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Toma’s Tan Self Tanning Airbrush Spray

Toma’s Tan Self Tanning Airbrush Spray is the the ultimate tan in a can! Easy aerosol application for an even, long-lasting tan from head to toe.

Key features

  • New patent-pending formula ensures a smoother application.
  • Deeper, more natural looking tan without turning you orange.
  • Your tan will last up to 40 percent longer on the skin.

Honest reviews


Very nice scent

So far, i really like this product, my husband cannot smell it -which is always a big deal. He can always tell when I have used tanner. It is very nice for use on shoulders and back, hard to reach places. I will purchase again.

Concetta Xenia, OH

Great Color But…

Color is bronze, with no hints of orange which is all great… however this nozzle sprays the formula our much too thick and there are times were large brown dots splatter onto my skin, which I have to then rub in for even coverage, otherwise it’s like adding freckles to your body.The scent is decent and does not leave behind any foul after odors, and the formula dries fast.If they could just fix the nozzle on this one it would be a 5 star product, but due to the way it flies out of the nozzle I had to remove a star.I had been using SunlessPro spray tan, which works perfectly but the price is killer. I figured I would try Tomas for a cheaper solution. The results are nice as I stated, but the result is not as even as sunlesspro. You get what you pay for I suppose.All in all though, color is gorgeous, but you will have to rub it in if it comes out funky or in splattered dots. Otherwise you end up with an un-even looking tan.

Shauna Fawn Grove, PA

I didn’t like the smell

After reading the reviews I thought I could tolerate the smell but it really bothered me. It wasn’t as easy to spray as I thought.

Nina Robinson, ND

Don’t buy this stuff

Sucky product! It smells really awful and I wanted to return it but because it’s an aerosol and considered hazardous r something

Elnora Munson, PA

Great tanning spray!

This was recommended and smells great and works great too! Use a little or a lot, looks natural. Wash hands as soon as you are done.

Imelda Elk River, MN


I don’t understand all the hype? It comes out splotchy so you don’t have a lot of control over the spray nozel, it just spews it out so inconsistently! Definitely rub some lotion on top to even it out. AND WASH YOUR HANDS! DRIES SO FAST!

Nettie Kingsland, AR