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Tone Body Wash, Fruit Peel, 18 Ounce

An apple a day keeps dull skin away.the creamy lather of tone fruit peel body wash blends sun-kissed apple, kiwi and citrus with ahas to gently exfoliate and leave skin smooth and soft. Orange-u-looking fabulous.

Key features

  • With vitamin E
  • Daily exfoliating
  • Alpha Hydroxy fruit acids

Honest reviews



I’d give this negative stars if I could.This product contains AHA which is known to cause sunburns. It says this on the back of the bottle. It says it contains AHA and to stay out of the sun up to a week after using this product as it might make your skin more prone to burns. I didn’t read this bit of info because I never thought I had to worry about something so stupid from body wash.I used this body wash last night then today spent an hour in the sun and got a REALLY bad sunburn. I cannot remember the last time I got a sunburn. It’s BEET red and I know this product caused it.HORRIBLE product. Should be removed from the shelves PRONTO. Body wash SHOULD NOT give you sunburns!Edit: I contacted the company and all they had to say was “Sorry”. Nothing more. No compensation. Unbelievable.

Viola Pleasant Garden, NC

smells great and I love the feel on my body

s m e l l s g r e a t a n d I l o v e t h e f e e l

Arlene California, PA


I’ve been using the Fruit Peel for about 3 to 4 months now and I really, really like it. It leaves my skin feeling clean and moisturized and it doesn’t do that drying out thing that most inexpensive body washes do. I walk out of the shower smelling fruity and delightful, and my skin actually feels like its been taken care of, not stripped of all it’s nutrients. AWESOME BODY WASH~!

Deanna Avon, MT

Wash Away Your Worries

I love the way this body wash smells! I also like the consistency; some soaps are too thick and hard to rinse, but this one works up into a nice, fragrant lather and rinses away clean. My skin feels cleaner and brighter!

Dollie Liberty, KY

Tone Body Wash Fruit Peel

This body wash is a great value. The price is low and it smells good. Furthermore, it has a good scent and lathers pretty well.

Ladonna Hormigueros, PR