray that you can use to give your hair some texture and poof. You simply spray it on with a pump action spray and style your hair. You can blow dry it or scrunch it and let it dry naturally.My daughter has stick straight, fairly thin hair. When we tried this on her hair we did not notice much in the way of extra body or texture. We sprayed it on and then let it air dry. What we did notice was that when she washed her hair it was a softer hair, similar to something you might experience when you have been at the beach in the salt water for a day. That was an added bonus.I tried it on my older lady curly graying hair. I pumped it on and let it dry naturally. It resulted in a more textured, curly hair style for me. One thing I noticed that I didn’t like was that it had a somewhat ‘crunchy feel’ to it.Similar to other reviewers I will say this- It was smelly. I can’t say that I thought it was a bad smell, but it was a strong smell. We thought it might have smelled like sea salt water and perfume at the beach. This would have been fine as it was sprayed on but it had a strong smell all day long, we both commented that we would often smell it during the day.Overall, it worked on my hair but not on my daughters very stick straight thin hair. It is a nice product but be aware that it has a smell to it. Enjoy.

Beatrice Crosby, MN

Works But Smells

I love a good beach spray to give my straight layered hair some texture and volume. The Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray works ok.. It gives some volume and doesn’t make my hair stiff or sticky. (Although I did find that the volume fell kind of flat towards the end of the day.) The scent is way too strong for me. It’s very per-fumy. I noticed when I used it on damp hair and blow dried my hair-the smell was more mild. When I used it on dry hair, however, the smell was strong. I’ve used several brands of sea salt spray and favor a much cheaper one with a mild scent that does a fantastic job; called Not Your Mother’s Beach Spray. Toni & Guy brand doesn’t work for me.

Marissa Harrison, MI

It does EXACTLY what the ad says it will

This is a rare experience with a hair product. The ad copy says that this will give you a sea and salt sprayed tousled look to your hair, as if you just walked off a beach or a boat. So I washed my hair and while it was wet sprayed a decent amount of this on it. I ran my fingers through my hair to make sure it was evenly dispersed. I let it air dry. When I checked it in the mirror, it looked just like the ad said it would. I do have short hair with curl to it but i’ve never had a hair product do this to it. I will be buying more when I am out.

Elaine Hamden, NY

Not seein’ it.

In short…2 thing. 1) I think it works better on (my) thinner hair vs. (my daughter’s) thicker hair. 2) I don’t think this had any different affect on my hair than just spritzing water on it the past has. Though it does have a pretty smell. 🙂 I followed the directions and used it 3 different times (2 dry hair, 1 wet hair) and I just don’t see what it does. or at least that it does anything better that I can’t do for free for myself.

Marcia Fort Madison, IA

I wouldn’t call this a sea salt spray, but it is a fabulous spray to make your hair silky.

I love the pricey "Davines More Inside Sea Salt Spray" which makes my hair feel as though I’ve just come in from the beach. The Toni & Guy spray is less money, so I thought I’d try it out. It doesn’t give my hair that just in from the beach feeling (i.e., wind blown, salty and curly), but it makes for a marvelous spray on conditioner that leaves my hair soft and silky and curly. I gave it four stars because it doesn’t leave my hair with that wind blown feeling you get after leaving the beach, but instead seems to be a better conditioner spray than texturising product. Different looks for different moods!

Monique Festus, MO

Ok, but did’t really work for me

I’m a sucker for trying things to get my fine straight hair, do something other than hang there. Well this is another try and didn’t work very good. The smell was nice and easy to use, but it didn’t add any additional texture to my hair. Still on the hunt for that perfect product.

Olga Eustis, NE

Fantastic scent; Not much hold

I’m a guy with short to medium length hair. My hair is pretty flat and lifeless, so I typically use a hair putty to give it some body, followed by some hair spray to hold it in place. I usually love the way my hair behaves after being exposed to sun and pool or ocean water, so I decided to give this sea salt texturising spray a try. Unfortunately, it didn’t do much for me, either with wet or dry hair (although it worked a little better with dry hair). I typically prefer a strong hold with hairspray; this product has only a light hold. It’s also heavier than a hair spray, making it wetter and weighing down/flattening my hair. I also didn’t experience that "salty" feeling with my hair that I get after a day at the beach. The one thing I did love about this product, though, was its scent. It’s a bit more powerful than ones I typically use, but it’s intoxicating. I don’t know what it is about it, but I loved it. I guess this spray is made more for people with much longer (or fuller, or wavier) hair.

Priscilla Brookpark, OH

Loved the smell but that was all

The smell of this will bring you right back to the beach and it did de frizz my hair, however, it also weighed it down and didn’t provide enough hold. I wound up throwing it out. I appreciate Potion 9 more. It defrizzes and holds better, especially topped with hairspray.

Edwina South Milwaukee, WI

Strong smell

I had high hopes for this because I love the T&G; smoothing lotion, but this is a no go. I have long (butt length), thick hair. It has a good amount of wave in the back, but the sides front are mostly straight – so I am always on the hunt for the great equalizer. Most "beach hair" sprays tend to just make my hair look like it needs a good brushing, and unfortunately this is the same (I even tried going over the spray with the hair dryer on diffuser mode to set it).And on top of that, it has a pretty strong smell. Not a bad smell, but definitely strong. Smells like that re a migraine trigger for me, so I had to end up putting my hair up to try and contain the smell at least a little after a migraine started setting in.This may work better if you have shorter hair, or if all of your hair already has some wave to it. If it’s like mine or if you are sensitive to smells, pass.

Helena Log Lane Village, CO

Like a day at the beach

I don’t know why I never tried Salt Texturizing Spray before. My hair is wavy and fine but I have a lot of it. When I go to the shore, the wind and sea spray turns my hair into natural beach waves. Spraying this on dry hair has, at least for me with my hair’s properties, the same effect as a day at the shore.The one thing I’d recommend, though, is not to spray it too close to the roots. No one needs that much ‘texturing" that high up on their hair!

Lourdes Saint Bonifacius, MN

Great for Thin Hair!!!

I love this sea salt spray- I apply after towel drying my hair and it gives my hair a manageable and body filled look that I am in love with. I was worried it would weigh my hair down, but its the opposite- It smells nice also.

Lilian Call, TX

didn’t work for my hair

I have a medium amount of shoulder length fine hair. Normally I wash it every 2-3 days. It is not normally oily. I tried this spray on both washed and unwashed damp hair. I used a very minimal amount of spray and followed the directions. My hair went instantly limp and turned horribly greasy. The smell was a little strong and icky smelling to me. This might work better on coarse hair.

Casey Elderton, PA

good stuff!

So far I’ve used this sea salt texturising spray only on dry hair. My hair is fine, almost straight, not too thick, about six inches below my shoulders. I always do full head foil highlights, so between that treatment and the length of my hair, the ends tend to get dry. Although I live in a coastal desert, today the relative humidity is 80%.The Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray’s container design is attractive, a lovely medium teal colour, and comfortable to hold. As other reviewers observed, the results on my hair are not crunchy, even less so than with the effects of actual live sea salt and mist after a few hours on the sand and in the ocean.The scent is a little sweet for my taste and it did not dissipate as quickly as I wish it had. On my own I’d choose a beachier, more oceany smell–seaweed and salt and shellfish, maybe? On second thought, in terms of workplace, social and other settings, that might not be such a great idea. This product will become one of my usual standards, and I’ll be on the lookout for similar ones from Toni & Guy and from others, also.

Jami Farmington, ME

Creates great volume and texture!

I love sea salt sprays since they do wonders for my fine, 2C waves. I’ve tried ones by John Masters (my current fave), Aquage, Redken Nature’s Rescue, and Philip B. Maui Wowie (my second favorite one), and this Tony & Guy is excellent!As a word of wanting, salt sprays can be drying if you use them too much. I only use one maybe once a week or so since more than that really affects the moisture levels in my hair. They are great for achieving piece-y texture, though, and using the Philip B. one helped me grow out a short pixie cut since it made those in-between stages of my hair look better.As for this particular spray, it’s got a light texture and feel, and doesn’t gunk up your hair if you use too much. It creates nice, beachy waves.The smell of this isn’t my favorite since it’s a bit cloying — but it dissipates pretty quickly once you apply it. I’ve been applying it two ways: to damp hair, which I then diffuse part-way dry, and on dry hair, when I want to create some texture for wearing it down or in a messy bun.It’s also Curly Girl-friendly if you follow a no-silione and no-sulfate hair care routine. (SeeCurly Girl: The Handbookor visit the Curl Talk forums for more information about the CG Method.)If you’re looking for a gentle way to diffuse your curls, I’d also highly recommend the newly remodeledDevaCurl DevaFuser Hair Dryer Diffuser for Curly Hair. Using the DevaFuser creates frizz-free waves for me — a minor miracle!Overall, I really like this spray, and will be using it a lot!

Debra Siletz, OR

Check the ingredients

This product worked moderately well once I got the hang of using it, but once I read what was in it, I decided I’m never using it again. It’s full of parabens. So do your research and determine if this is something you’re willing to use. I have relatively long, thick, naturally wavy (and frizzy) hair, but I never really put any products in it besides shampoo and conditioner. If I wear my hair curly, I will put some moose and/or hair spray in. I’ve never been willing to do any type of keratin treatment, etc. – so this product isn’t going to stay in my house. Just wanted to point that out. Upon first glance, I saw that it was "sea salt" spray and didn’t think to check the lengthy list of ingredients before agreeing to give it a go.

Carole Oneida, AR

Not Crunchy Curls!

My hair is curly. Not tight curls, but big fat curls. I dislike most products for curly hair because they leave your hair crunchy and weird. This spray does not leave my hair crunchy. It has a pleasant scent. It does have a slight textural feel, but it is like your hair at the beach. Not crunchy, but not silky. Aveda Be Curly products remain my number one pick, but this is a very, very close second.

Brenda Hamilton City, CA

Not bad

I’ve tried Bumble & Bumble’s sea salt spray and haven’t been thrilled with the results. This brand seems to work a bit better. I have straight, fine hair that is medium-length. I definitely get more volume using this product than if I just let me hair air dry on its own, but it’s not the miracle worker I was hoping for based on the other reviewer comments. I am going to assume that the problem is me and my hair! Hopefully this works better for other people.

Lashonda Lenoir, NC

Frizziness without crunchiness

I have tried several salt sprays and this one ranks in the middle. I have long thick wavy brunette hair, and I use this in two ways. 1- Spray it on wet hair and dry naturally for a tousled natural look. 2- Spray it on dry slept-on hair in the mornings when I don’t have time to shower – I have all these short wispy hairs around my face that stick out when I sleep on them – so this products helps them scrunch up and lay down a bit. Very nice texture and reasonable price. I am docking one star because the scent is way too strong for my personal tastes.

Trudy Derby, KS

Maybe best suited for short and mid-length styles.

My hair is fairly long so I give volumizers and texturizers a work-out. I liked being able to spray this on but it doesn’t hold as well as other products I’ve tried. I also don’t care for the way this one dries. It can create some itchy patches. The odor is pleasant and not overpowering. Dries pretty quickly. When used a little more sparingly the itchiness is much less pronounced. This is likely more ideal for those with shorter hair cuts.

Gail Turin, NY

Too “Casual” for Me

I have naturally wavy hair so in theory it shouldn’t take much for to scrunch it up and hold it. In the past I’ve only used the Bumble and Bumble in the past which has a lot of stickiness. This doesn’t really enhance/ or texturize my waves. It just holds them.Now I can’t give it anything lower than a two star review because it is says it’s a "Casual" spray, which I could interpret as having less hold, but I can’t give it higher than a two because I still think it should do more for my hair, considering I have a lot of fine wavy hair.

Brandi Park River, ND

Smells amazing!

This stuff smells GREAT, and does exactly what it should – which is give you that beach blown, salty look that a lot of people try to avoid.It takes a little practice and patience to find the exact amount to get that tossed look but once you master that it is clear sailing (like what I did there?).Be careful to avoid spraying your eyes since this does in fact contain heavy amounts of salt which you’ll regret if you accidentally spray your face!

Savannah Gilbertsville, NY

Leaves Hair Light and Smelling Great

I like this product. It left my hair smelling great with a light tossled look. My hair is curly, but I use this product to soften my curls. The promo says you can use it on dry hair – this doesn’t work for me. When I use it on dry hair it leaves it feeling stiff. However, when I apply it to wet hair – towel dried – it doesn’t leave my hair feeling hard, or like I’ve used hair spray. I also like the scent. Every time I use it someone compliments me on how my hair smells.

Wendi Wounded Knee, SD

Not For Me

Though I like other Toni&Guy products I have tried (especially the leave in conditioner) this texturing spray leaves my hair way too messy looking. Maybe its my age (fifty plus) but I prefer a smoother more tamed look. As to the smell I thought it was fine so no complaints there.

Marcy Battle Ground, WA