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Tom’s of Maine Moisturizing Bar Deodorant, 4-Ounces Bars

Tom’s Deodorant Body Bar contains the natural odor-fighting properties of sage and lemongrass to keep you feeling fresh and smelling great. Milled four times for premium quality, our soap contains ingredients from palm and coconut to provide a rich lather that washes off easily.

Key features

  • 4 Ounces Bar
  • Serving Size:

Honest reviews


Ok for eczema

This doesn’t seem to make my eczema flare up or itch badly, which is always a good thing. The soap does leave a bit of residue behind however, even after thorough rinsing (particularly noticeable on my hands). Maybe that’s good for some, but I don’t prefer it.

Corrine Tecumseh, OK

You are worth it! No more dry winter skin!

I usually buy cheaper soaps or use leftover hotel soaps but as soon as the weather got colder I noticed my skin was getting dry and itchy. I immediately looked for a different soap and found Tom’s of Maine had a great olive oil soap. This soap also has Vitamin E in it so it is doubly healing. It has a light fruity fragrance which is not at all offensive and doesn’t leave your skin scented either. I also find that when using this soap I don’t need as much moisturizer. So even though the soap is a little more expensive than I normally pay I actually feel like I’m saving money.~The Rebecca Review

Holly Lawrenceville, IL

very good soap

I am very sensitive to soaps and need something with no glycerin and scents etc… This one works well. I do recommend it

Lenore Algonquin, IL

so gentle and smells so good, moisturises

Great for toddler skin. If you put it in a soap holder instead of in the tub It will last a month. It doesn’t make the water cloudy at all. I wouldn’t use anything else on her precious skin. If I want to relax in the bath , I sometimes use the soap. It is so relaxing. but mostly I only use it on her. I wouldn’t buy anything else for her.

Tia Montrose, AL

Great for my sensitive skin… and great for the entire family.

I started using this soap about a year ago as I have very sensitive skin. Very please with this soap. My husband now uses it as well and has noticed an improvement in his skin (oily, prone to acne).

Denise Claude, TX

Great All Natural Soap

Toxins are every where! Trying to cut out as many as humanly possible for me and my family. Soap is a big deal because our skin absorbs! So this all natural soap is perfect and works like any other soap.

Maryanne Chester, UT

The best affordable soap there is!

I love this soap. It is unscented, lasts long, and leaves my skin soft. Buying it in bulk saves money. I used to use Dove unscented, but this is even more neutral and pleasant to use.

Ruth Plymouth, PA

Great for sensitive skin

Great for my sensitive skin that reacts to glycerin, some natural oils and parabens. This smells nice (not woodsy or floral, just sort of neutral), does not dry my skin and makes a decent lather. Only wish I could get the moisturizing bars for the same subscription price.

Brittney Carrollton, VA

Smells great!

I love the smell of this soap and it cleans great. Nice to know I am not using any harsh chemicals on my skin. Can even be used on the hair!

Elizabeth Forest City, MO

My fav soap

This Is the best soap I have ever used. I also like Kirks Castile soap but this stuff hits the mark. Smells great, feels great, leaves you squeaky clean without all that junk they put in soap these days.

Mabel Thornburg, IA

I love this soap

This soap is amazing. It smells wonderful, it moisturizes the skin (even after being in chlorine) and the lather is soft. I highly recommend this soap!

Concepcion Berryville, AR

clean feeling

I really like this soap. It makes my skin feel soft and clean. My only complaint is that the bar dissolves too fast. I seem to be replacing the bar more often than I did with traditional bars of soap.

Jamie Patterson, AR

Very nice!

I am not a huge fan of the scent of these bars; however, I do like how they work. In the shower it feels like a regular bar of soap and at first I was afraid that it was going to leave my skin feeling dry and tight. This is the first soap product I’ve used that made me feel like I didn’t even need to use lotion afterward! I’ve only used it a couple of times, and the acne on my back and shoulders looks better than usual, too. I’m crossing my fingers that it will only get better with continual use!

Rosalinda Dale, IL

cleans well and doesnt over-strip skin

This is the first time I’ve tried TOM soap and was impressed enough to subscribe.I previously used “Skin Trip Coconut” which is more luxurious and emollient buttoo $$$. Compared to “Out Of Africa” vanilla soap TOM’s is a better deal and moreemollient. UPDATE: I now use Nubian Heritage Coconut-Papaya … cheaper than TOM.

Jeanette Monroe Center, IL

Best soap

I love this soap, it lathers well but I feel it is the most moisturizing bar soap I’ve ever found. If it has a scent, it is too light to really detect. Great bar soap for those with dry sensitive skin. Highly recommend!

Karina Smiley, TX